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    I’m curious because I know others are watching the episodes posted of ATWT from 2005? Right? These are daily full episodes from when running starting from Jan. of 2005. You need to sign up for Netherlands’ website and it’s ALL FREE….I so enjoying watching again and this is a very good period of ATWT.

    1. We had MADD still present keeping her EP’s in check before Chris Gutless became Hilter.
    2. It was driven by vets in storylines and family connections by the younger cast.
    3. This will be the most controversial statement and yes I will go here….this is a period of Hogan S. but the difference between now and then he had complete freedom to write stories because of MADD. Hogan doesn’t have that with MAB and it shows. If Y&R would just let Hogan be the HW and no Maria & Scott I firmly believe Y&R would be so much better. Hogan left in 2006 when MADD left and Chris wanted the control. Hogan does like crazy women and Emily is tearing it up and so is Barbara nothing like MAB’s crazy females!!. Hogan didn’t write the characters in corner as MAB does.
    4. NL have their own section of classic episodes to view for FREE. Example…if fans of Tom (Deas) & Margo (Colin) they are showing from ’83 there wedding and it is hilarious…Chris & Nancy comes home, Targo keeps it a secret from everyone and Lila shows up and she was giving herself a home perm!! :bigsmile:

    We have the original Ali & Aaron pairing, PL as Lucy & Dusty, Jennifer, Mike & Katie, Margo & Tom putting their marriage back together, Emily married to Hal, Rosanna & Paul, SOARS Will now, CarJack with Jack getting his memory back, Julia is a thorn in Carly’s side, JJ is present, Holden & (Martha) Lily having normal marriage problems, Holden left and Julia is now going after Holden. Molly is present, Craig (Hunt, my 2nd favorite Craig) Serra (Mary Beth) is on canvas and those two have major chemistry. It is based in family situations and HOGAN did use Lisa! Chris didn’t care for Lisa and it showed the last 2 years of ATWT.

    I ordered yesterday my CarJack video special edition. P&G is laughing their asses off all the way to the bank over at ABC on how to show respect to their loyal soap fans. We are getting more and more videos faster now then I expected. This would have not happened this quickly if they are wouldn’t selling and making profits. They exceed expectations and GL will be next again. They have a wonderful free episode online of CarJack, I watched that damn GL of Reva like 10-12 times :love: US NL’s website…you need to sign up to watch and happy too!! Thank You Roger, & another big wet kiss goes out to P&G for entertaining the peoples and showing some loyalty back to fans. :love:

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