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    GH 4/18/12

    I was so loving GH today. That whole paternity reveal was awesome. KMo and SB knocked it out off the park. I was right there with Sam’s heartbreak and Jason’s disbelief of finding out he had a twin. I can’t wait to watch the fallout from this.Starting with Carly. She can’t really get mad because of how the baby was conceived yet she would be happy at the idea of Sam possibly being out of Jason’s life for keeping the paternity a secret and confiding in McBain. She never did like Sam. Alexis in the role of mother lioness because of what was done to her daughter (And not being able to go Cassadine and kill another person for messing with a member of her family) .

    I am so loving Kate/Connie storyline. Kelly Sullivan (IMO) is doing a great job with this DID S/L. The mirror scene was funny and fascinating. The whole time I wanted Sonny to be at the door just watching her come apart. Seeing the affect of what his lifestyle has done to yet another woman he supposed to love.

    These S/Ls reminded me of Old School Soap Opera; the pacing, the dramatics, compelling, etc.

    Did anybody else like GH today? Part or All of it? If you didn’t like it, what didn’t you like about it?


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