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    Boy, this show is just all over the place – bad stories, even worse acting, inconclusive scenes, etc. I have been trying SO HARD to sit myself down and watch “Y & R”, a show I have been viewing since the Summer of 1981 and just really trying to pinpoint where this show has plummetted downhill. My only guess at this point is that MAB saw the writing on the wall and decided to sabotage the show as much as possible before getting canned like a tuna!!

    My two-cents:

    Am I the only one who is wondering just how much the “1994 Phyllis/Paul/Christine hit-and-run” redux is WAY off tangent??? The moving of dead shrinks’ bodies, stunt-casting of known alcoholics (sorry, Brett Butler, but you are one!), now Ronan is pledging his love for Phyllis – WHAT???? Where has this story, or better yet, WHY has this story veered off into such silly places?? Dumdum Kevin (who wasn’t a dumdum when he came onto the show in 2003) helping Phyllis move Dr. Tim’s corpse then being sucked into Red’s drama – WHAT WAS THAT??? Also, since when do District Attorneys work out of the police department??? C’mon, Michael – D.A.s have large offices and the like and you are always at the GCPD (the only law enforement annex in GC – really?)

    The whole Cane/Lily/”Claude Shirl” storyline is a HUGE BUST – does anyone really care at this point…???

    Jack walking again – REALLY?!? He was shot point-blank on his wedding day back in February and 7 months later he is able to walk and flash his smirk – REALLY?!?

    Victor/Genevieve/Tucker/Newman Enterprises – since when can billionaires procure anti-transplant rejection meds?!? REALLY???

    Sharon in the Nut House – why do they have Sharon Case going all “Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford” on us?!? Is this supposed to be entertaining?? It’s hard to watch, IMO….

    The unnecessary SORAS’ing of Fenmore, Summer and especially Kyle – WHY WAS THIS DONE?!? These kids cannot act for the life of them especially this Blake Hood kid – JUST AWFUL!!! With any luck, JFP and JG can un-SORAS these brats or just deep-six them into oblivion!!

    My hope is that Josh Griffith gets back the basics of what made “Y & R” great long ago: character-driven stories, characters one can root for or against and most importantly, romance!! Sorry, but all these silly marriages/non-marriages that have happened during MAB’s reign of terror have been comical at best and come off as farce! As I have said before, perhaps having a separate Head Writer and a seperate Executive Producer can un-do all the damage that has been done since the Lynn Marie Latham era – I for one will be keeping an open mind and hope for the best – it has to get better than the stuff being spewed at us for the last 5-6 years!!!

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