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    Over at SON there is article that SOD is reporting MM was spotted at CBS studio…Michael Logan tweaked “not a chance”.

    I for one DO NOT want him back!! After what had happened and the alleging accusations involving a young woman…what will they do fire Hunter King?…if true this is horrible example to set for young woman…YR has had multiple rapist stories men\women, a sperm theft, characters breaking laws right & left is to much for me. I want some realism in story, it’s a soap I know and some characters can\could get away with things but YR has no moral code on the show. Soaps anymore writes characters in the corner but pays nothing for their deeds and wonder why viewers turn against their vets…soaps never did this type of writing unless fired, departing or recasting down the road and it wasn’t sudden recast. Characters paid for their deeds! :O :|

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    there’s also rumblings that cameron matheson read for the part.. that would be an awful casting choice. he was annoying in everything he did on screen.

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