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    Jamey! My friend you are slacking where is are Rant, Ratings and Reviews? That is my favorite to read. DOOL has been rebounding nicely the last 2 weeks especially this past week. They didn’t TIE GH but beat’em in ratings, so GH is dead last. PLEASSSSSE do another one soon. You and Jillian or Luke should do a pod cast with Rants too and have special guests each week, Michael Logan, Roger from WLS, Larry, etc. even some of DC’s long time posters would be quite entertaining and I would love to hear it in podcast. You could also include the ABC Family soaps, web soaps, upcoming story lines …just a thought my friend. I look for the Rants every week…IMHO. I’m addicted to you guys and the podcast! Even if it is twice a month. ;)


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    I second.

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    Yes…that column is always like a cup of egg nog…just delicious.

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