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    Ian is the Ret-Con Man, and has already been used to change one of GC’s most historic characters, Nikki Newman’s, back-story.

    And, this we know…Nikki was raped by Ian, and she produced Dylan, and gave Dylan up on a Church door-step. (Never mind she was married to Jill’s brother at the time, oh well.)

    About Cassie/Mariah -2014…
    Maybe Doris did something very cult-like, and gave baby Mariah at the Twins birth (Cassie and Mariah), to Dylan to raise. Now this girl Mariah is back in Genoa City, and just happens to be Tyler’s ex-fiance (who is either Tyler Michaelson, or is is Tyler Rogan?) So, now Mariah is being used to eff-up the life of Victor’s other’s daughter, Abby. Not a bad premise, except that we found out on Thursday’s show that Melissa Ordway as Abby cant pull it off in the acting dept.

    Keemo Volien Abbott – 1996
    In 1996, under disguise, Ian entered Jack’s office at Jabot, and put a forgetful drug into Jack’s coffee, and now he has total amnesia about his son, Keemo. Ian has Keemo brainwashed as a member of The Path on his Ranch somewhere, and is going to bring him back soon to try to take over Jabot next year.

    Baby Robert Carlton – 2003
    Ashley Abbott wasnt hallucinating. Baby Robert was born alive, and the hospital orderly whisked the child away, and to Ian Ward, who he is raising in secret on The Path’s ‘Ranch’ somewhere. Gleefully, Robert is yet another Abbott child, whom Ian will spring onto Jack and the Abbott Family when he makes his play for Jabot with Keemo in 2015.

    Adam Newman – 2014
    It’s Ian helping Adam back on to his feet. And when the dynamic ‘anti-Victor’ duo put their heads together later this year, watch out, old Mr Newman, you will wish you had never heard of the name of “Ian Ward”.

    Jill Foster Chancellor – 2003
    It was Ian who secretly messed with the original DNA tests when Katherine and Jill were trying to prove paternity as to whether or not they were Mother-Daughter. Ian changed the results to show YES. Later, as we know, in 2008, the real tests were done, and the true results came out.

    Cane – Almost Every Year
    Use your imagination, our favorite con man has been ret-conned so many times already, what’s one more?

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