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    *tear* Okay so we need a place to talk about the longest running soap, so here it is.

    Now that the series has been over for sometime, what are your thoughts on how things ended?

    Have you made peace?

    For me it still hasn’t sunk in, I still don’t think its over, and i cannot believe that one day its going to hit me that ITS REALLY GONE! It’s not just that i am taking a break because the show is awful, but its really absolutely gone :(.

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    Dangit John, it’s too soon to talk about this. I was hoping my last cry for GL was in Atlanta. If I do this here, I’ll cry again so you’ll just have to wait on me.

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    Guiding Light

    I miss this show every day. I still wake up at 8:45 for its start at 9am. I still think about Dinah and Shayne and what could have been and wish I could have seen Lizzy raise Sarah w/Jon and Bill.

    The So long event in Atlanta was awesome and I loved meeting everyone and seeing that the people I grew up watching and loving were very similar to the people who were now standing in front of me. I wish that PG had been willing to honor it’s fans and history and try to move it to cable, internet or make the needed changes to save it. But you can’t what if into what is. So I have my tapes, my youtube and memories of one of the best shows on daytime.

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    Did you guys see this article on the main page of DTC?

    Great article, wish I was going!!

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    They cancelled Guiding Light? 

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    Ok couchpotato7. What color ticket did you have and who did you get to meet? I had the blue ticket and got to meet Robert and Gina. So sorry I couldn’t meet the rest of them, but Robert was one on the top of my list. Remember him talking about Josh and Reva’s first wedding and it was his favorite time? I had him sign a group picture of that wedding. He was so proud of that. This is the one event that will always stand out in my mind forever.

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    So Now it hasn’t I still think I missed a Spaulding Thanksgiving I keep watching old jammy clips or even Olivia in the supermarket. I want a LEWIS CHRISTMAS! I want everyone to be on tv and there not thank god for OLTL!

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    I believe I am one of the very few people that still thinks this show can come back, maybe I am just crazy, but I am still holding out hope that one day i will get to see Springfield again.

    Anyways I am right there with you Jammylove, It just doesn’t feel right, and I know next 4th of July is going to be awful without a Bauer BBQ :(

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    I know I miss the characters too, I just hoping and waiting for P&G to put it on Hulu…loving AW, watching everyday the old episodes.   I would like GL episodes start with the big mask ball that introduced Alex the wonderful Beverly M. watch all 21 clips on YouTube ….that is when  P&G took pride in their soaps.  On GL and mask ball, Reva just came on a few months before, basically she was new character and that is when Reva was Reva. To see all the beloved characters from HB, to Trish, Henry, Bradley Raines stalking the party, Nola and Quint when she was expecting AJ…ahhh alas it was so good and seeing how all the characters were their characters not cheap cardboard cut outs of the last few hecks, in writing and EP.

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    Just a note: GL is on Hulu, but its just not super old episodes, i think they are from 07 :(

    the thoery of opposites
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    TeleNext Media is doing GL updates [in the 'one year later' continuity] on Twitter:

    It’s daily updates done by Mindy, who’s now married to Rick.  I know it’s a different medium than how most people enjoy their soaps, but I’m appreciative of any way that our show can be kept alive in some way, shape, or form.

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    I mean this in the nicest of all ways, and this is in no means against you Nyne or to hurt you at all.

    But personally i think that whoever at TeleNext thought that this twitterpiece was anything close to a good idea needs to be FIRED!

    Seriously i would rather a "Another World Today" fanfic, but hum here is an idea, you have a cast, locations, and there is this whole zanny thing called the "internet" out there, how about you put out a web soap!???? *gasp*

    Ugh, i know its not ‘as good’ but I don’t consider Mindy’s made up tweeterverse to be ‘cannon’, its just not "GL" but maybe I just feel this way because the wound is still fresh?

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    Jonathan I couldn’t agree with you more about that Mindy Lewis Twitter nonsense. It’s Ri DONK u lous! They should just STOP IT! Thank god for Youtube and old school clips. I’ve been watching them over the break.

    And call me bitter but I’m STILL mad by Cyrus and Marina didn’t get together in the end…but it’s ok because in my mind they ended up together. LOL!

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    Oh Cyrina…. I never ever did get to see them LIVE :(.

    I was hoping that the story would play out as a triangle between Cyrus, Marina and Shayne.  I did like that Shayne and Marina did get together, but it just sucks that we didn’t get to see the stories play out.

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    I liked Shayne and Marina getting together as well.  I wish they would have done the quad of Shayne/Dinah/Marina and Mallet sooner (or at all) because I really did see alot of chemistry between Marina and Shayne and they had the history  (I do feel bad for the Cyrina fans though)

    I hate Mindy’s twitters, I think it is stupid and I wish they would stop doing them.  I have read on boards that this is P&G’s way of seeing if there is still interest in GL but I think that is BS.  Of course there is still interest in GL but that doesn’t mean I have to support the twiiters.  The second they made Bizzie’s kid a daughter and gave her the name Alana I was done.  Bill would NEVER in a million years name his daughter after Alan, in fact the year before he even joked about having a kid and it being named Alana.

    I miss my show soooo much.  I think I was somewhat in a bubble because I have now realized just how bad the new production model was.  I think during GL’s final days I didn’t want to admit that it was indeed awful, but it was.

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    I am still in denial that the new production model was bad, I think it was decent, the shacky camera’s were awful in the start, but after that mess it really wasn’t that bad, the only problem was that they kept doing stupid things (like having Aunt Alex jumping out of a bush).

    I haven’t read enough of Mindy’s twitters to know that they named a child, i read it and said no way and closed it.

    I think she was going on about how her daddy isn’t really her daddy or some foolishness like that.

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    I tried for awhile to keep up with "Mindy’s" tweets. Having to work didn’t help cos I couldn’t keep up every day. What I did get to see didn’t make sense cos I guess I didn’t get to read them every day to keep up. Nothing ever made sense to me. Is Ellen writing this mess? Seems like it to me.

    I watch stuff on youtube quite a bit, but I’m still not ready or able to watch anything GL yet. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. It still floors me that losing a tv show would hurt so much.

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    You know Jonathan I was like you about the production model. I thought it was bad but not too bad. However, that was until I found some of my mom’s old VHS tapes of GL circa 1995 and DEAR LORD this show was G L A M O R O U S!! I mean it was so flashy and lush that I had forgetten about it. Then I thought about the production model it ended with and I got angry and realized it REALLY was that bad.

    I agree about Mindy’s tweets. I think her and Rick are trying to adopt a baby or some kind or foolishness. I dunno who’s writing it but they should stop…YESTERDAY!

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    Just when I think that I’ve seen (or read) all the tributes to GL, the devotees of "Sentieri" (as GL was known in Italy) completely outdid themselves. Sure, the themes are home recreations….but it takes a huge swath of history and characters from my GL years (1977 to the end) and reminds me of what a great show it was. This video really deserves viewing and praise.

    Guiding Light History – The Italian Tribute

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    [quote=chasblt]Just when I think that I’ve seen (or read) all the tributes to GL, the devotees of "Sentieri" (as GL was known in Italy) completely outdid themselves. Sure, the themes are home recreations….but it takes a huge swath of history and characters from my GL years (1977 to the end) and reminds me of what a great show it was. This video really deserves viewing and praise.

    Guiding Light History – The Italian Tribute
    The italian fanclub is excellent and that tribute is probably one of the best I’ve seen.  You can tell how much work they put in it.  It is quite admirable.

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    I wasn’t thrilled with all of the endings but GL didn’t jack me the way Passions did.  I was sad then mad for a while that Sheridan/Luis didn’t end up together. Most of the GL couples I thought should end up together did (with or without a kiss).  That makes it easier to take. 

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     I miss this show everday.  But i am glad to see them in other places.  Yovanna Wright will be on Damages, I am so happy for her.  I miss all my friends in Springfield except Ellen Wheeler! 

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    *sigh* Hate her, or hate her lol, Ellen Wheeler did do a few things right, and I am glad that her ‘creation’ got me into GL….even if it only lasted two years :(

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