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    My Post was too big to be a reply for the “YR – What would you do to fix it?” forum. Here is what I would do:
    1.      Mackenzie Browning
    Recast Clementine Ford with Rachel Kimsey (She is hot!).
    2.      Kyle Jenkins Abbott
    Age Kyle and cast Drew Garrett in the role (My favorite soap actor).
    3.      Malcolm Winters
    Recast Darius McCray (Good actor but this role is not for him) with Réal Andrewsor Marcus Patrick.
    4.      Noah Newman and Eden Gerick
    Recast Kevin Schmidt with Darin Brooks (Days of Our Lives) and Vanessa Marano with Alexandra Chando (As The World Turns) and put them on contract and age them in their early 20s.
    5.      Drucilla Winters and Olivia Winters
    Bring back Victoria Rowell and put Tonya Lee Williams on contract.
    6.      Nate Hastings
    Age Nate and cast Michael B. Jordan (ex-Reggie, All My Children) in the role.
    7.      Nate’s Love Interest
    Cast sexy Elena Goode (As The World Turns) as Nate’s love interest. Her name should be Pandora.
    8.      Chance Chancellor
    Make him a closeted homosexual.
    9.      Chloe Mitchell and Billy Abbott
    Put them back together NOW!
    10. Diego Gutierrez
    Bring Greg Vaughn back as Diego and put him in a love triangle with Sharon and Victoria.
    1.      Chance struggles with his sexuality:
    Chance gets drunk one night at the bar and sees Rafe. He talks to him, and then kisses him. Stings Chloe along and later comes out to his family. This will give the character a great storyline, and the groundbreaking gay storyline that this show needs. Chance + Rafe = Chafe (Y&R’s version of OLTL’s Kish; Kyle and Fish).
    Chloe would be devastated and later find comfort in the arms of Billy
    2.      Tucker finds out that he has a son:
    What Tucker McCall was Nina Webster’s boyfriend when they were teenagers? They talk about their past, she tells him about their long lost child, and they later begin to search for information that could lead them straight to him. When Tucker and Nina find out where their son grew up at, it will lead them straight to Australia. They later find out the name of their son, and find out that his name is CANE ASHBY!!!!! Let’s face it, Nina and Cane could not get along at all. Especially when she found out that he was not the real Philip Chancellor II! Tucker pisses Cane off every time he sees him. Especially when He found out that Tucker was Kay’s double-crossing-bastard-ass-blackmailing-company-stealing-son with Gary Reynolds. Not to mention he played Cane’s pseudo mom, Jill Abbott like a fiddle. Nina will be shock to know that her son is the man that helped Philip hide from her, Chance, Jill, and Katherine for 20 years! Tucker Will be shocked to find out that his son is a man that he has been screwing over from the moment he stepped foot in Genoa City.  This storyline would be EMMY WORTHY!
    3.      Kyle the troubled soul:
    My good friend alstonboy4315 once said that if he were to write the storyline for this character, he would make him quote “Hell on Wheels”. (See the “PLEASE READ THIS AND GIVE ME YOUR INSIGHT: Where Should Drew Garrett Go Next?” forum.) I could not agree with him more. Bring him to Genoa City and say that he is in his early 20s and let him live with Jack for a while. He should start off nice at first and later be a little bitch about everything. He should lash out at Jack for being absent most of his life as a child and get into a fist fight with Billy when Billy tries to defend Jack. He should be at the bar, get drunk, and get into fights. He should steal stuff and set things on fire! But later calm down and tell his aunt Abby (Marcy Rylan) why he is wreaking havoc in Genoa City. Another person that can get to him will be Eden, whom he later falls for, causing tension between him and Noah, and a Kyle/Eden/Noah love triangle. This will earn him his second EMMY (will receive his first this year).
    4.      Nate/Pandora/Devon Triangle:
    Say Nate is crazy about Pandora, what if she does not feel the same way? What if she is in to Devon? Let’s say she sleeps with him, gets pregnant, says its Nate’s, and Nate later finds out about the ultimate betrayal. He later befriends Kyle (after Eden chooses Noah over him), and they wreak havoc in Genoa City. They two could be a terrible twosome. Great Storyline Huh?
    5.      Nate stabs Devon and later find out a shocking secret about him:
    Let’s say that Nate gets drunk one night, and decides to make Devon pay for sleeping with Pandora. He breaks in Devon’s house, and steals his butcher’s knife. Devon walks in to his house and it is f*cked up by Nate, turns around, and get’s stabbed through the torso (Ouch!). Pandora later finds Nate standing over a wounded Devon with a knife and calls the ambulance immediately. Devon’s Aunt Virginia hears the news and rushes to Genoa City immediately. At the hospital, Dru overhears Aunt Virginia praying saying “Yolanda has already lost Nathan; please don’t let her lost their son.” Dru says “Nathan, what was his full name?” Aunt Virginia says, “Nathan Hastings” Dru tells Aunt Virginia that Nathan was her sister Olivia’s first husband. Aunt Virginia says that Nathan was Yolanda’s lover and she knew that Nathan was married to another women, she had no Idea that it was his son Devon’s adoptive aunt. A shocked Dru tells Neil, Malcolm, Lily, Olivia, Nate, Pandora, Kyle, Abby, and Cane that Nathan was Devon’s biological father. Devon needs blood from a relative and a shocked and shaken Nate donates some of his blood to the brother he never knew and tried to kill. Devon later wakes up and Aunt Virginia Tells him that Nathan, Nate’s father, was is biological father. Feeling guilty of sleeping with and impregnating his brother’s girlfriend, Devon tells Chance that he did not see his attacker. This storyline would earn Y&R an Outstanding Drama Series EMMY Award.
    What do you think about this?
    Give me your ideas of how you would make this show better.
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    I like a lot of your ideas!! They definitely are juicier than what Maria Bell and Hogan Sheffer are writing currently. I hope they read both of our entries for some much needed ideas!!! They have become creatively bankrupt, and seem interested in nothing except for dopplegangers and more dopplegangers!!1

    Chance as a closeted homosexual, like his biological father??? Well, he would have to be bisexual, right??? I agree that I like Chloe and Chance, but the writers are writing them so lukewarm that I am slowly (but surely) finding it difficult to care about them. Having Chance be gay would DEFINITELY make him more interesting, but I would rather them make MAC be a closeted lesbian, and bring on a female for her!!

    That might be the ONLY way to make Clementine Ford interesting, to see her in a sexual relationship with a woman as a bisexual character. Clementine is a lesbian in real life, so maybe she would give more than the usual 40% that she’s been given!!! This would explain Mac’s inability to commit to a man, and her terminally single status. Maybe she likes men, but also WOMEN?????

    Do we know who Nina’s father is??? Could Tucker McCall be her father?? Making Nina Katherine’s granddaughter….and Chance her great grandson!!!! Cane being Tucker’s son is juicy, but Nina being her daughter is juicier!!! Where is that Flo woman at (Nina’s mother??)!! They could bring her back and make the BIG reveal, paternity test and all!!!

    Devon being Nathan Hasting’s biological son?? I also like that!! And bringing back Little Nate….However, they only show Devon once every three months now, and the writers and producers don’t seem invested in writing for the black characters, or the Hispanic characters. We see Rafe and Estella almost as infrequently as we see Malcolm, Neil, Olivia and Devon—and his girlfriend.

    I think they should bring on another male character for Rafe to be involved with….or maybe Jeff Branson’s character??? Or maybe Little Nate could come back from France (or wherever he is) with a newfound interest in boys????

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    Alstonboy4315, I like your insight man.

    You da f*ckin best at sh*t like dis.

    What do you think of DG as Kyle, DB as Noah, and AC as Eden?

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     Couple things wrong with your fixes.

    1) Nina and Cane are the same age so she can’t be his mother.

    2) Rachel Kimsey was already Mac and she was just as bad as Clementine.

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    I don’t think that Darin Brooks is gonna come back to daytime anytime soon. I heard that his primetime show is successful, and if he were to return to daytime, I think he would probably wanna return to Days.

    Alexandra Chandro as Eden?? I like that. I thought she was great on ATWT. The actress who played Eden before was too freaking annoying for me!! She played the role of spoiled little teenage bitch a little bit TOO well…….LOL!!!

    However, I do agree with Smitty that Cane being Nina’s son would be cutting it too close, age wise


    I agree, I have not liked ANY of the actresses who have played Mac, but Rachel Kimsey, for me, was the LEAST cringe–worthy!!!

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    They can say that Cane lied about his age when he got to town.

    Let’s say that he said that he was 28 when he first arrived and lied to every one and said that he was 44 (Nina’s age).

    Phillip helped him forge his birth certificate.

    Now, Cane would be 31, and Nina would be 47.

    They can say that she had him when she was 16.

    As for Rachel Kimsey, I was too busy looking at her pretty face and sexy leg to actually notice her acting skills.

    She was one sexy woman.

    I will watch some of her Mac scenes on Youtube and get back to you.

    Thanks for your insight Smitty.

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    I had no idea that DB has had major primetime sucess lately.

    We’ll had to screw the Idea of him as Noah.

    Who else do you think should play the role?

    By the way, Alexandra Chando is one SEXY BITCH!

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    Yeah, Darin Brooks is on some show called "Blue Mountain State" on Spike TV. Never seen it.

    I would LOVE it if Van Hansis (from ATWT) came to Genoa City as Noah, who realized that he likes BOYS while he was overseas. That could be the perfect relationship for Rafe!!! Noah and Rafe, all under Victor’s roof, and under Sharon’s nose!! I love it. Van Hansis is JUST old enough to convincingly play Sharon Case’s son.

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    alstonboy4315, this is a killer IDEA man.

    Van Hansis is an outstanding talent.

    He is truly one of the most talented actors on daytime under 30.

    Him as a Newman would be killer.

    I think if he were involved in a gay storyline, He should be bisexual instead of just being gay.

    There are not that many bi characters on daytime television.

    VH as Noah would be perfect as one of them.

    What do you think?

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    I think that Van could POSSIBLY play a bisexual character, but he would have to tone down the Liza Minelli-isms (THAT I LOVE!)!! It would be a stretch for him to play a bisexual character, but I think he could do it.

    I would rather see him be gay though….LOL!!!

    I agree that daytime needs a bisexual character, but I don’t know if I could buy Van Hansis playing one.

    If they wanted to cast a bisexual character, I don’t know any daytime actors, other than Jake Silbermann, who played Noah on ATWT, who I could see playing one.

    I really wish they would just turn Michael Baldwin BISEXUAL, because EVERYONE knows that Christian LeBlanc is gay in real life—and there are rumors that the guy who plays Kevin, Greg Rikkart, is also gay in real life….and that they are secretly a couple offscreen!!!

    the thoery of opposites
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    As far as Mac…I would rather them get the original.  Ashley Bashioum has been the only good one.  The rest have been duds.

    As far as your storyline suggestion for Devon/Pandora/Nate I like.  I always thought they should have had Devon be Malcolm’s long lost child but him being Nathan’s could be a good twist. 

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    I had no idea that Christian LeBlanc and Greg Rikkart were gay.

    That is a mega shocker to me.

    This just means that I won’t get to meet and tap the asses of Sofia Vergara and Ashley Graham.

    As you can see, I am a straight corndog.

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    I  HATED Ashley Bashioum in the role of Mac. I am soooo glad that she quit acting and became a doctor!! LOL!!!

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    Smitty, As far as acting skills go, I agree with you that Ashley Bashioum should return as Mac.

    She was pretty hot too.

    I am glad that you like my Devon/Pandora/Nate storyline.

    I like your idea of Devon being Malcolms son as well.

    It really doesn’t matter who’s son they make him jst as long as they do not let a good character go to waste.   He really needs more screentime.

    Do you agree?

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    Smitty, As far as acting skills go, I agree with you that Ashley Bashioum should return as Mac.

    She was pretty hot too.

    I am glad that you like my Devon/Pandora/Nate storyline.

    I like your idea of Devon being Malcolms son as well.

    It really doesn’t matter who’s son they make him jst as long as they do not let a good character go to waste.   He really needs more screentime.

    Do you agree?

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    New to this forum,so hello everyone.My thoughts on Y&R: hold off on any gay storyline.The "one-time" pairing of Adam and Rafe was so offense to me.The return of Philip was ridiculous. They need to let some time go by before the writers attempt anything gay on this show. Mac is a hopeless bore-recast needed.Lily and Cane are one of the most boring couples on daytime tv-break them up and try to find if they have chemistry with anyone else. Lily,best younger actress??That’s a joke(as was Bryton winning a few years back).Put Ashley and Tucker together. And Y&R–do everything in your power to find a way to keep Patty on the show!

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