Forums Days of Our Lives Is Daniel really Maggie’s son?
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    So, I can’t help but hope it will turn out that Daniel isn’t really Maggie’s son. I just don’t see how it serves any real purpose storyline wise, as it will not change the relationships between anybody in a significant way. Given how very quickly this all was revealed, and considering Victor’s mysterious business, I find myself wondering if this isn’t in fact the red herring I hope it to be. Perhaps Victor knows the identity of Maggie’s real child, but has manipulated things so it will appear Daniel is the child instead? I don’t really see why they need to create this new child, given Maggie’s existing, off-screen, blank-slate, daughter, but if they must create a new child for Maggie, I just hate to see it be Daniel, because the story in that doesn’t seem worthwhile.

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    Agree, boring and no drama

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