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    Twelve years ago today, my life was changed when James E. Reilly’s soap opera masterpiece Passions debuted at 2 PM on NBC. Never had I seen a soap this fun or wild or out there…it was everything I loved about JER’s Days stint times one hundred! The characters were well-rounded, dynamic and diverse. Multi-generational and multi-racial, Passions could appeal to African-Americans, whites, Wiccans, and even dolls! I joined the fan club, I watched religiously, I ferociously defended my beloved Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald on message boards across the internet. Passions produced over 2000 hours of television, surpassing newer soaps like Sunset Beach, Port Charles, Generations, and even Santa Barbara.

    I do hope one day all episodes of Passions will be available for purchase via download or DVD. I spent a wonderful 9 years with Passions and would gladly invite it into my home again.

    P.S. This is a celebratory thread, so haters be gone!

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    It was “Passions” that hooked my nephew on daytime dramas. He loved Timmy. James Reilly was good at fusing the staples of soap opera storytelling with the supernatural. I like the idea of all of the soap operas being on DVD. :)

    P.S. I stayed respectful! :)

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    Passions got kids who wouldn’t normally watch soaps to watch soaps. We have to thank JER’s creativity and the nice blend of supernatural with classic soap elements. Timmy and Tabitha were definitely the break-out couple of Passions.

    I wish the show had gone on forever, but I would have been okay with it going off in 2009 after its tenth anniversary. It still annoys me that it ended 11 months shy of that anniversary!

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