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    Word on the street according to Joe Mascolo is that he hates his current murder mystery plot on days. This is in a SOD interview. Here is an excerpt from that piece:

    “Every single thing that went wrong in Salem was Stefano’s fault. Every single thing. He got blamed for everything. When Stefano got blamed for this business with Lexie illness, I got very angry. Stefano and his daughter had an absolutely pure relationship. I adore Renee Jones (Lexie). When she came to my dressing room and said, “I’m going to be leaving soon, and this is what is going to happen,” I said, “Oh, no!”

    And when it came to his relationship with EJ he had this to say:

    “It was very difficult. The bottom line Stefano is will always be about family. So when they wrote that, I couldn’t figure it out. In all honesty, Stefano nor EJ would have had wanted it that way. As a matter of fact when James Scott (EJ) saw the business that Elvis wasn’t Stefano’s son, we both went, “No, that’s wrong.” We didn’t want it that way.”

    As for the ending Sake:

    “Stefano and Kate were solid, and in love, and I thought breaking them up was such a bad move.”

    But don’t worry about him being dead. He’ll be back.

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