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    Well, Hogan mame won’t appear never again gang…the last bullet…Hogan’s stuffed he wrote wrapped up and as Feb 1 …NO MORE! I read something on another site and hadn’t heard and thought Jillan would had posted something and found it. The last of MAB’s cronies are dead. ;)

    Now, Jillian or anyone that can answer: I have a question is Kay Alden under contract w\B&B? I heard she wasn’t but independent? Am I wrong? Wouldn’t it be nice :love: Josh could have an opening now on the writer staff!

    “Due to the firing of Maria Arena Bell, and Scott Hamner, it was announced that Sheffer’s contract is up in November, and it will not be extended. Thus, ending his run as Co-Head Writer on the number one daytime soap opera, but he remained credited as co-head writer until Feb 1, 2013.” ie Wikipedia.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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