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    I know that if I was a new character in Llanview, and if I were related to a family in Llanview, I would be a long-lost Evans. I would be a son of Pa Evans, Destiny’s grandfather, a son that Pa Evans never knew he had because him & Destiny’s mom had problems in their marriage, this is before Destiny is born, and Shaun is out doing his thing and Greg is out being a doctor. Pa Evans cheats on Ma Evans with my mother, and they end up having an affair and he gets her pregnant. Then Pa Evans leaves my mom high and dry without even knowing that he just got my mom pregnant as he chooses to go back to his wife and work out their marriage, and nine months later my mother gives birth to me and names me Isaac Evans.

    Pa Evans has no idea that I even exist, or Ma Evans for that matter because he has kept quiet about this for years, and my mother finally told me the truth after 21 years about who my father is as I kept asking her while growing up about who my father is, but she would never give me answers until I finally got it out of her as she thinks aloud to herself talking about my father and I overhear, and she tells me that it is Pa Evans, and I ream my mother out for lying to me for my whole life and the fact that I was conceived out of an affair that my parents had together.

    I would be so angry that I would walk out of my mother’s house as we live in Arizona, and I end up going on the Internet to try to find my father and I end up finding out where he lives, in Llanview.

    So I am headed there and I confront him and tell him that I am his son, and I mention who my mother is to him. He basically doesn’t believe me in that I am his son, and that if I am his son, he wants me to take a DNA test. I then tell Ma Evans everything about how I am his son and the fact that my father cheated on her with my mother all those years ago and that I am the product of that. She doesn’t believe me either and neither does Shaun or Destiny for that matter.

    I then take the DNA test and it comes back positive, I am Pa Evans’ illegitimate son and what I was saying was the truth about everything which causes a rift in the Evans family

    But I eventually make friends in Llanview with James and Starr, and I end up going to Llanview University on a scholarship as I am an athlete playing for the football team.

    I don’t live with my father or his family as I am not close with them at first because I end up living at James’ place with him & Ford, and Destiny makes the first move in trying to have a relationship with me considering that I am her uncle, and me & her eventually become close and she tries to persuade me to give Shaun a chance in order for me & him to get to know each other as brothers. Shaun & me eventually become close too, and I meet my other brother Greg in Statesville when I go to visit him

    And Destiny tries to get me to accept Pa Evans into my life but I say that it will be a cold day in hell before that ever happens because the only family I have are you, Shaun, Greg, James, Ford, Starr, and everyone else but he will never be my father and Ma Evans will never be a step-mother of mine either.

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    John McBain’s ex-fiancee Caitlin’s death was faked by the FBI. Caitlin and their unborn child went into witness protection after she witnessed a mob hit while working on the job. There were death threats against Caitlin, but she never told John. Caitlin and John’s daughter, Natasha is 14/15 years old and develops a crush on Jack and Shane. I would bring back Jamie Vega who is now 14/15 to live with her grandmother Carlotta while Antonio is working on a year’s undercover assignment for the FBI. Natalie is not going to like John and Caitlin relieving their past and ends up in the arms of some hunky man TBD later on.


    Reginald James Gannon, RJ’s (RJ’s name is Randell James) son from another a woman he once was with off the show named Kenya. Reginald is referred to as mini RJ since he has the same temperament as his father, but has a business and law degree. He makes his way to town when he is in the running to become CEO of Buchanan Enterprises. He comes with strong recommendation from Hank and Nora.

    Reginald has experience on Wall Street where he quickly rose through the ranks. If he is offered the position at BE then this would his chance to prove himself as a man who can run a major company.

    Reginald appears to have issues with father not being in life when RJ returns to town when he learns his son has successfully gotten the job. RJ and Reginald need to work through their issues with one another to become father and son. But all of this will really turn out to be a ruse as Reginald plans to secretly buy stock in the company through dummy corporations and take it over to run it with his dear old dad.

    There is another person at play here too. No one knows but Dorian has been secretly helping Reginald and RJ. But no one knows until he convenes a company lunch-in and Dorian returns to revel in the reveal that she an Reginald and RJ have taken control of BE.

    This starts an epic battle between the Buchanan, the Gannons and the Lords.

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    Anyone else with any more ideas

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