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    Here we go gang GL’s classic dvd is set to be release in mid-Jan. as promised. They haven’t release yet to spoil the fun by gave us a sneak peak. Next online episodes are coming for soap lovers to watch.

    * Quint and Nola’s wedding. How could Nola’s entire family leave her at home with no ride to the church on her wedding day? Never fear, the ingenious Nola found a ride thanks to the Springfield Fire Department. And the Four Musketeers had just finished their prom and were gearing up for a hot summer. Lighters we remember this was IMHO probably the best wedding GL had ever done because P&G spent some big bucks on production of this wedding because there was only one “Nola”.

    * Roger Thorpe’s “death” in Santo Domingo. As Bert Bauer prays to God to keep her sons, Ed and Mike, safe from harm, Roger is facing his last hours on earth. Or so we would think at the time. Alan and Hope were a month from their wedding day. Any episode with Charita Bauer, Barbara Berjer, Maureen Garrett, Christopher Bernau, Michael Zaslow, Don Stewart and Mart Hulswit is heaven to me. P&G spent another big budget production on location how can you not have something so classic with Roger\Holly\Ed triangle that been going on at that point for years with all those top notch performers involving in one storyline. Here we go…I will be first in line for my GL.

    And remember, 2012 will be “The Year of the Soap.”

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