Forums General Hospital I Think Franco and Jason are twins or they are half-brothers or they are cousins, it would make a whole hell of a lot of sense
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    Because how in the hell was Franco able to get that footage of Jason as a baby? It would make no sense because the only people who could have access to that footage were the Quartermaines and Susan Moore herself, and unless you’re telling me that Franco went to the Quartermaine Mansion and snuck on to the property and broke into the house and got this footage somehow or that Susan Moore is really alive and well and she was the one to give Franco the footage, then it would explain a lot

    Unless Susan is Franco’s biological mother, then it would explain a lot and that the woman who plays Franco’s mom on the show, James Franco’s real life mom on the show, Franco’s mom is really Susan Moore or she must be Susan Moore’s sister, then it would explain a lot especially if Franco’s mother Susan’s sister raised Franco after Susan died, because Susan could have given birth to twins that day, her sons Franco and Jason, then it would explain a lot

    That means Franco he would be a Quartermaine because Alan would be Franco’s father as well, since he would be Jason’s twin, which means Edward would be Franco’s grandfather and Tracy would be Franco’s aunt

    Jason and Franco as twins, how’s that even possible? Because for twins they don’t even look alike, Jason has dirty blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and he’s muscularly built, and Franco is lanky, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, medium build, and looks nothing like Jason at all. Even fraternal twins look alike somewhat and Franco & Jason don’t even look alike, hell they don’t even act alike and are nothing alike in any way shape or form

    That is why I think they must be half-brothers instead because it would make more sense that way, Susan could have had another kid after Jason, one that no one knew about

    Or Franco must be Jason’s cousin, they could be cousins considering Susan Moore is Jason’s bio mom, Susan could have had a sister and that sister is Franco’s mom and Jason then would be Franco’s mom’s nephew and Franco would be Susan’s nephew which could explain how he got that footage of Jason as a baby

    Jason and Franco as cousins seems more plausible

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