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    Just a prediction thread, and I would love to hear everyone else’s guesses for what happens that night, but this is how I see it how playing out. We all know about the rumors from months ago of Brandon Barash leaving and I think that he did agree to stay on long enough for them to write a proper exit.

    – The night the Haunted Star reopens all of Johnny’s secrets come out. Starr finds out he was behind the accident, Carly finds out about the accident and him killing Anthony and lying to her, and Johnny finds out who killed Delores sister, but refuses to tell her unless she protects him.

    – Johnny’s body winds up in the water, and ends up washing into the port. We then have a lengthy “whodunit” with Todd, Carly, Delores, Starr, Luke and LuLu as the key suspects.

    – The returning Blair Cramer ends up being the shooter. She returns to Port Charles to see Starr perform at the opening and kills him when she overhears what he did to Cole and Hope.


    Have I just been watching too much TV? What do you think will happen?

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