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     The last time that I remember seeing Salem Place was when Marlena woke up in Malaswan (which I made it malaswan place).  It was a great set and a much better meeting place than a pub or coffee shop.  It was also outdoors before GL went outdoors.  Now everything is down on the docks and dark.

    ALSO, here’s my soap story idea of the day. – Soap characters should start to react to the facts of their lives being known by everyone in town ala reality television.  Kate Whats-her-name, Ally Has-been and others are making a mint complaining about people knowing about their private lives.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Sami react to having everyone in town know that she has been left at the alter one million times?  Salem needs a tabloid or a web forum where characters are getting their information and reacting to each others actions.

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    Yes, a lot of people miss the various sets  and are tired of the pier location. Did Salem Place last into the Melsalem story cir. 2004? It made it into the millenium.
    That’s what they have to do to cut the budget. The days where they have money to show various sets is over.

    Soaps started on radio and had no sets. The early days of soaps had simple sets. We’re going back in time to simpler sets and just have to live with it. What’s really inportant is story and characters ultimately.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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