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    OH my GAWD! All soaps took a hit B&B is only soap up from a year ago and it is clear DOOL took a big hit this week and hasn’t picked up any viewers from OLTL and this is first week I didn’t faithfully watch DOOL, it was dominated by the Princess Gina & John bullshit! I seeing glimmers of of what this new EP’s direction. This story of the mystery of Alice’s security box going on for months is a big bust. Hugh let down. GH is in the gutter, and falling fast not sure nothing will save it even if The Revolution gets canned GH is dropping fast. Y&R’s ratings were much lower on the days when the bs with Angelo, Angelina, Kevin & Chelsea & mother, bull crap was on, nobody likes these story lines! The days around Abbotts, Nikki & Victor (Victor being a human being), Jill, Paul, Mrs. C, Nina was featured ratings were up. Is everyone from CBS to Sony and especially the BELLS asleep, MAB is a HACK, sorry to say, she needs to GO if Y&R wants to survive, which maybe that is whole purpose to keep the ratings in the toilet let it bleed fans and cancel the soap…Bill Bell is not resting in peace with what is happening to his beloved show. B&B has been the only soap worth 2watching for the last weeks. I watched for B&B everyday the last 2 weeks. I’m new viewer to Days and if this keeps up I outta there, Ken has jump the sharp and went in panic mode and you watch DOOL will go all supernatural again and be Passions with old name…it’s a shame. It these writers of today’s soaps would go and look what humor and good soap opera is about direct them to watch the free episode. It’s all built around relationships. Where is Pam Long when you need her, Y&R needs Pam Long. There is no sy-fy, no ramming of certain characters down viewers throats every day it’s called BALANCE…you think the new writers today can spell this word and create that on a show today..doubtful.

    Total Viewers
    1. Y&R 4,949,000 (-14,000/-384,000)
    2. B&B 3,421,000 (-205,000/+217,000)
    3. DAYS 2,379,000 (-160,000/-651,000)
    4. GH 2,209,000 (-91,000/-684,000)

    1. Y&R 3.6/12 (same/-.2)
    2. B&B 2.5/8 (-.1/+.2)
    3. DAYS 1.8/6 (-.1/-.3)
    4. GH 1.6/5 (-.1/-.4) <—— ties low

    Women 18-49 Viewers
    1. Y&R 914,000 (-44,000/-164,000)
    2. B&B 708,000 (-93,000/+70,000)
    3. GH 592,000 (same/-266,000)
    4. DAYS 500,000 (-31,000/-339,000) <—— new low *

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    It’s hard being a daytime soapfan. The shows are dying and the people who run them don’t have a clue or don’t give a good goddamn.

    After NBC killed off Another World and Santa Barbara, I made the move to CBS and ABC and just look how I got rewarded for making that move: They let the shows deteriorate, in some cases by pushing their own personal agendas, and ended up cancelling them. The people up top just don’t care and they seem to especially hate those of us who come online and call them out on their crap.

    It’s been almost thirty years now since I’ve loved and supported this genre, but I don’t see any future (not even online) for these shows. They are hanging on by a thread.

    Apart from daytime soaps, there is a lot of other good stuff on TV. Thank God for that!

    (This is probably the most depressing post I’ve ever made on DC.)

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    I just posted that I would watch GH again if they brought David Hayward/Vincent Iriazary to the show. GH has too much mob garbage and not worth watching the past few years. Young and Restless lost its way a few years back when they keep giving Victor younger and younger girls to bed. The constant Victor and Nikki marriages and divorces became so boring I felt as if everytime I saw them they were getting divorced only to marry someone else then back to each other. Boring!
    Frons set out to destroy ABC daytime three years ago by giving us boring storylines. Anytime fans became attached to a couple he broke them up. Now it looks like all soaps will be off the air in five years. Sad to see daytime history being destroyed.

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    SoapArmgeddon, you are so right. It is hard to be faithful daytime viewer in today’s climate in world of hacks. I would tape my soaps thirty years ago and come home in the evening and watch soap operas in evening, not pay no attention to primetime…which I discovered shows I liked after they cancelled them because I didn’t watch evening programs.

    There was an agenda as you stated EPs, writers, and networks had to much involvement and thought of nothing but to push THEIR vision was better over the last fifteen years not respecting characters, the shows or fans. I came back as viewer of AW in late ’94 and what I feel hurt AW was death of Ryan (I must say the heaven scene with Vicky & Ryan was the one best in soap history) and killing Frankie in such a brutal way hurt AW. NBC cancelled AW and it still had around 2.3 rating, which Passions never reached that type of rating.

    Now primetime is having a resurgence of sorts in night time soaps, go figure but networks can’t figure out how to save their daytime? Two words of the perfect night time soap Downton Abby, next season Shirley MacLaine just signed on and they are trying to cast for next season Joan Collins. Sundays are must see TV, and waiting for the reboot of Dallas for summer.

    I read on Ravenbeauty’s webpage that Ron & Frank is going make GH like GH was in the early to mid eighties of Ice Princess type story of freezing the world style again, I don’t get it. I went back a looked at ratings for this period of time of GH and is when GH started to lose again in the ratings. They are bring back Faision Andre Hove? I think that is his name. I could be wrong but how is this type of story telling going to save GH? The mob present is going to be around and fans of GH what I have read on DC want the mob gone and based more in hospital.

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    I have been rethinking this since I wrote it. Harlee, I have the thought that this story is wrapped up in the Bo and Hope working on their marriage story. I think that they have always intended for this to be part of their story. That is why they have mentioned Zack so much lately. Originally, it was found out that John and not Bo was the father of Zack. Eventually though, history was rewritten and Zack belonged to Bo. So that was like whetting our appatite for this story. We are gonna explore their relationship and maybe find out more about Hope when she was Gina. I bet there is more to be told. So maybe maybe this won’t be quite as bad as I thought. Atleast I HOPE! As for the lame scripts lately, I think maybe they are just writing them too fast. Friday’s ep was good. Or maybe they just don’t want to tip their hand at what they are up to with Bo and Hope so they are saying very little. By the way, this still doesn’t have anything to do so far with the money that Alice has been sending somewhere else. So this still isn’t the original secret. Maybe that one will finally show it’s head someday and be the story that we really are looking for.

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    ITA that Pam Long needs to be hired at YR! If I have to hear that Angelina talk or screech (that ain’t singing folks!) one more time, I’m gonna hurl! I won’t watch her scenes! I find something else to do while she is on. I hate the character, it’s a big waste of time and of no interest! Contrived storytelling!

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    [quote=Chelley62]ITA that Pam Long needs to be hired at YR! If I have to hear that Angelina talk or screech (that ain’t singing folks!) one more time, I’m gonna hurl! I won’t watch her scenes! I find something else to do while she is on. I hate the character, it’s a big waste of time and of no interest! Contrived storytelling![/quote]

    Sing it Chelley62…It would be a dream if Pam Long was hired to be HW of Y&R!! She always had a balance canvas :) I feel the same way about Angelina and her screeching voice, it grates my last gay nerve!! |(

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    I would LOVE for Pam Long to come back and write Y&R. but will everyone have to have a southern accent? lol

    And who would KZ play?

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    Cyber,,,,I remember seeing where GH lost 1,000,000 fans back in 2007/2008 when they killed off Alan, Georgie, Emily, etc…

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