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    Let’s start back to when Lily had cancer. Here is how I would have built the storyline and move us ahead:

    I have always felt the show should bring on A wife and child from Cane’s past who happens to be black and look a lot like Lily. this would free Lily up to explore a love with a new man named Marcus who was hired by Neil to work at Jabot to help revive the Tuvia (African American women’s haircare line). The man would be so impressive and so much like Neil that any pursuit of Lily would come with a father’s approval.

    The wife who came to Genoa City would have known he was there as when Cane thought things were over between he and Lily he sent his wife aletter letting her know that he was alive and had taken on someone else’s life to escape the mob from the ‘down under’. His wife would have been a foreign exchange student from America who had come there to study, met, and fell in love with Cane and married him.

    When he never returned she got her paperwork together and returned with their child in tow (8 years old now) in pursuit of her husband. The woman’s name would be Sandra. Cane would spot Sandra first and would and convince her to stay silent and away from Lily due to the Cancer.Cane would go to Katherine for a job and would then start leading a double life. Caring for his wife and child who were tucked away in a bad part of town in a hotel and then caring for Lily his wife he lived with. Of course Sandra would be coming to Cane from time to time for months asking when he was going to tell Lily the truth. Cane would always cover and Sandra would be upset but go for it a bit longer.

    Sandra would strike up a friendship with Marcus and would take a job as his assistant at Jabot. Marcus would also be friends with Lily.

    After months of this secret being hidden Lily would return home from chemo with Olivia who had taken her as Cane was forced to secretly meet with Sandra and Lily would over hear the truth and bust in demand answers. Cane would admit the truth and tell Lily he only loves her, but wanted to take care of his son. Lily would decide to leave and call Marcus to come get her. Lily would stay with Marcus as she did not to deal with staying with her Dad or brother.

    Sandra seeing an opening and noticing that Marcus might like Lily more than a friend would begin to plot to get them together and to get Cane back as her own.

    Sandra would have been friendly to your face and plotting to get you behind your back. And she would do whatever it takes to assure that she and her husband Cane were together. Sandra would be played by Brook Kerr (ex-Whitney, Passions) who I would prefer as a Lily recast but could work the actress in this way and Marcus played by Tobias Truvillion (ex-Vincent,OLTL).

    Now that is how I would built a storyline around these two while expanding the cast. Now on to what else I would have done.

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