Forums The Young and the Restless Is it me or has the background music on Y&R gotten better?
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    I know, I know, Y&R is in the toilet right now but at least the dramatic background music is on fire!!!! It makes the scenes so much more tolerable. Victor’s theme played when he kicked Adam’s corpse out of the plane as Nikki watched in horror and I was tickled pink by the creepy music played when Adam was gaslighting Ashley. Also, the music during Victoria’s arrest was awesome too! You see, there are still some good things on this soap. 

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    Background music has always been good in my opinion.

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    Not so much in the LML era. Y&R bored me to tears back then and focused heavily on Gloworm who I despise. I just want to give credit where it is due–the drama, no matter how stupid, has been on in Genoa City musically!

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    I thnk its been good for quite awhile
    what I’ve noticed is the music seems to fit the scene so they are plugging in the right music at the write time. 

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