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    I Thought that last year’s informercial for the Children’s Miracle Network was bad, but HLN’s 2012 Daytime Emmy production was the worst. Below are a few examples of what I am talking about.

    1. Everyone on stage looked uncomfortable and ill prepared with the exception of Jack Hanna’s alligator.
    2. Maria Bell talking about coming up with good and creative storylines during the broadcast. I almost gagged when I heard what she said. Talk about being out of touch with reality. It is obvious that she isn’t going anywhere. Y&R is a Bell, Corday and Sony production. The fact that the show has lost almost 2 million viewers over the past couple of years doesn’t make any difference. I suggest she take a creative writing course to come up with fresh ideas. Maybe she should watch Spongebob to get some new ideas.
    3. The salute to AMC and OLTL was awful. It wasn’t even a salute. It was like Susan Lucci won some life achievement award. I think she said thank you 10 times. Erika Slezak looked like she couldn’t wait to get off the stage. Not even one special moment from either show was shown. You’d think that Time Warner could have gotten some memorable scenes.
    4. AOL web series-who cares??
    5. During the best director nominations, the OLTL shot was of Erika Slezak with Timothy Gibb from 1998. How pathetic.
    6. The ladies of the Talk. Need I say more.
    7. Jonathan Jackson’s acceptance speech. It is the same speech over and over again. He sounds like an advertisement for religion.

    I hope that the 2012 telecast is the last televised daytime emmy awards. It is an embarrassment for everyone.

    Let me know your thoughts.

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