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    Look, let’s be realistic.. ‘General Hospital’ hasn’t been ‘Must- See TV’ lately. Now comes word that Ron Carlivati, of ONE LIFE TO LIVE fame will be making his grand enterance in the new year! Here are some ways Mr. Carlivati can change up the tone of ‘General Hospital’ for the better. I want feedback people!!!

    I. A Quartermaine Resurgance

    The Quartermaines have been ‘General Hospital’s’ comic relief for as long as we can remember. Their strategic bickering, constant endless drama, swindling and scandaling, good fun family moments have won over millions of GH fans’ hearts. As of late, the Quartermaine family has been seeing a diminishing lack of screen time, and to me their uncanny hilarity must’nt be wasted. Lets be realistic again.. theres no way we can bring back ALL of The Quartermaines, so I’m simply putting the following Quartermaine family returns, connecting them to current storylines.

    – Stuart Damon (Alan Quartermaine)
    As much as we would love to see the dashing dad of Jason, AJ, and Emily return in the flesh.. we can’t. GH’s Alan was seen dead on our screens, and there’s no way you can write around that. However.. what if you brought back Stuart Damon in a guest stint that could involve Leslie Charleson (Monica), John Ingle (Edward), and Jane Elliot (Tracy) amongst others? What if Alan left mysterious hints behind, before his death? What about you ask? How about clues leading up to Sean Kanan or Billy Warlock’s return as AJ Q? Picture this.. Warlock’s AJ died in 2005, sure. But it wasn’t ‘AJ.’ Alan would return in flashbacks, voiceovers, possibly DVD’s left for the remaining surviving family members that tells the story of AJ’s return.

    – Sean Kanan or Billy Warlock (AJ Quartermaine)
    Billy Warlock’s AJ Quartermaine died back in 2005, when mysterious Dr. Thomas smothered him with a pillow, but it wasn’t AJ that Dr. Thomas so woundfully killed. It was simply a decoy the ‘real’ AJ Q (wether it be Kanan or Warlock) set up for The Quartermaine family to believe. The ‘real’ AJ has smuggled money out of ELQ, working with Anthony Zacharra (and SKYE Quartermaine.. hence her previous return in August.) Meanwhile sick and twisted AJ partners up with Franco, toying with younger ‘golden’ brother Jason and newest wife, Sam. AJ finds out what Franco did to Michael.. and it’s go time!

    – Robin Christopher (Skye Quartermaine)
    Christopher’s Skye, last seen in September 2011, is summoned back to Port Charles by Anthony ZaCRAZY Zacharra after realizing AJ Q is back in town, and ready to go after the people he despises. He asks Skye to calm her brother down before things go from bad to worse. Skye comes to town, intertwining with Monica, Edward, Tracy, AJ, and Anthony about Alan’s clues and AJ’s reappearence. What does Skye choose to do? Abide by her family, or side with the devil?

    – Natalia Livingston or Tamara Braun as Rebecca Shaw
    Livingston played Emily Quartermaine, Alan and Monica’s adopted daughter from ’03 to ’08 when Emily was brutally killed off by strangulation. Livingston later returned as ‘Emily’s twin’ Rebecca Shaw, out to seek money and play a con on beloved Emily’s loved ones. She left in December 2009 when Rebecca decided there was no longer a point for her to stay in Port Charles, after finding out beau Nikolas was dating rival, Elizabeth. If Rebecca Shaw were to return (and for whatever reason Livingston couldn’t return) I’d like to see Tamara Braun (Ex- Carly, GH; Ex- Reese, AMC; Ex- Taylor, DAYS) as Rebecca. Rebecca has stepped back into town as part of the Wyndemere mystery storyline, heavily invloved with Helena and Ethan. She has been asked back by Luke to warn Ethan about Wyndemere and to stay away from the place. Ethan and Rebecca fall in love all over again until Nikolas returns, threatning their newly refurbished relationship!

    – Wally Kurth as Ned Ashton
    Kurth’s Ned was last seen in the ficticious town of Port Chuckles in ’07 after our beloved Emily (above) passed away. To have Ned return would be the beginning of Alexis’ new storyline, along with John J. York’s Mac’s storyline. Ned would get back into Alexis, which would affect Mac greatly. Our GH can have it’s classic ‘Love Triangle’ and love in the afternoon which us fans deserve to have!

    – John Paul Lovoisier as Dillon Quartermaine
    Hold onto your hats, Lante fans cause now its a blast from the past for Lulu! The newly created ‘Dillon Q’ would pop back into town, cooler and crazier than ever after releasing his new movie! Forget Brenda and Brook Lynn who have threatened to break up this couple.. now its Dillon and Lulu can’t get a hold of herself! Despite the fact that these two are step sibilings, Dillon has come back so much handsome-er and bulkier and Lulu falls head over feet! This would be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back, Dante would make his exit and Lulu and Dillon fall in love all over again!


    i love skye and i wish she’d come back! i was upset when she departed from Port Charles once again…

    Bring back mah Q’s! i miss them being on screen :((

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    No interest in Skye until they start writing for the other women in that agegroup the show ignores, Alexis and Tracy

    But I think Dillon would be a great addition in addition to Rebecca and maybe Brooklyn. At least you get some characters on this show viewers are familiar with who are younger.

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    I am beyond disappointed that they seem to have dropped the whole elq storyline and have moved michael back toward the mob.

    The Q I most want back is Ned Ashton and with wally kurth unavailable I want to see someone like matt walton in the role. I could have also seen michael easton if hes not with iOLTL. the could do a quad love story with alexis/ned/carly/jax and drop the sean butler character altogether.

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    No to Michael Easton as Ned This show has enough dull lethagic emotionless actors

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    I wouldn’t mind seeing Kurt McKinney (ex-Matt/GL take a turn as
    Ned Ashton. Barring that maybe Robert Newman (ex-Josh/GL) or if he’s not on Broadway, Michael Park (ex-Jack/ATWT). All are fine actors in my view.
    Regarding Robin Christopher-her most recent stint was far too short even though they did use her somewhat effectively. She made the most of her scenes and I especially enjoyed her work opposite JE’s Tracy and
    BrBa’s Johnny… 0:)

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    I think Id want ned 3.0 to be a pretty ruthless businessman so im not sure kurt mckinney would work in that capacity but I could see the other two, but honestly my first choice is still matt walton. I see LW and KDP being very similar and he had great chem with blair on oltl, I could buy him as the heir to edwards legacy and I could buy him as Tracys son.

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    They wasted Skye AGAIN. Unless I missed something, they never fully explained why she was working for Anthony (what he had on her), or why she was sooo hell-bent on recriminating Tracy. She wasn’t even on long enough to make a dent. Whatever happened to that s/l, anyway? Was it tabled along with GW’s other plans?

    There isn’t a fan I post with who doesn’t want GH to showcase Tracy and Alexis. But, they don’t want to use them. TPIC know what we want. I think they delight in not giving it to us.

    As far as who I would love to see back (at the rate they are going, I don’t expect to see any of them) are Bobbie, Laura, AJ, and Ric.

    I get tired of people saying that Jackie Z.’s face is too messed up for her to come back. I wouldn’t care if she looks like Quasimodo. She has been painfully absent, especially this last year when Jake died. I saw a picture of her, and it seems as if she has, “grown into,” her new look. Besides, those broads on B&B make Jackie look like *fill in with your ideal beauty*

    It’s too bad that Michael didn’t enjoy working at ELQ. He and AJ going nose to nose over the family business could have been brilliant. And for a while, it looked like we might have been treated to that. But that story bit the dust, too.

    Ric, my baby: the prodigal son. How I adored him. Rick Hearst in one of the best actors GH ever had. His character Ric was one of the most multifaceted character I’ve ever seen. I was fascinated by everything he did–especially when he was bad. I’d loved to see him maneuver Sonny into the poor house.

    Lastly, Laura needs to come back. I don’t know how GH can go off the air without allowing her to wrap her character. I understand that as far as she is concerned, GH thumbed it’s nose at her. Should GH invite her back, I would be very disappointed if she didn’t step up to the plate, even if she wasn’t offered a long-term contract.

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    1) I would bring back Jimmy Lee Holt, Edward’s illegitimate son and Tracy’s half-brother, has Tracy even met Jimmy Lee at all, because I know Alan did but Tracy never has, and Alan & Jimmy Lee had a very antagonistic relationship up until Jimmy Lee left town, that is when Alan & Jimmy Lee began to bond and that is when Jimmy Lee began to bond with Monica, his step-mother Lila, and Jimmy Lee & Edward left on somewhat good terms with each other

    With Jimmy Lee back in town after all these decades of being away from Port Charles, I would love to see Jimmy Lee get involved with ELQ since he is Edward’s son, the only son Edward has left since Edward’s other sons Alan and Bradley Ward are dead, Edward wants a male heir, how about Jimmy Lee?

    A good Jimmy Lee Holt re-cast would be Robert Newman who played Joshua Lewis on Guiding Light, he would be perfect for the role of Edward’s youngest son Jimmy Lee Holt

    2) I would bring on Jimmy Lee Holt’s son or daughter, he must have had children when he left Port Charles, and Edward probably has grandchildren who he has never met, so I would have Jimmy Lee have a son whose name is Jimmy Lee “James” Holt, Jr. but his dad calls him James. James could then be a love interest for Maxie or even Lulu for that matter. James Holt would be a new Quartermaine character, as for who would play Robert Newman’s son, I would cast Agim Kaba who used to play Aaron Snyder on As The World Turns to play James Holt Edward’s new grandson.

    3) I would re-cast the role of Maya Ward and I would bring Maya back to Port Charles, Davetta Sherwood as Maya perhaps

    4) Then the other Quartermaines I would bring back would be Emily back from the dead, Skye, and a re-cast Ned Ashton Tracy’s son, a good re-cast for Ned would be Jon Hensley who played Holden Snyder on As The World Turns to play Tracy’s first born son

    With Maya back as a re-cast she can be a love interest for either her ex Ethan causing a triangle with a re-cast Kristina or Maya can come back to be a love interest for Johnny or even Lucky for that matter

    With Emily back, Nikolas would be free to come back to the show but we would have to re-cast Nikolas because Tyler Christopher said he doesn’t want to come back to GH because of Guza, or if Nikolas can’t come back, Emily can be a love interest for Lucky or even Steve Webber or even Dante for that matter

    Skye a good love interest for her would be Jax if they could bring him back or bring on a new man entirely for Skye

    And for re-cast Ned he can be a love interest for Alexis causing a triangle with Mac, or putting Ned with Carly

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    I have to ask, whats with all this desire to see cbs actors on abc shows. I dont want a ton of new quartermaines when there are qs that could return with the existing actors OR at least putting them in story with current cast. I dont want a recast mya a recast ned a recast jimmy lee a recast emily and a recast nik hanging at the q mansion. if you cant get the original actors or actors associated with the part, then I would only want to see one or two brought in and then maybe the next year one or two. If I wanted to watch a cbs show, I would have watched. No offense, JMHO.

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