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    I noticed an error, Carrie mentioned on the Friday episode that it was common knowledge that Zack was thought to be the child of John and Hope. This isn’t true, I’ve been watching for a long time and it was my understanding that everyone thought JT (Glen and Barb) was the son of Hope and John. Zack had been adopted by Lexie and Abe. By the time Bo and Hope got Zack back, they knew already that John wasn’t the father. Is this correct or am I remembering wrong?

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    You have that correct gatesbear but trying to make this a credible storyline, I think they are just trying to keep it simple (lol that is what they should do with the whole story but I have the feeling that isn’t gonna be what happens!) Poor Zack and Poor JT.

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    You are correct. At the time, John was believed to be JT’s father. Then thats when the whole JT/Zack storyline got crazy.

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