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    In support of the American Soap Opera Movement to save the soaps, I am requesting all Soap-Fans Worldwide to join the Facebook Group: Soapfans Around the World. We all enjoy watching no matter where we are, if the protest against ABC/DISNEY fails, we will loose all soaps by the end of 2013. That means the end for us, too. If you have FB or Twitter, JOIN in INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT TO SAVE OUR SOAPS… all who join will help send a message out to the Networks that our Soap-Friends in America are not alone.

    Money is the bottom line everywhere. It cost money to offer a service, we all feel the pinch. OLTL is the only ABC Soap running way under Budget. They bring hammer stories, have fantastic actors, integrate the old with the new and stick to the history of the show. Ratings have shown + for the most part of a year now, they have been consistently holding steady when compared to the other two mismanaged and over-budget sister shows. There is no viable reason for the cancellation except disinterest from the Network. I remain in the belief that if we do get a soap reinstated, it will be OLTL. But that will only bring something honestly, when they start programming with logic. The problem is that they are not airing when the ratings are stable.. that means after the 6.00 News like we do here in Europe. We do half-hour shows and drive revenue through family advertising.. which works better because the shows run just after dinner time.. the time Families relax together.

    I am hoping to get this point across through our group’s discussions. It isn’t about calling advertisers for us, it is about telling the world that Soaps are being watched, that the system of count is redundant and that loyal, tried and true viewers need to be intelligently informed of any dangers of loss that may concur, so that they can adjust viewing habits in support of our shows.

    The trend towards killing the genre affects us world-wide, too. The Europeans do the” what works abroad will work here, too” stuff all the time. We have copycat shows in every branch of televised entertainment, we pick up shows from the states and so– even though what didn’t necessarily work well in the States, we love here. What kind of impact we Internationals will have on the decisions that will be made is a guess that we can not yet make, however; stronger in numbers.. (numbers no one can deny — people pulling together to save something that is very important to them), we will make an impact. If that is all this works toward, then the action is well worth it.

    Also, we are pressuring the Disney execs to fire Frons and Sweeney, who have consistently driven to destroy soaps on ABC for the past 6+ years. They have jerked the Fans, Casts, Crews, on the set and off alike around up to the point when they announced the cancellation and are insulting the viewers with sheer arrogance. The way the viewers are being treated reminds me of Marie Antoinette as she slaughtered the minions and ordered that they eat cake. This is just a general disrespect to those who have been bringing the bread and butter to the Networks for generations. We do not intend to break records here but we can do a lot in solidarity for our friends abroad and essentially for ourselves in near future also.

    Soapfans Around the World:

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