Forums General Hospital If you were a new character in Pine Valley for AMC 2.0, which family would you be related to?
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    My character’s name would be Jett Hubbard, and I would be Jesse & Angie’s nephew as I would be Jesse’s half-brother Eugene Hubbard’s son, and that I am here in Pine Valley to go to school here in order to become a police officer on the Pine Valley PD, but I would have to go through the police academy after I graduate Pine Valley University since I am the same age as Colby, and Asher, so I am here to live with Uncle Jesse & Aunt Angie, and also here in Pine Valley to see my cousins Frankie & Natalia since I haven’t seen Frankie since I was a baby, and the last time I ever saw Natalia, I was a small kid of about 8 or 9, but I would usually keep in touch with my Uncle Jesse over the years especially when he faked his death, and my love interest would be Colby, creating a love triangle between me Jett, Colby, and Asher but I am a Hubbard who has shades of grey because I am a bad boy too but a bad boy who is on the right side of the law, that being a main difference as my character is by no means a goodie-two-shoes, I sometimes do bad things but for the right reasons

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