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    I got my email last night and probably others did as well, WLS just put online about the collection of GL. I read on another board GL DVD is selling better then ATWT in beginning and they already have put on another DVD collection on Reva Shayne. P&G has be smiling all the way to the bank and realizing the LOVE out there for their soaps! :love: Here is some snippets about the what WLS’s article:

    Snippet #1
    “The second episode (July 31, 1984) is the show that followed “The Slut of Springfield” episode from the first DVD collection. Reva is still at the fountain with Josh Lewis (Robert Newman) in one of the greatest confrontations in soap history. But after she agrees to shed her last bit of dignity, H.B. (the late Larry Gates) steps in and rescues her. The “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”-inspired summer storyline was one for the ages.” I remember this episode and this is just as good as the episode prior of being baptized “The Slut of Springfield”…Reva Shayne ain’t no Sharon Newman! :O It has the very first episode that Reva showed up in Springfield in ’83.

    Snippet #2
    “Kim Zimmer and the cast of GUIDING LIGHT shine bright on this new DVD, especially Robert Newman. But there are other fine performances as well by Beverlee McKinsey, Christopher Bernau, Vincent Irizzary, Grant Aleksander, Jordan Clarke, Maeve Kinkead, Judi Evans and so many others from the show’s final three decades. Robert Newman is such a strong actor that should had won at least one Emmy during his time on GL which is damn shame.

    Snippet #3

    And while you’re there, check out aFREE ONLINE EPISODE from February 1984. Alexandra Spaulding (Beverlee McKinsey) is watching the citizens of Springfield as she prepares to be introduced at a masquerade ball in her honor. Elsewhere, Annabelle is worried about Tony, a newly engaged Phillip is unhappy to see Lujack dancing with his fiancee, Beth, and Reva is busy trying to get Billy and Vanessa to reunite, which means teaming up with Vanessa against Lucy! It’s hilarious. This episode I remember was so funny and it was the 1st time Billy & Vanessa and don’t underestimate those Lewis women, Trish always a good, upstanding woman but she was still a Lewis! The introduction of THE BARONESS ALEXANDRA SPAULDING by our beloved Beverlee McKinsy :((

    You know Beverlee will be coming too just my gut feeling :)

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