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    Here isn’t this a kick, after all the bad news for soap fans the last 3 years this is definitely having a silver lining. BVDM distribuitng which has released ATWT DVD sets and sales have been VERY ROBUST and impressed and is in the season for better sales which means more profit for P&G. Starting early next year here comes GL for all of us LIGHTERS with the same set. They are going to continue to have future DVD sets of ATWT & GL packages and will be for sale at many retailers…IE WalMart, Kmart etc. That’s not all starting next year BVDM has TWENTY ONE THOUSAND HOURS of online episodes they will be showing free on their website starting with ATWT & GL to kick it off. AW will probably be the next set I assume in spring to mid-summer and EON, Texas, SOF will be available by the end of next year for sale but only online distribution. We will eventfully see episodes of AW more than likely to be companion soap blocks on their website. The gentleman in charge is Mark Yates is showing some love to soap fans realizing the benefit. Here is a snippnet of what he said, this man knows the value of soap fans. He has secure other advertising for the site.

    Yates declined to say how many As The World Turns DVD box sets the company has sold since the initial offering in October. He did say SALES were ROBUST enough to attract ‘a number of online sales and online partners’ and to justify creating an aggressive release calendar for next year.

    That is no small feat considering nearly everyone else has pronounced the death of soap operas.
    Merry Christmas Lighters. Nothing like Christmas time in Springfield

    “If I were a Wall Street investor,” Yates said, “I’d be one of those guys who buys when the market is down.” He added that while television networks view soap operas as a declining genre, he sees millions of viewers who want to continue watching these shows “There is a significant market that is feeling overlooked and under-served. I think no one is showing these fans respect for their loyalty to the programs,” Yates said. “If we can do that, if we can show them respect, then I think we’ll keep these fans as loyal to us as they are to their shows.”

    But the response has been so overwhelming that the company will continue to produce the box sets, at least for World Turns and Guiding Light.

    While fans will begin seeing DVD sets for GUIDING LIGHT early next year, the other shows, including THE EDGE OF NIGHT and SEARCH FOR TOMORROW, are candidates for online-only distribution because audiences aren’t as large, Yates said. Still, he added, something will be available from all of the shows by the end of 2012.
    And there may be more good news. Yates, who appears to know a little about drama and suspense too, said fans will have to tune in next time to learn what will happen.

    Soap fans should send a simple “Thank You” to Mark Yates & TeleNext for HEARING the cry(ing) of soap fans. I know I will. You never know, ABC has to be paying attention to this and seeing the success. You know the saying “success breeds success” so ABC could end up doing the same thing next year for their soaps after GH or BVDM could possibly get the distribution rights since it is called Soap Classics….HMMM. Link to full story over at WLS! ;) ;) :) :) :love: :love: :party: :beer: :beer: I will drink to that, made my Christmas. Might not have any good soaps on TV except DOOL but I still have my soap fix!

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    I think that’s great!!! Even thou OLTL is leaving soon :(, and PP stopped it’s quest to air OLTL and AMC online, I think putting old soaps on DVD is a brillent idea! I commend these guys for what they did and it just goes to show that there are still soap fans out there in this country that love their soaps old and current and maybe it will show the networks who cancelled beloved show this past 3 years that maybe they made a mistake. Hopefully this site will pick up AMC and OLTL so I can buy classic shows on DVD. I just might go check out this site and watch some eposodes.

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    I just hope sales will continue and it will show that talk show and reality shows are just not that popular as the networks thought!

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    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! :santa:

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