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    I used to love the Nurses’ Ball! They brought the entire cast together for some fun musical numbers and raised awareness of HIV/AIDS. I know they were phased out due to budget cuts, but I wonder if it’s possible to bring them back?

    Case in point: Last year, OLTL did a three-day musical event. That must have cost them some money (song rights, rehearsal time, choreography, recording studio time, etc.), but they pulled it off. The Nurses’ Ball used to air over two days. What if they downsized and just did one episode with 3-4 musical numbers? Surely that would be feasible. It would be a chance to highlight their stories and pull in lapses or new viewers who love the glamour and spectacle of the Nurses’ Ball.

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    The Nurses Ball was a Wendy thing. Not a Jill thing. The one time it was done under Jill it sucked.

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    Yeah, the Nurses Ball existed during a far more character-driven era. An era that died when Wendy Riche and Claire Labine departed the show. I am sure that Garin Wolf won’t try to resurrect it either, although I could be wrong. He might have been operating under Guza too long, sucking up Guza’s penchant for violence and depravity, to remember how the show used to run before 1997 when Guza returned.


    @alstonboy4315: yep Guza liked disasters that killed people. Of course 2 murders and funeral were a normal part of his writing. Because you have to remember he was trying to inform the viewers of the “consequences of violence!” ;) That was him trying to be socially responsible every 2 months when someone was knocked off.

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    Guza wasn’t all bad. In fact, he told a lotta good stories during his tenure, but when he got that happy trigger finger sometime around the mid 2000s, it was all downhill from there. Or was it Jill Farren “Let’s Kill Maureen Bauer because the focus groups say it’s fashionable!” Phelps? We may never know for sure, but either way, he won’t be missed.

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