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    Hi everyone!

    Y&R’s become such a disappointment. I’m sick of complaining about it in the Y&R forums and need a replacement. I’ve tried GH and it’s a bit better but I’m not getting enough of the actresses I like, nor the drama. I’ve watched B&B for twenty years, like Y&R, and it’s been a joke for the last ten years as well.

    I want a show with strong women. I want a show where the women are friends, scheming against other women or men. I want steamy hot sex. I was slow-burn stories, serious and silly.

    Please tell me Days has all of these qualities. Or should I just give up on soaps all-together?

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    Well, actually, as it so happens, DAYS currently really does have the women you are thinking about, scheming against men and working together (Sami and Kate) or against other women (Eve)! You should really tune in and check it out, IMO it is the BEST soap there is and has been for 18 months already! The women are what make this show go around for sure! And in a month, the Queen Eileen Davidson, who just won the Lead Actress Emmy for her role, is returning to the show, so yes, I definitely think you should tune in to DAYS!

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    Woot! You just got me excited. Thanks! I look forward to the dramz.

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