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    So I’ve never been a GL watcher, but like most soaps I never really watched I was familiar with a lot of the characters and stories throughout the history. With the passing of ATWT (another show I never really watched, but was familiar enough with) I decided to check out the final episode of GL. For the past couple of years I didn’t have a tv regularly and so I rarely watched any soaps, so when I saw the new production format with Guiding Light’s final episode I wasn’t sure what to think. Based on what I read, the shows have been produced like that, with lots of outside scenes and what seems like a handheld camera.

    I really wasn’t sure what to think of it because in a strange way, it kind of worked. Although I am unable to watch any of the new episodes, I am a HUGE fan of British and Australian soap operas, in particular EastEnders and Home and Away. I noticed that most of those shows are very similar in the way they were filmed to GL. I actually find that somewhat refreshing.

    In my opinion, to save U.S. soap operas something has to change. I believe soaps need to get young, fresh, new ideas to these shows. New ideas, new ways, of storytelling, new ways presenting these shows. Something GL seemed to try to do, but ultimately did not accomplish.

    I still can’t decide what final show I enjoyed better, ATWT or GL, because they were both SO different. I have to applaud GL more for trying to show us something different. It seemed to be a step in the right direction.

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