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    It’s been a big year for soap memoirs with books from Corday, Lucci, Hinsey, and now Zimmer. Of the those named, Zimmer gets my recommendation. The book is funny and has a charming tone. She walks a fine line between “telling it like it is” and coming off as ungrateful, and I thought she was successful; for the most part.

    The book starts with a synopsis of Zimmer ‘s early life. She covers how she came to love acting and tells some insightful stories about her family of origin. In contrast, Ken Corday’s family of origin story was fascinating but the rest of that book fell flat. Most memorably Ms. Zimmer relates the stories of how she met her husband. The book reads as a love letter to her husband AC who seems equally committed to a very modern marriage. They both made choices about their careers and family and it is rare that a man in credited with compromising with his wife as opposed to sacrificing.

    We then get really brief stories about The Doctors and her first two stints on OLTL. The highlight here was learning that she was on OLTL even before playing Echo. However, the bulk of the story is about GL and Reva. We are treated to an in depth history of Reva from Ms. Zimmer’s point of view. So, the story is entwined with contextual details about her scene partners and her feelings about the plot. This section is a treat to read as we come upon the two year anniversary of the demise of GL.

    While I was charmed by Ms. Zimmer, I couldn’t help but retain a degree of cynicism based on the fact that we are really only getting one side of the story. It reminds me of the Winston Churchill quote, “History is written by the victors.” I am certain that if a production executive wrote this book they might have a different account of how reasonable Ms. Zimmer was in the last years of the show. For example, I found it humorous that Ms. Zimmer did not quibble with either the “clone” story or the “Wednesday Specials” because she got a lot of air time. She starts to see a problem when her airtime diminishes. Finally, she blows her top when she realizes that she looks awful with the new way that the show is being shot. It reminds me of every other actor who feels that any show could benefit from extending their exposure.

    That being said, I appreciated that Ms. Zimmer mostly had kind things to say about the cast and crew of GL. Her memories serve as a historical document about the end of that soap. It’s classier than I thought it would be and even a bit deeper than I expected.

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    As most of mr reading tends to be online or via ebooks, I’ll wait til La Zimmer’s book is avail via Kindle here in Canada (as of yet, it’s only available to US Kindle accts). Currently, we only have hardcover copies available.

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