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    If and when they decide to send Jack Manning to General Hospital, to be with his parents and sister, I could totally see him being paired with Molly Lansing for these reasons, Molly is the only female character who’s in Jack’s age range also she’s a very likable character, who I can see helping Jack to forgive his father for supposedly killing Victor Jr. and she can also bring out another side to him while Jack can introduce another side to Molly we haven’t seen before. Also from looking at pictures I think (I know several of you don’t like him but I DO) Andrew Trischitta and Haley Pullos look really cute together and the other reason is Molly is a Cassadine Princess and Jack is the Lord/Manning heir, so we almost have a Princess meets a Prince love story. And she’s the only likable FEMALE character I can accept for Jack, especially after that disaster of attempting a pairing with Neela Patel (who I call she-must-not-be-name) or not deciding to make Jack a closeted self-homophobic teenager and that being the catalyst to him bullying Shane, or deciding to GO THERE with Jack and Shane.

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