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    I cried tears of Joy! I watched and watched and watched…. the passing of the pen, the hugs and the hammer shock as the Trojan’s Faces! Sharing the recap from my friend GS!

    Brad Bell gave me the best kick-off to my Birthday Weekend! FC is back in Forrester Hands, ny SoapPrayers have been answered and the FANS ARE GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Recap!

    IMOW, Friday, February 19, 2010 (R.E.S.T. in peace, Logans! Insert evil laugh here)

    Today’s show begins back in the photographer’s studio. The Logan Skanks are still pretending to be goddesses in front of the camera. Stephanie and Taylor look on in disapproval. We get to see several photos on camera. (Roll eyes here). The photographer asks for a break. Dumma asks what Stephanie thinks. She tells them that it is silly for them to be calling themselves goddesses since they’ve made the company a mockery. Brooke says she understands that she is jealous (OF WHAT?!) since they are the face of FC now. She said that the Logans are Forrester Creations and Stephanie is a memory in the dust. Katie says like it or not they are making their mark. Stephanie nods and Taylor whispers for them to leave. Giggles from the Coven.

    Thomas comes into Uncle Thorne’s office where Steffy proudly reads over her new contract. He lets her know about some new Katie memos that state all design decisions and memos must be cleared through her. Steffy tells her brother that Ridge and Eric may not have to take it much longer. Thomas says they can’t quit. Steffy teases him by saying wouldn’t it be great if things were back in charge. Thomas is not amused and tells her to stop dreaming and asks her why she has a grin on her face.

    Forgot that Saggy was added also.

    Steffy tells her brother not to worry and that the days of Ridge and Eric running FC are not over. She finally tells him that she got Bill Spencer to sign the company over. Thomas is stunned and zeros in on his sister and asks what she did Steffy starts chattering and telling her brother all the details of blackmailing Bill. (I was starting to think Steffy was smart. But maybe not so much!) . When he frowns at her, she assures him that nothing happened. Thomas warns her that Katie will find out eventually but Steffy says the risk was worth it. She says that they get to give their father back his life.

    Ridge walks into the photo shoot as it’s finishing. He wonders what is going on. Brooke sidles up to him sweetly and tells him “Goddess” was Katie’s idea until Hope comes back. Ridge asks innocently why they didn’t have a design meeting to discuss it. Katie interrupts and tells him she wanted to get started and she’d meet with them later. (Nothing like an iron fist, huh Katie?) Ridge’s phone rings. It’s Steffy. With the contract in hand she asks Ridge if he can meet her in Thorne’s office immediately and to find Stephanie, Taylor and Eric also. Ridge asks what about Brooke Katie and Dumma. Steffy says not to say anything to them. Ridge asks what is going on. Steffy says she’ll tell him when he gets there. She hangs up and giddily clutches contract.


    Bill is in the office alone when the Logans come in fresh from their photo shoot. He says he needs to tell them something. He confesses that he sold FC. Katie blurts out “What?” He lies and says it wasn’t working with the tension and pressure. He says that from a business perspective, Eric and Ridge are not ever going to be creatively invested. He reminds Katie that she asked him at Christmas to give the company back to the Forresters. He says he’s kicking himself for not having done it then. But he hopes he’s making up for it now. So he sold it back for her. (Smooth Bill!) The blondes are stunned and ask if he is selling it back to them. Bill is careful. He tells them technically he selling it back to R.E.S.T. He congratulates Brooke and Dumma. Katie is totally deflated and pissed. (EVPL)

    In the basement, Stephanie, Ridge, Taylor and Eric walk in. Stephanie says she can’t even imagine what the meeting will be out. Ridge asks her if she’s leaving the company. He says he’s glad for her and has his blessing. He admires her. Eric asks why he was brought back from the parking lot. Steffy says she knows they are going to think she is crazy but she needs them to each raise $50 million! (I nearly blew soda out of my nose! Ouch! Stephanie and Taylor just have that kind of money?) Stephanie laughs and Ridge asks what she’s talking about. She tells them confidently that Bill is selling the company. Eric and Taylor are like, “No way!” Steffy confirms that he is selling and that she put together a shell corporation with their initials. She tells them it’s a done deal and to check out Bill’s signature on the back page. They all bend over and look at the contract. Eric exclaims, “It’s true! He signed.” They all look at Steffy in amazement. Steffy grins big!


    Katie is in the corner sulking while Brooke is asking about the trust. Bill tells her that they will have to liquidate a lot of assets but they can now work alongside their husbands again. Dumma and Brooke hug each other in triumph. Katie is outraged and asks what is going on. Bill tells her that he just wanted to give her what she wanted. Katie tells him that was months ago, things were going well now and she has become attached to being CEO. She tells him he should have talked to her about this huge transaction. (Is this not Bill’s money and not hers?) Bill says he did it for them. (Technically true) Katie now whines that she was coming into her own meeting all the challenges. He says she was and he’d be glad to give her any of his companies to run. Bill asks if she remembered wanting this for her sisters. She feels guilty now and agrees she did. She reminds him about how he told her to suck it up about being lonely at the top. She says she had. The blondes are still giggling over their good fortune at becoming owners of FC again. Brooke comes up to Bill and thanks him and hugs him. Dumma can’t bring herself to touch him and punches his arm like a buddy. She tells him he’s come a long way. (So has she. Serious wide load in this camera shot.) They leave to find Ridge and Eric. Katie looks at Bill like she might cry.

    Eric is doubtful that she has Bill’s signature. Steffy tells them it is and it’s legally binding. Stephanie immediately wants to know if she pulled any tricks to get the signature. Taylor asks if Katie went along with it. Steffy tells them that Katie wasn’t there and that she talked Bill into it. Ridge wants to know if she worked on this on her own. Steffy turns away from the group defensively. Suddenly Taylor’s radar is up and she looks at her daughter hard with arms crossed. Steffy babbles on about it being good fortune and good timing. And Taylor asks if Bill signing was all that happened. Steffy says it was probably karma. Taylor is doubtful and trying to figure it out. Eric says why now? Steffy puts it off on Katie and her being way over her head. She tells them not to question it. She says now that things can go back to the way they used to be. She tells Eric she had to do it for him and her father. She asks if they can all just sign the papers and start raising the money. Steffy looks at her grandmother says she knows that she has a contract at Jackie M her second family but she wants her there with her real family. Stephanie seems moved but unsure. She tells the girl that she’s not sure Eric would want her to come back. Eric shouts at Stephanie that of course she’s wanted at FC! He says the company is not the company without her. She is surprised by him saying this. Steffy looks to her mother for her answer. Taylor is also surprised and tells her daughter she is not a crucial piece of this puzzle. Steffy won’t take no for an answer and says she thinks she is. Taylor assures her daughter that they can find someone else to raise the money. Steffy says no that she needs to be a part of this. Then she turns to her father. “Right, Dad?” Ridge seems to be giving her permission to accept but Taylor still seems uncertain. Steffy tells her mother that it’s not about her money, it’s about who she is, a Forrester. (YES! Preach Steffy!) Ridge and Taylor exchange looks. Ridge points at her. “Listen to your daughter!” She seems a little shocked and humbled. She tells him that if the family needs her, she’s there. Steffy turns to Ridge and says that just leaves him. He goes up to Steffy and rubs her shoulders endearingly. He tells her he has an incredible daughter. But then he says he has to ask where that leaves his wife and what part she’ll play in all this. (Funny how Eric never thought to ask about Dumma! )


    Katie is still upset. Bill apologizes. She still saying it’s so sudden. Bill says that’s how he rolls when he makes a decision. She wanted to handle this decision with him. But she knows his heart was in the right place. Bill tells her she will always have his heart. He embraces her tenderly and looks over her shoulder guiltily.

    Steffy tells her father she knows he wants to do what’s right for Brooke. And she says she knows Eric wants the same. (Right….) But Steffy says they haven’t been supportive at all. She says as wives Brooke and Donna will always be involved but that ownership is reserved for Forresters. She tells him that is the way it needs to be so that we never lose FC again. (Sing it, Sista!) Ridge strokes her hair and asks when she became such a tycoon. She said she did what she had to do after watching them be humiliated for weeks. Ridge tells her she did well and that she’s proud. Stephanie and Taylor looks on as ridge hugs his daughter. Then Ridge turns to Eric and asks if he’s ready to walk the halls as an owner again. Fuzzy Brows says he is and also says she’s done well. Stephanie remarks that all the magical moments of Forrester Creation that Ridge and Eric thought were gone forever weren’t. She says that they probably lived on in Steffy’s mind. Steffy says she never forgot and starts getting choked up. She scolds them and says they need to all sign. Eric gives the contract to Stephanie first. She comes forward to take a pen from her son. She signs. (THE QUEEN IS BACK!) Ridge urges his father forward to the desk to sign. Fuzzy Brows puts his signature to paper. Then proudly hands the pen to his son. Ridge bends over and signs quickly. He stands up and gallantly hands the pen to Taylor. She is looking at him with a smile and then at Steffy and smiles. She takes the pen and signs. After Taylor signs, Stephanie opens her arms to get a hug from Taylor. The women embrace in triumph! Both laughing out loud. Ridge and Eric are also embracing! Just then The Sirens run in asking if they heard the news. Eric confirms that it’s true that Bill sold it back and they just signed the papers. Brooke is jubilant and hanging on Ridge. It’s going to be ours again they both say to their sugar daddies. Ridge gets uncomfortable. Brooke says the four of them as owners is just the way it’s meant to be. More male discomfort. Brooke comes forward and asks the First Wives to give them a moment. Dumma agrees and says the new owners need to have their first official meeting. Stephanie says of course and that requires the new owners to be present. Stephanie stands tall between her granddaughter and Taylor. She tells the Sirens that the new owners are “Ridge, Eric, Taylor and me.” Brooke laughs out loud. She says the new owner is R.E.S.T, the Ridge Eric Sustainable Trust. Taylor contradicts her slowly so she can comprehend. She tells them that REST stands for “Ridge Eric Stephanie and Taaaaay-lor” She shows her the contract that they just signed. Brooke is getting scared and says that is wrong. Stephanie is cool and unmoved. “No it’s not wrong” she tells her that a new ownership team in place. Brooke says she’s a part of that team. Stephanie says coldly that’s not how it’s going to work out. She goes on saying that they had their turn, their chance and now it’s over. Steffy is lapping this dialogue up. She says the Logans have ridden the wave for a long time but FC belongs to them…now. Broke Down and Dumma are still trying to combine brain cells to understand what has happened. Taylor gets a haughty look too. Brooke gets a close up on her utter devastation! She turns to Ridge who looks at her like, “What, Logan?” She looks at Ridge like how can you do this to me? Suddenly the screen goes to black and white and freezes on Brooke’s frozen face!

    Insert Evil Laugh Here!


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    ELATION! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaa!

    PARTY!!!! Scream!!!!!!!!!!!! Can BnB get any better? Yes! It! Can!!! OMG… when $$$B finds out that he was scammed…. he is gonna be bawling his eyes out! This is tooooooo good! LMBO! :: Springing around the room singing the BnB Theme Song!!!!::

    Yu-Hu!!!!!!!! Buh-Bye “The Logans are FC!” Buh-Bye “I am CEO!” Buh-Bye TROJAN VIRUS… The house is disinfected and the REAL Owners have taken control!

    I am so happy! SCREAMING IT FROM THE HILL TOPS!!! FC IS TROJAN FREEEEEEEEEE! ROTF! Break out Champagne……………. it is time to ROCK AND ROLL!

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    I LOVED the part where D&T strolled in and demanded Stephanie and Taylor leave so they can have a board meeting only to have Stephanie calmly and  matter of factly dress them down and then Taylor reads the names Ridge, Eric, Stephanie and TAY…..LOR like she had to read the last name slowly for the dumb Logans to get it LOL

    I do have one question as a new viewer….Ridge talks a lot about leaving the company to his children and he seems to favor Steffi.  I am wondering if he ever made promises to Brooke’s kids about whether they would have a role in the company when they got older.  Also, does Thorne have any children? Where does he fit into that picture?  Does Eric have other children in addition to Ridge (even though he isnt bio) and Thorne??  What about their kids??

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    Moin EET! I loved the whole Episode… I have watched it at least 6 times this weekend because it ROCKED!!!! And yes… it was devine Justice as those two Trojans got the news delivered from the very same two women that they so smuggly told to face the facts and pretty much rubbed down! I also loved Katie’s reaction to the news. She got FIRED by her own Man! What a great Episode!

    To answer your questions:

    Eric and Beth Logan were a pair in College when Stephanie and Eric met. Beth ((Mother Logan)) was away I believe around X-Mas, when Stephanie and Eric started seeing each other. Stephanie and Massimo were also together, but when Steph met Eric, she and Mass broke up. Eric and Stephanie fell in love and married after learning that she was pregnant. With Stephanie’s inheritance, they founded Forrester Creations together with the intent to leave it as a legacy for their children.

    Ridge has 3 sisters: Angela, Kristen and Felicia; the later two, both designers with extremely difficult pasts with their mother. 

    Angela: After finding out that her new-born was born brain-damaged, Stephanie opened up a clinic and had her daughter treated and raised. Eric thought the child died at birth and was surprised to find out years later that she hadn’t. An Imposter, who was also treated at the clinic,  tried to juice Stephanie because she felt that the woman was a rich snob, but at long last the truth came out. The Forresters found out that the real Angela was killed in an accident when she happened out of the institution and rolled downhill to her death… hard core!

    Kristen: Kristen fell in love with with Clarke Garrison who was a hired Gigolo. After Clarke found out that he had fathered a child with Margo… Bill Spencer’s future wife, they divorced. Eric asked her to hire fellow Designer Toni, who later discovered that he was HIV positive. Kristen and Toni fell in love and didn’t let the diagnosis get between them. Even though when her family found out about the illness, their fear for her became one of her biggest challenges. In the end, she and Toni did get married and while in Africa happened upon Zende, who was orphaned through the death of his parents on AIDES. Kristen and Toni adopted him. Kristen lives in Florida with her family and is seen every once in a blue moon… last time was at her father’s wedding to DUMMA. ((Donna)).

    Felicia: My Favorite daughter and the youngest Forrester-Douglas creation! Felicia was only mentioned as being in London studying at first, but when Brooke made good on her vow to hurt Stephanie as she felt Stephanie hurt her… ((made sure that Caroline and Ridge did marry)), went after Eric and got herself knocked up. Stephanie finally found out as Brooke started to show. Felicia came home and blew her mother off pretty much until she saw what was really going on. She started to tell her mom to let Eric go, that Stephanie should move on and accept the fact that Eric and Brooke were meant to be with this child coming. The two started to bond again.

    Felicia joined the design team at FC and became the Moderator of the fashion shows, there her mother was being kept at a distance. Felicia has died once due to cancer but as she returned a year or so later, it was discovered that her mother didn’t want to accept the death-sentence and had her secretly treated. Felicia had relations with several men, but mothered a child whom she thought could have been Nick Marone’s. The child wound up being from Dante’s… both Dante and Nix were involved with Bridget and when Felicia and Dante were about to say their I-DOs, Dante and Bridget admitted to still loving each other.

    Ridge’s Brothers

    Thorne Forrester: Basement-boy! Because he couldn’t draw a straight line, Thorne went into Business Management. He always felt ignored by his parents as they trimmed Ridge to become the Next Eric in the design world. Thorne became so enraged in his jealousy of Ridge that he eventually shot him while being stoned out of his mind. The story behind the shooting was based on his wife’s infidelity. Caroline and Ridge were supposed to get married, but Ridge cheated on her with WHO ELSE??? Thorne and Caroline then became a couple and with Brooke working Ridge, Thorne was able to marry Caroline. Ridge always loved Caroline and much to Brooke’s chagrin, slipped into Caroline’s marital bed and made love to her. It was all over for Thorne then, Caroline couldn’t sleep with him feeling the guilt of what had happened and knowing that she and Ridge were meant to be. Finally Thorne started to suspect and started getting high, in his altered state, he followed his brother out to the patio and shot him in the back, then blacked it out. Ridge and Stephanie kept the truth away from Thorne for quite some time, but as with all soap plots he finally remembered when Fake-Angela drugged him and sent him packing for Ridge with a gun. Stephanie found him just in time and told him that he shot Ridge already, he needs to leave the gun alone. 

    Thorne started dating Dumma, which Stephanie adamantly was against. When that mess was over, he fell in love with Macy who is Sally Spectra’s daughter. Stephanie was also against this and refused to condone a relationship between him and the daughter of her most dispised enemy, Sally– who stole designs from FC, doctored them up with Clarke and sold them before the Forresters had their showings. Thorne was eventually married to Macy, not knowing that his mother attended, having realised that love is love and she had to support her son. Macy had an affair with Jake, who was also seeing Felicia. Felicia told her brother about the two and Macy started drinking. After Karen, Carolines twin sister showed up, he started seeing her. Nothing came out of that because Karen realised that Thorne was not over Macy. The next time that they were married, or getting married, Thorne was arrested for murder. One of his old flames was not seeing Thorne with anyone else and got an ex from Macy to try and break the couple up. In rage, this guy stabbed the model and sent the cops after Thorne. Macy didn’t know that this guy was behind the whole murder and started supporting him as he pretended to be depressed. They ended up in Mexico where Thorne found them and tried to force a confession. Sally was also in Mexico and was shot. As the police came in to re-arrest Thorne, they saved a heavily bleeding Sally and arrested the guy. I don’t remember his name..sorry. Anyway, Macy and Thorne remarried.

    The next relationship he had was with Taylor. That didn’t last long.  After he drugged and kidnapped Taylor, he found out that she was pregnant by Ridge. They finally got to the point where she was going to tell him, on the way to the chapel, she delivered Thomas in the car, Brooke married Ridge. When the truth about the child’s true father came out, Thorne got back together with Macy. Brooke got all in their marriage and being dick-driven like the rest of the men in his family, Thorne started sleeping with her. Macy came back on the scene telling him that she wants to marry him again, Brooke wasn’t having it… she continued to seduce Thorne at every chance she could, until Stephanie busted them together and beat the living daylights out of he at Big Bear! Great punch-out and strangling scenes… which I highly recommend! After Macy died in a car accident that Brooke caused, Thorne had to have therapy.

    The forgotton son got married to Darla after Macy returned on the scene and had married him. She found out that he fathered a child with Darla and got the marriage annulled. Darla and Thorne were madly in love and when the child became 5 years old, Phoebe ((Steffi’s dead twin)) had a flat tire, Darla went out to help her. Having gotten the message that her daughter was in trouble, Taylor who had just had some wine, jumped into her car and fled to the rescue. Darla was trying to pull off the tire and lost her balance just as Taylor’s car came towards her, having tried to break on time, Darla flew onto the hood and died shortly afterwards. Pheobe convinced her mother not to confess although Taylor wanted to. Thorne went back to drinking and drugging and he and Taylor once again started getting close. Finally, Taylor told him that she was the driver of the car that hit his wife and they broke up. During the trial, Thorne realised that it was an accident and pleaded with the court on Taylor’s behalf. They became a couple mostly due to Taylor’s guilt and when Hope told Alexandria ((Thorne and Darla’s daughter)) that Taylor killed her mother, Alexandria ripped up Taylor’s wedding dress with a pair of scissors and x-ed Taylor’s image on all the photos. Taylor and Thorne broke up for the child’s sake and through Nick’s insistance that Taylor wasn’t marrying for the right reasons.

    Since Taylor, Dumma wanted to hurt Stephanie because she felt that she had ruined their lives. She found Thorne drunk and taking pills and decided this would be her best opportunity to get back with him. Just as they were to marry, Katie who returned for the wedding and had overheard Dumma scheming, told him the truth about why Dumma isn’t marrying him for love. Thorne kicked Dumma out of the house. Again Dumma went after Stephanie, because Brooke was raped by a guy Stephanie sent her way. While Stephanie went to reflect on her part in the rape, Dumma bedded Eric and the Forrester marriage was soon over. As for Thorne, he  has since been kept in the basement and continues to whine. He has no love interest at the moment.

    I like Thorne’s story as you can tell… hope this helps!

    Ridges other brother is Nick, through Mass and Jackie. There is no love lost between them.

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     You forgot to mention Eric’s other two children.  Rick and Bridget are Eric’s children with Brooke.  They were born in the early 90s during Eric’s marriage to Brooke.  

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    Hi Smitty, I was basically recounting the Douglas-Forrester kids and only mentioned Nix because of Massimo. They are Eric’s kids but no true relation to Ridge. Interesting is, that Rick is the only one of those children from Brooke who never needed a Paternity test……………………… Bridget, Hope and RJ were matters of confusion for their mother and at least 2 men. Although RJ is supposedly Ridges, the jury is still out… many still believe that the DNA tests were manipulated with and RJ is really Nix’s kid. Hope is being rumored to be also Thorne’s with Brooke and Bridget was truly the daughter from Eric.

    What a life, ha? Brooke is definitely a case for a major talk show! LOL


    Am I the only person who is ticked off of the fact that Taylor is NOT a Forrester!!!???!!!!  REST should have been an acronym for Ridge Eric Stephanie and THORNE!!!  Bringing Hunter Tylo and her injected lips back was a mistake, and the minute that Ridge starts waffling yet again between Brooke and Taylor, will be the minute I scream and turn the channel.  I’ve been watching this show from the very first episode, but for the sake of all that is healthy, if Ridge does get back together with the botox doc, please allow Brooke some self respect, and do something on her own, free from a man.  Please?  

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    Outspoken thanks for the explanations…

    Slut that was one of the things I was wondering.  So when Eric and Stephanie retire, I would assume the company would then be owned by Ridge as President, Thorne, Felicia, Rick and Bridget.  It seems that Steffi assumes that the company would then be handed down to her as Ridge’s favorite child (even though if I am reading this right he has two with Taylor and one with Brooke – not sure who is raising that kid)  Given that Thorne, Felicia and Bridget all have children why is there no discussion about where their kids fit in to Forrester.  I am sure they are going to all have issue with Taylor being part of the trust since I would assume that would give her kids a leg up.  I am just thinking that each of them get 25%. If Taylor gives her 25% split between her two children and Stephanie does the same….Eric might split his evenly between his remaining 4 kids who in turn would split with their kids, Ridge would split his 3 ways…Steffi and her bro would clearly control it.  If I were one of the cousins I think I would be annoyed.

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     Actually Hope’s paternity was never in question.  Brooke tried to hide that it was Deacon’s child by marrying Whip.  She didn’t want to break Bridget’s heart to let her know that she was pregnant by her husband.

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     EET that has been one of my issues with this storyline.  They are forgetting all the other Forrester children.  It’s like Ridge’s children are the only ones who are supposed to be heirs but I’m like what about the rest of them?  Thorne, Felicia, Kristen, Bridget and Rick have a right to Forrester just like Ridge.

    The have changed the ownership of Forrester so many times that I am losing interest in them fighting over the company.  It would be nice if they passed it down to the children (Kristen, Felicia, Ridge, Thorne, Rick, and Bridget) and let them fight it out.  There could be so much internal conflict.  Eric torn between which set of kids to back.  Brooke fighting for her children.  Stephanie fighting for hers.

    One more clarification.  Ridge had three children with Taylor.  Thomas was born first and then Taylor had twins Steffy and Phoebe.  Phoebe died about a year and a half ago.  Brooke has one child by Ridge and that’s Ridge Jr. aka R.J.

    the thoery of opposites
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    Smitty I am guessing that if Stephanie and Eric go by what was originally intended then they would each own half the shares and each splitting it evenly between their kids would def. give Stephanie’s brood the upper hand.  I wonder if making the trust REST was Steffy’s way of protecting her future too…if the stock comes down that way it will give her and her brother Thomas the controlling interest down the pike – if all 4 parties split their stock evenly between their children, she and Thomas would be getting shares from the two biggest stock holders where the other cousins would find their shares far more diluted.

    I guess since I havent watched long I am not so tired of the infighting, but I could see where it would get tedious after awhile.  For a long time on AMC I tried to keep track of the stock in Fusion and at one point I think they had to have about double the number of shares that they should have LOL.  the only part I really loved was watching the Logan trio getting kicked to the curb.  I cant believe in only two short months Brooke has become one of my most hated soap characters of all times and given that I have watched 10 different soaps, 3 of them close to 30 years each that is truly saying something.  I have totally fallen in love with Stephanie and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her stick it to those saccharin dumb blondes. Please leave so we can have a board meeting my ass.  Even their own husbands dont want them around given that they so eagerly convinced Stephanie and Taylor to sign on. I cant wait for tomorrow to see Katie, Donna, and Brooke packing up their offices.  I only hope Stephanie asks Sandy to come over with her.  SJB is a power house and integrating her with more of the cast makes a whole lot of sense.

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    For shits and giggles I just tried to figure this out…

    Taylor – 25%
    Ridge 25%
    Eric – 25%
    Stephanie 25%
     E&S retire or otherwise turn over their stock, assuming they split equally between their children and assuming I have the number of kids right lol
    Numbers are rounded/approximate and thus only account for 98% of the stock
    Ridge would then have his original 25% + 4% from dad +6% from mom (35%)
    Eric’s 2 children from Brooke would have 4% a piece
    E&S’s 3 children would have 10% a piece (6% from mom and 4% from dad)
    Taylor would have her original 25%
    When Taylor and Ridge retire or otherwise give over their stock
    RJ would get roughly 12%
    Steffy and Thomas would get 12% from dad +12% from dad or 24% a piece/48% combined.

    Even if any of Brooke’s kids or E/S grandkids are only children, the max any of them could hold would be 10% and if Ridge truly wanted to give his kids a leg up he would bump up his portions to Steffy and Thomas ever so slightly so that between them they would have 50%+1.  He could probably do it in a way that gave RJ the profits from the 2% shares but gave control over them to S&T.

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    Corrections to the Thorne/Ridge info.

    The story behind the shooting was based on his wife’s infidelity. Caroline and Ridge were supposed to get married, but Ridge cheated on her with WHO ELSE??? Thorne and Caroline then became a couple and with Brooke working Ridge, Thorne was able to marry Caroline.

    Ridge did NOT cheat on Caroline with Brooke. Caroline would not sleep with Ridge until they got married. Playboy Ridge couldn’t keep it in his pants until after the wedding, so he shacked up with a Forrester model named Alex. Caroline’s dad, Bill, hired a PI to follow Ridge and the PI got photos of Ridge and Alex that Bill showed to Caroline on her wedding day. Caroline fainted and went to the hospital where Brooke, who followed the Forresters and those involved with them in the media, went to meet Ridge’s fiancee. The two women became friends. Caroline wanted nothing to do with Ridge after finding out about him sleeping with another woman. Thorne, who had a thing for Caroline, befriended her. Then Caroline was raped by Ron Deacon. Thorne and the Logan family supported her through that, although it was Ridge’s testimony that Caroline was a virgin that saved the day when Ron went to trial. Thorne became close to Caroline, who stayed away from Ridge. That gave Brooke the opening to get close to Ridge. After Thorne proposed to Caroline, Ridge wrote her a letter telling her how he felt but Thorne found out and convinced Brooke it would be in both their best interests to keep that letter from Caroline. Brooke snuck into Caroline’s room and intercepted the letter. Thanks to Stephanie, Caroline found out about the letter on her wedding day, but Caroline married Thorne anyway.

    Ridge always loved Caroline and much to Brooke’s chagrin, slipped into Caroline’s marital bed and made love to her. It was all over for Thorne then, Caroline couldn’t sleep with him feeling the guilt of what had happened and knowing that she and Ridge were meant to be.

    Ridge considered slipping into Caroline’s bed to be a harmless prank when he did it. And Brooke didn’t even known about this incident. Caroline had just been named editor in chief of her dad’s new magazine, EYE ON FASHION. The Forresters threw a party to celebrate and Caroline got drunk, so she and Thorne went to bed. When Thorne went to make a sandwich, Ridge slipped into the bedroom and into bed with Caroline, and he was surprised when drunken Caroline responded to him, and they made love. The next morning, Caroline realized something was wrong when Thorne talked to her about out of it she was last night; obviously, she did not make love to him. She confided in Stephanie and realized that it was Ridge she slept with. Caroline felt guilty and backed away from Thorne, but Stephanie, for Thorne’s sake, told her to suck it up and support her husband.

    Finally Thorne started to suspect and started getting high, in his altered state, he followed his brother out to the patio and shot him in the back, then blacked it out. Ridge and Stephanie kept the truth away from Thorne for quite some time, but as with all soap plots he finally remembered when Fake-Angela drugged him and sent him packing for Ridge with a gun.

    Thorne didn’t suspect anything. He had just had an appendectomy and was doped up on pain killers when he overheard Eric and Stephanie talking about the night Ridge slipped into bed with Caroline. Shocked, he went out and got drunk. It was the mix of booze and pain killers that got Thorne so doped up that he decided to follow Ridge while Ridge was out walking the dogs and shot him. As you said, Thorne blacked it out completely, so Stephanie took the rap for her son, claiming she thought Ridge was a burglar. But when Deveney Dixon, the fake Angela, sought revenge on Stephanie a year later, she decided to re-enact the events of the original crime. She got Thorne to trust her and then, when she got him doped up on pills and booze, revealed Ridge’s "prank" and gave him a gun.

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    Thanks for the math, EET, but it presumes that everyone divides their stock evenly. We know from past instances of this issue that’s not always the case.

    Back in 2001/2002, the whole idea of estate planning came up, and the issue of who Eric would leave his stock to was raised. Eric said he wanted to divide his stock evenly among all 6 of his children, but then he reconsidered after Stephanie impressed on him that Rick and Bridget would between them get Brooke’s 51%, and he instead decided to only divide his stock among their four kids. If he thinks the same way now, he might say that Ridge has his own 25%, leading him decide to divide his 25% between his other 6 kids (Thorne, Kristen, Felicia, Rick, Bridget and Marcus). Stephanie might similarly divide her 25% between Thorne, Felicia and Kristen, since Ridge already has 25% of his own.

    Then there was the redistribution of the stock in the Douglas Trust in 2006, where Stephanie took the full stock and divided it up in a bunch of pieces. She gave Brooke 50% (hoping to convnce Brooke to forget Nick and reunite with Ridge) and then the remainder was divided up. If I remember right, she, Ridge and Eric each got 10%, Thorne, Kristen and Felicia each got 6% and Taylor got 2%.

    So what does this tell us? That no one knows who will get what in REST when the owners do their estate planning. There could be some interesting power plays – assuming that the 4-way split stays intact, since you never know what might happen to make them resturcture the ownership in that holding company down the line.

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    I was disappointed today when Ridge told Brooke that RJ and Hope would get his 25%.  PFFT.  Steffy got the company back for him, so I disagree that he has to give her nothing because of her mother.

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    Ridge’s thinking re:inheritance is not totally surprising, though, given his statements over the last few months. When he was trying to choose between Brooke and Taylor and sent them to therapy with James, he conculded that "I don’t have two families, I have one," trying to put an end to the idea that his family with Taylor was separate from the one with Brooke. Then, when the whole Hope thing happened, he told her she is his daughter, even if she doesn’t have his DNA. So he has been breaking down the barriers to prove he has one family.

    So by that thinking, Ridge now has three kids involved in Forrester, and presumably RJ will follow suit when he is old enough. If Ridge only has one family, then Forrester should be a legacy for all of those kids, and letting Taylor leave her 25% to Thomas and Steffy while he leaves his to Hope and RJ accomodates that. It’s kind of the same thinking Eric used when Brooke owned 51% of Forrester and he therefore didn’t leave any of his stock to Rick or Bridget.

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    But you are thinking of this solely in terms of the company.  Taylor is using her assets to buy her share of the company.  Brooke is holding on to her assets. So what Taylor can leave her children is deminished by what money she ponies up for the buy back.

    Think of it this way…Taylors kids will inherit solely from her…Bridgets kids will inherit from her and from Ridge.

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