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    Now let’s go back to when Tyra was on Y&R and I would have done this and moved us ahead:

    The new roles (1 a recast) would have been:

    -Ellen Marie Carrington (Amelia Marshall: ex-Gilly, GL; ex-Belinda, AMC; Ex-Liz, Passions)
    -RECAST: Tyra (Napiera Groves: ex-Bonnie, ATWT)
    -Nathan Hastings Jr. (Lawrence Saint Victor: ex-Remy, GL)

    The Story: A Savvy business executive named Ellen “Marie” Carrington comes to Genoa City as a woman working for Neil at Chancellor Industries as the newly installed vice president of Jabot. Neil would hire her not only for her business acumen but to keep an eye on things at Jabot since Billy and Jack are too wrapped up in their personal lives to make sure the company is functioning at its best. In addition, she would be spearheading the re-launch of Tuvia the African American cosmetics line once spokes modeled by Dru and not afraid of Victor or Jack. This would be the entry to way to developing a slow friendship turned romance between Marie and Neil.

    Tyra feeling rejected by Neil would take up relations with detective Gil again, yet would become jealous when she would see Neil bonding with Marie. Tyra would play nice with Neil and get him drunk so that he would have sex with her. However, he would end up passing out before she could make her move. Later, Tyra would discover she was pregnant with detective Gil’s baby but pass it off as Neil’s child, since he was the man she always wanted. This would cause the biggest moral conflict for Neil as he doesn’t love Tyra but doesn’t want to have a baby out of wedlock. Marie would convince Neil not to make any rash moves as he has nine months to figure out what he wants to do before the baby is born. Meanwhile, Trya would begin to pursue various plots to drive a wedge between Neil and his growing affection for Marie. Marie on the other hand would take up a friendship with Detective Gil, whom was heartbroken over his 2nd try at a relationship with a woman that failed. He would talk about Tyra without mentioning her name and Marie would try to help him through it. Eventually Marie would figure out that the other woman was Tyra and start to putting two and two together. Yet she wouldn’t let Detective Gil know what she was up to.

    Little Nate would return to town all grown up and when Marie spotted him she would avoid him for as long as she could. Eventually Neil, Tyra, Marie, Olivia, Nate, Devon, Roxie, Lily, and Cane would have a Winters family holiday dinner and Marie and Nate would come face to face. Tyra would notice the awkwardness between the two and wonder if there was something more. During dinner Marie would pull Nate into the back of the apartment and it would be revealed that they once had a fling. Tyra who happened upon them would listen in and learn this secret. She would hide out as Nate left the room and before she could enter to confront Marie with the secret, she would hear Marie admit another secret to herself that Nathan could never know that she became pregnant and aborted his child. Tyra would then back away from her plan and save the ammo for later.

    As the pregnancy, continued Tyra would taunt Marie with stories about one night stands and aborted babies. This would worry and enrage Marie a bit. Marie would later figure out the truth about Tyra and the baby, but before she could tell Neil, Tyra would try to blackmail her with her past. Marie wouldn’t go for it and call her bluff. Marie would tell Tyra that when she returns Neil will be with her and the truth about Tyra’s baby would come out. In a desperate move, Tyra would contact some thugs and agree to pay them to tamper with Marie’s car so she’d have an accident.

    Marie would call Neil from Jabot and tell him to meet her at Devon’s place after work. Later while heading to her car she would spot the thugs who had came a bit too late and the thugs would kidnap Marie and take her to an abandoned house. The thugs would try and figure out what to do next as their plans went wrong. Meanwhile, Neil would show up at Tyra’s and they would wait for Marie. Neil would become concerned as Marie never showed up and would not answer her cell.

    Marie would try to escape and would end up enraging the thugs who would then take their anger out by sexually assaulting her and then leaving her near death… Neil would then team up with Victor for some vigilante justice.


    This would all continue into a 3 year plotline I have where Tyra becomes daytime’s newest black villainess and Marie would become a new herione.

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