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    According to Soap Opera Network, Prospect Park has probably recieved funding back in May of this year for new ventures in New Media. That means our soaps or atleast the new Hulu type website is being partially or fully funded by the government. Which is probably very good news for the soaps. The government unlike regular financiers don’t usually require a pay back. Nor do they necessarily require that proffits are made right away. SO that means that the shows would have time to get on their feet and build an audience in their new digs.
    Anyone who has watched tv shows from other countries such as the UK or Canada, might have noticed their shows have a pretty high standard because of government subsidy. So I look at this as great news. Atleast for the begining. It will take some of the imediate pressure off of Prospect Park to be an imediate sucess. Ya know maybe PBS might be interested in getting into the soap game. They are after all a network that does not depend on making proffit and subsidizes tv shows that are not comericially viable. Maybe we will see Days on PBS next year!

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