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    Okay this week in Salem was a mix of the good with the bad.


    What I loved this week was the continuing downward spiral of Will. Chandler Massey as an actor, scenes with everyone have been excellent. He is proving that with the right casting Days can actually pull off a great storyline minus the vapid models who try to act. I don’t think I remember a young actor this good since Jay Kenneth Johnson first came on to the show. So there is a lot to work with here and much to explore in the storyline as it builds in the new year.

    Now Sami taking Kate’s bait and Madison and Brady going in on her was also excellent. I have this feeling that Madison could end up being another Kristien and/or Lexie where she is driven to do evil things. And Sarah Brown can pull it off. Even the romance with Brady is good. Who would have known (after having watched him on Passions) that Eric Martsolf could actually act? But he has developed into something more than abs.

    Joe Mascolo reminds us why Stefano Dimera is the #1 villain in daytime history. The way he was able to manipulate both EJ (whose a lightweight and doesn’t know it) and John was a testament to the characters power and the actors ability to mix in a bit of humor while being serious at the same time.

    Now the biggest highlight of the week for me was learning (and I said I wanted this to happen) that John is broke! And I mean broke! I smiled from ear to ear. Visa Declined! Cut them lights off! I don’t know if it is my Dimera side coming out, but I just want John and Marlena to suffer and suffer. And in my wildest dreams John and Marlena would have to move to the Salem Place Projects as Marlena was on a “fixed” income receiving Food Stamps and John was in and out jail for petty theft and smoking the pipe. But oh that would never happen… :0 Evil I am. But that is the price you pay when you cross a Dimera!

    Need more Abe and Lexie. They seem to just have been popping up unexpectedly in episodes and this week was one of those week. So next year I want to see them moving up to 2 to 3 days a week with them as the center of a storyline. Yes the led-son is harsh, but patience requires it! So I’m patiently waiting.

    Then can we can cool it on Rafe and Sami! I know that Days loves to explore characters with a great of depth in their storylines and I love it. But this week like the rest have been a bit too much of exploring every facet of their lives. If Rafe was watching TV we’d have to watch him after every commercial break exploring how he felt about the Buffalo Bill’s and their chances at making it to the Superbowl. As for Sami, if she was folding clothes we’d have to watch and episode worth of her pondering life as she separated the whites from the coloreds. Save the 5 days a week on-air for these two when the storyline reaches a height in the ark. I can take 3 days 1 week and 2 the next. They can devote that free air-time to Abe and Lexie.

    Finally (and you knew I was gonna have to go there), I got very drunk this week off of a bottle of Cristal, some Vermouth and Riesling due to having to endure the Drake winning the worst Male Actor in Daytime of the Week Award. Watch and episodes with Drake in it with some bubbly bubbly and if you start to think that he can actually act, then like Jamie Foxx you can “blame it on the alcohol..” And if this was like that Soap Opera Digest weekly poll then Drake would have received 3 Lifetime Achievement Awards in bad acting by now. It was so much so that even on the Day’s NBC website the fans were commenting on his bad acting.

    Question of the week: If Days could recast John Black with an Emmy worthy actor, who would you select to take over the role? And this time around do you think fans would care if he was recast? Think of what happened on OLTL when they recast Todd. Could Days do this?

    My recast would be to exchange Drake for Grant Alexander (ex-Phillip Spaulding, Guiding Light). Now he would rock!

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    I don’t hate Drake in the role, but I believe all roles can be recast. For the role of John, I would have the following actors screen test with Deidre Hall:

    Robert Newman (ex-Josh, GL)
    Michael Nader (ex-Dimitri, AMC)
    Doug Sheehan (ex-Ben, KL)

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    I really don’t feel like sitting through a new John Black lol. How about we all chip in for acting lessons for the man!


    @marknsprmo: I got five on those acting lessons. He needs an acting coach who is like a ballet teacher, who will swat his legs with a stick every time he does something wrong.


    @Soap_Stud: Ha! Now those are some recast. Nader would do well.

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    @David lol! I think however it is gonna take more than a fiver to make this guy act well. But seriously I have invested 25 years in this mug now, I will just take the bad acting over a recast. Although I do wish he would go to the pre gravel voice and serious stare version of his character. Cause I swear he is trying to channel Hanibal Lecter.

    However I could see Bradley Cole in the role if you MUST recast. A close second would be Gordon Thompson.

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    Given John’s recent troubles, it would not come as out of the blue, if he were to commit suicide or simply disappear from Salem for a good long time, leaving a note behind saying that he thinks his family would be better off without him. That’s a nice, high drama moment right there and Deidre Hall would absolutely rock those scenes.

    It’s no secret that I’m no fan of Drake’s, but from what I’ve been reading on other sites, no one else is either. Marlena is and always will be the Queen of Salem. What she needs is a new Prince Charming. Or a new old one if they actually got around to recasting Josh Taylor’s Roman.


    @SoapArmageddon: Yes recast him because all Josh Taylor ever does good is when he says “Sami, you need to listen to this!” Other then that the scowling is just horrible. Get back the original Roman and we got it going on.

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    My motto on bad soap actors is: If they haven’t gotten it together in 10, 20, 30, 40…….years, then they aren’t gonna get it together now. Sadly, some actors either can’t or won’t take the extra effort to try to become better at their craft. Or maybe Drake just THINKS he’s doing a great job and nobody’s ever pulled him to the side to explain to him how mediocre he is?

    Personally, I don’t think that Josh Taylor or Drake Hogestyn are as horrible as you all claim they are and I have never found them to be bad actors, but they both will certainly not be winning any Emmys anytime soon!! So we are in agreement on that. LOL! ;)

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    Drake plays a character who has been retconned since he started, so I cut him some slack and so should y’all. If we wanna critique bad acting on DAYS, let’s talk Kristian Alfonso. That poor thing better be lucky she portrays a legacy character or she would be out of a job. That Nadia chick that played Chloe was the poor man’s KA and you were it got her.

    Honestly, DAYS has a style of acting where you don’t have to be a thespian to thrive on that soap. That’s why Drake Hogestyn, Kristian Alfonso, Peter Reckell, Josh Taylor, Galen Gering, James Scott, Missy Reeves and others are fine right where they are. No, they aren’t the best actors in daytime, but they embody their characters and we can’t imagine anyone else in their place (except for Josh Taylor).

    the thoery of opposites
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    Three points.

    Josh Taylor. I do not think Josh is a terrible actor. He is a limited actor though. The problem I have with Josh is that he just isn’t Roman Brady. He isn’t that little bulldog, intelligent, witty, creative go getter that the character was. Drake wasn’t that either but we cut him some slack because he had amnesia and couldn’t really remember himself. When Wayne Northrop came back, the writers wrote a deminished character for Roman and favored John because they wanted John and Marlena to draw closer. Had the playing ground been fair and Roman had been the same kind of character he was in the 80s, Marlena and Roman would still be together. I loved Josh as Chris Kosichek. He was this laid back ladies man kind of character that was a bit of a player but likable.
    Kristen Alphonso and Peter Reckell. KA is NOT a brilliant actress by any means. And god forbid she ever learn to cry (how can one be a soap opera actress for 25 years and never learn to cry?). Peter never looked the part or sounded the part that they had set up for him. A badboy biker fresh out of the military who is basically Fonzie. He was supposed to be Roman’s pain in the ass. Take off the beard and cut the hair on PR and he looked 10. His voice was also a little weak for the role. I always loved Robert Kelly Kelker in the role, because he looked and sounded and acted the part. I was awfully disapointed when they fired him and replaced him with Peter again. And Peter had gotten very rusty too. It took him a while to get back into the swing of things. Ok having bashed them both, I will say that both of them killed it during the Zack’s death story line AND they have always represented the Hortons well and been a strong supporter of the show for a long time now. I wouldn’t trade them out for anything. Even KA’s inability to cry on camera worked in the Zack story. I am so glad they are revisiting this story because I think it is close to them as both characters and actors. They know what to do with this rather than just having Hope tied up and patiently waiting for Bo to untie her and get the bad guy once again.
    Drake. I am not happy with the current way that he is playing John. The affectations he is using was fine when John lost his memories last time to mark a difference between him and the John of past times. But apparently he has his memories back so couldn’t we drop the deep voice and the weird facial expression? Just go back to being yourself and stop trying to “act”. However like PR and KA Drake and Dee have been around so long and have been such supporters of the show that they deserve to be there.
    When he is just himself though and doesn’t try too hard, he actually is more believable.

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    I’ve never criticized Josh Taylor’s acting abilities because he has demonstrated somewhat of a range in some of his other projects over the years. That said, bringing him on as Roman Brady when he played Chris so memorably before was clearly a mistake and one that could be easily fixed.

    Keeping Marlena tied to John limits the kind of stories she can be featured in and that is where I have a problem. Drake seems like a nice guy but whatever fanbase he had has long since eroded. The ratings have not been increased by bringing back any of these veteran performers. However, Dee Hall can easily recapture her following if she’s not playing alongside an extremely wooden performer.

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    I’m going to go here and probably get fried but SoapArmageddon had made a suggestion and I’ve thought for some time now and when Soap you stated in one of posts that Days needed to do a controversial S\L to pump up the drama…well I think the story of suicide being John under the pressure would an AWESOME umbrella story. Not only could Deidre Hall have the most meaty story she ever had on Days it could actually bring her an Emmy. It could cause a ripple effect of guilt for many, many characters. Sami, for her blow up on John & Marlena causing more strain between mother & daughter. EJ, for putting the plan in motion, Stefano regardless is his half brother, opens the door for Belle & Shawn to come home. Brady, for not being there for his dad, Will blaming Sami for all the trouble in his world, Hope, Victor, and list could go on and on and on. Do a PSA and delve into suicide and broad effects of family. Gay characters and suicide was always the taboo subjects on soaps…soaps finally opened the door on gay characters maybe it’s time on last taboo. This would free up Marlena and not tied down to one S\L. After reading the posts and John isn’t “Maureen Bauer” which…I could be wrong but he isn’t beloved as Ellen Parker..she could act. Just a thought…..

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    ..loving it, harlee490. We definitely think alike! :)


    @harlee490: You get a promotion to Breakdown Writer!

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    In the original post, I said that John could also simply disappear and leave a note behind saying he didn’t want to burden his family. I’ve thought about it some more and I came to the conclusion that there would be nothing controversial or really dramatic about that. JOHN NEEDS TO DIE. Days could spend weeks hyping this story with “Will he or won’t he?” ads.

    I don’t think any daytime show has ever actually shown the act of suicide. (That would probably be too much for the squeamish.) All they have to do is show scenes of a soul-searching John toying with a gun and going over the failure his life has been. I wouldn’t expect much Emmy-worthy acting from Drake, but miracles do happen. Then, as a Friday cliffhanger, there’s the sound of a gunshot. Next Monday, poor broken-hearted Marlena finds John´s lifeless body and the fallout begins. Deidre would look fantastic in black and wearing one of those old-fashioned hats with a veil.:)

    It all sounds pretty gruesome and heartless, but we’re trying to save a forty-six year old daytime tradition here, so it’s all for the greater good. I know my American public and I’m sure people would definitely watch.

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    Exactly they don’t have be morbid but build into the story of depression is the first step and Marlena will see the signs being a doctor begs John to talk to her or someone. That Friday we here a gunshot and they can milk it for a week worth of episodes because nobody can locate John and the following Friday at the end Marlena receives the news complete blackout on screen hearing Marlena screaming…and let the fall out to begin. Besides the grief of Marlena she questions her own abilities as a doctor and the guilt. This could be Deidre’s once in a life time story line, and Days wouldn’t have to give away the plot or spoilers of the suicide but promos about the depression. After all said and done I mean a year from that point we see a Marlena like we never seen Marlena before REVENGE on Stefano…let Stefano be afraid of losing it somewhat for once because of his own guilt…have Stefano’s father literally haunt Stefano’s ass because that was his “love child” with Shawn’s sister. This could be how you could create a new character with connections to Stefano, what if Stefano had a sister. Could you imagine if there was female Dimera…if so I pick Colleen Zink, dark hair & eyes just like Stefano. That’s only one instance and the suicide could create so many stories for many characters. :)

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    John is a Dimera and a pheonix by nature. He is totally indestructable and eternal. I am not sure you could kill him except maybe with a silver bullet. Having been a preist once, that might not even work.
    He died about 5 years ago and that didn’t last that long. He just came back with amnesia again and a new personality. They always talk about Stefano being the pheonix but his brother John has the same chemical makeup.

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    Nadia is one of the best actresses on Daytime…And no she can’t be recasted,…try to recast one of the most beautiful women in the world and such amazing actress…HUGE FAILURE….and I know what I’m talking about..The very little material she got to work with since her return in 2007(HP,PPD,Chloe losing her baby.Tnat’s it.) she killed,rocked it…and on VENICE THE SERIES she’s stealing the show…Nadia is too talented,nad too good for DAYS.Their loss.They should apy ehr what she deserves instead of bringing/keeping worthless characters like Daniel,Melanie,Quinn,Chad,Madison,…

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