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    With the recent firing of UBERmoron, Dena Higley, who many argue has turned DAYS into a boring, uninspiring MESS, and the announcement of new writers taking helm at DAYS, it appears that this soap opera is about to become upwardly mobile. Can it return to the glory days that it enjoyed in the 80s and 90s? Of course, time will tell. Ken Corday discusses the show’s future in a new “Soap Opera Digest” interview. Judge for yourselves.

    SOD: What prompted you to make [the writing] change?

    KC: Everyone points fingers at the head writer – especially in this case – because DAYS seems to have been off track for a while, I would say. But I’m the one who has to raise my hand and say, “Full responsibility.” I’m the boss, I’m the one who hires the head writer and producers. So I decided to make a change, to employ two new head writers to “reset” the show. Most importantly, I couldn’t turn a deaf ear to what a plethora of our viewers were saying in email, on the blogs and websites, and what I was seeing in the ratings. That said, the change was not arbitrary. I had thought about this for a long time. Dena and I go way back. I am not going to say anything bad about her. She did some amazing things on the show. I was always her staunchest ally, but when I came to this decision, it had to be done pretty swiftly, so it was done swiftly.

    SOD: When will we start seeing the reset on screen?

    KC: Unfortunately, because we’re so far ahead, these changes won’t air until mid-August. But the reason I did it now is because we’re approaching a time in September when we have a lot of things potentially to work in our favor. First of all, traditionally, viewership goes up in September when life gets back to normal and kids go back to school. Second, AMC is going off the air in September and there’s an additional audience to be garnered from those who still want to watch a soap.

    SOD: Why these two writers?

    KC: They’re the right writers to make these changes. MMP and DRT both know the show; Darrell interned on the show way back when and Marlene wrote for [former Head Writer] Gene Palumbo and JER, and then they both went and co-head wrote Passions for Jim. These writers know the history of the show and we seemed to be very much in sync about what the show needed and what the show didn’t have and what the show had too much of that needed to be cut out, including characters.

    SOD: Should viewers be concerned the show will be more PASSIONS-like?

    KC: No. They were writing Jim’s show, they weren’t writing their show. I almost hate to use this expression, but we’re going back to the “golden days” of DAYS OF OUR LIVES and at the same time, moving forward. It’s not going to be a lot of retro, “Oh, remember this,” “flashback that.” It’s going to be very forward moving and very fast moving. That’s why the reset will take place in a short amount of time – four weeks.

    SOD: How did the cancellations of AMC and OLTL affect your decision?

    KC: Well, as of January, there will be four soaps left on the air. A lot of eyes will be watching to see if they’re able to survive. Will GH get another year? Is ABC going to get away from all of their soaps? Knowing those viewers on ABC will have a loss of two hours of soap, I said to the staff, “Here’s your chance to pick up some viewers who haven’t watched the show, but we need to give them something to watch.” We need to make it a more positive, romantic, intriguing show, driven by the power of heroic love as opposed to the power of revenge, drug addiction and prostitution. It needed to be pulled out of the darkness and into the light. I would have done it sooner, but we’ve taped into mid-August and those were the first shows the new writers were able to address and start rewriting. The viewers will see, between mid-August and mid-September, a major reset in the characters on the show, who’s getting the airtime, who isn’t. Who’s coming, who’s going.

    SOD: Who would you like to see get more airtime?

    KC: I would like to see Bo and Hope get more story. I would like to see the Hortons and the Bradys have more story and pull back from an obvious imbalance of the bad guys getting their way and the good guys not. In the last year or so, except for Maggie, Jennifer and Hope, there really hasn’t been a strong Horton presence or Brady presence. I want to see more story for Jennifer. She’s in a good story with Daniel now, but a happy couple can be boring, so there needs to be a third party in that story. I feel that there have been a lot of characters on the show – new faces – who have been getting an inordinate amount of airtime, and the characters who the fans are familiar with and probably tune in to see more than any others have not been getting enough airtime. Its been disproportionate. So that is the first thing that has to be fixed. The fact that Roman did 9 shows in the period of about 4 months is wrong. The fact that Abe and Lexie don’t have any story is somewhat embarrassing. Those are the tips of the iceberg. You will see, in the course of a month, in the neighborhood of six characters leaving Salem and five or six characters return or come to Salem, leading to a huge September.

    SOD: Can you be more specific?

    KC: It’s too soon, but you will see the return of very popular characters from the past. I can’t say more than that. It’s the exit of quite a few characters who haven’t panned out, for lack of a better term.

    SOD: What other problems did you see on the show?

    KC: There’s also an absence of romance. Who are we rooting for? Clear rooting interests need to be redefined. To do that, you need to recenter the show on characters who have been extremely popular for a long time.

    SOD: Were any stories changed? Will you still tell the gay story with Will?

    KC: We didn’t have to re-shoot anything, but we had to re-write three weeks of shows yet to air and chart a new course. We are telling a story dealing with the first gay character on the show and that had to have another look and the take on that had to be changed. It will be written much more slowly and carefully. It’s a story about one of our characters coming to grips with who he is.

    SOD: Are you excited by what you’ve seen from MMP and DRT so far?

    KC: I’m thrilled. I’m more excited by what I know is coming in story and who will be there to deliver that story. The fans will be thrilled too. The formula we’re going to go back to had worked in the past. The formula that we’re currently using is not working. When the show drops in ratings from a 1.3 to a .9 or 1.0, you lose 30 or so percent of your audience in the course of 3 or 4 weeks, the audience is telling you something and I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I’m hoping we’re able to improve in ratings to a place where we were a year ago or a year and a half ago, as opposed to turning up our hands and saying, “All of daytime is going off the air.” It’s just not in my mindset.

    SOD: Do you think you can get viewers back?

    KC: I would certainly hope so, especially with the promo push we’ll be doing to let viewers and lapsed viewers know that they have to come back and take a look at the show. It won’t be the show that has been airing for the last year or so. Totally, very different. So if you watch it in August and turn it on again in mid-September, you’re going to see a very different DAYS OF OUR LIVES, much to the better.

    SOD: Are you hopeful about the future of Days?

    KC: Yes, much more so now than I’ve been in awhile. The show had to be much more competitive. It had to come of age visually, as well as in story. We’ll be opening up the look off the show, as well. This is not a time where I’m going to be penny wise and pound foolish. I’m going to throw everything but the kitchen sink on screen, but it’s not going to be spread among 30 cast members. It’s going to be centered on 15, and 15 who are loved and are dear to the audience.

    SOD: What do you say to the fans who have stuck by you?

    KC: I say, first of all, thank you, thank you, thank you. Hang with us through the summer, please, and wait to see what happens in September. Exciting, good time are coming. Stories about adventure, intrigue and romance. I want them to know that as the custodian of the show that my mother and father started 45 years ago, I have a responsibility to the viewers, first and foremost. And I listen to what they say and I will be the first to raise my hand and say, “My fault, I let this go too long.” But it will be fixed very quickly.

    Edit: I was just looking at the article again in SOD, and I see that there was a quote I missed next to a picture. The picture is of James Scott, and there is a quote that wasn’t included in the article. “He is one of the leading men on the show and he is the leading villain on the show,” notes Corday of James Scott’s EJ. (The other pictures all have quotes or statements that are mentioned in the article.)

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    When he says “characters that haven’t panned out” (which I didn’t notice before) my mind immediately goes to the characters of Taylor, Quinn, Gabi, and of course Vivian and Carly. Maybe the sixth one is Abby? I don’t care either way if she leaves, but I’m not sure who the sixth one would be. I was hoping for Chloe, but I’m betting they’ll keep the most annoying character on the show because they think she’s the greatest thing since sliced white bread. |(

    Oh yeah. I forgot to mention Dario. I don’t see him staying.

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    I hate to admit it, for fear of being STONED, but I kinda like Molly Burnett and hope they keep her on the canvas–in a SUPPORTING capacity, of course. She is an acquired taste. I used to cringe at the very sight of her JOKER-like smile, but I think she’s developed into a pretty good younger actress. I’m surprised she didn’t get an Emmy nod for Best Younger Actress.

    Okay, folks…….you can fling tomatoes at me now!!! ;) ;)

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    I’m aiming my first shot at your CROTCH, alstonboy!!! ;)

    Abby should be recast–this new girl just isn’t right. With Jennifer and Jack on the show, it makes sense for their young-adult daughter to be part of the cast, but this new actress is just poor. They need to cut their losses and recast.

    Would they really fire Tamara Braun? They just brought her on to fix what I guess they thought was a problem with Natalia Livingston’s portrayal. Neither actress is right for the role so maybe they should just write her out.

    I would like to see Gabi out—what purpose will she serve if Will’s hooking up with Sonny? I suppose we could get an Abby/Chad/Gabi triangle but I hope not.

    Dario NEEDS to go. Melanie NEEDS to go. Quinn NEEDS to go, especially with Vivian out. Rafe NEEDS to go (unfortunately I don’t think they will get rid of him). Daniel NEEDS to go but it sounds like Corday wants a Jack/Jenn/Daniel triangle (which will only be interesting if Daniel turns out to be a brainwashed, plastic surgery-ed Peter Blake).

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    I knew you were going to crucify me for saying that. ;) ;) Just had to be honest, though!! I know you aren’t a fan of Ms. Burnett.

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    Molly Burnett wouldn’t be *so* bad if they had cast her in a better role….like Maggie’s daughter, Sarah Horton! Maggie and Melanie interact all the time—it would have made so much more sense to have Molly as her daughter! Likewise, Daniel should’ve been a recast Mike Horton. People are always complaining that this show lacks Hortons, and here are two roles that really should have been Hortons! Blame Higley!

    P.S. I thought Molly was cute during her brief appearance on True Blood in Season 2. I don’t hate her, I just think she’s completely expendable.

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    I appreciate that Ken Corday is making an effort to save his show. Changing writers (writers who are familiar with JER’s very successful DOOL 90s model of storytelling) and bringing back fan faves Marlena, John, and Jack are steps in the right direction. Days’ first focus should be on bringing back lapsed Days fans and making Days fans in general happy. THEN they should focus on pulling in AMC/OLTL/GL/ATWT fans.

    There is no such thing as a “new viewer” when it comes to soaps. Teens are simply not watching soaps in the summer like they once did. With apps, reality tv, and social media, who’s going to sit down in the middle of the day and watch soaps? Only the long-time fans! Soaps need to woo in lapsed viewers and viewers who watched other soaps that have been cancelled. Ultimately this isn’t sustainable but that’s what soaps need to do at the moment. Maybe all soaps should be available for download on iTunes—maybe people who wouldn’t normally watch soaps in the day would watch them on their iPad. DVR viewers need to be considered (even though the majority FF through commercials). Reaching out to viewers in innovative ways will help bring in new viewers. If Days were as addictive as sexy teen soap Pretty Little Liars and could be watched online or on your own personal hand-held device, perhaps there would be younger fans who could sustain the show for future years.

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    Ugghhh…Molly Burnett needs to go! asap. Talk about shitty acting. Its not shitty like AH (boring, coma like), but her acting is just simply awkward. She just gives really weird facial expressions and delivers her dialogue in the most strange manner, and she does it without the charm of John-Paul Lavoisier (another odd actor). I’d rather keep trampy, campy Chloe Lane, than wannabe Pippi Longstocking, Jr. And what is with Days trying to make every unlikable character popular by tying them to some legacy character. That doe not always work.

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    Count me on the Melanie support team. I hated her in the beginning but I have really grown to enjoy her. I hope she stays around. I also want Daniel to stay. A triangle with him, Jennifer, and Jack would be interesting for me to watch. I definitely think that Quinn and Dario are not long for this show. Gabi might be on the outs too. If they decide to go ahead with the Will being gay story, it would totally make sense to bring Lucas back to the show. I wouldn’t mind Austin coming back either as long it is Patrick Muldoon playing the role. Kate definitely needs at least one kid on the show.

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    I agree with you Alistair. I find Molly less annoying then I did at the very beginning and I kind of like her now, but I want her off the show because she isn’t a Horton, Brady etc. Likewise with Daniel.

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    There are gonna be 15 cast members on this show is the way I read this.
    Obviously Sami will be one, Will, Stephano, EJ, Maggie, Roman, Kate, Jack,
    Jen, Chad, if Marlena and John stay, Lexie and Abe that is 15 on contract. We also know that 4 more people are being added from the past. So if Marlena and John stay, that means someone on this list will have to go.
    I am assuming the new Kiriakis boy Sonny will be contract not sure about Adrianne and Justin. What about Brady? It seems a shame to see him go. Will they get rid of Rafe? I am doubting that as well. He is topping some popularity charts. So IF Ken is saying 15 not 30, we are losing alot of characters. More than 6. I am not sure that 15 people can do a one hour show anyway. I think Stephano, and Kate will have to be taken off contract and probably Maggie as well and have them reoccuring status like they do Victor.

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    He is focusing the show on 15 characters—that doesn’t mean there are going to be only 15 contract castmembers. Caroline, Roman and Abe will probably remain on contract but wouldn’t be considered part of the 15 core characters, for example.

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    I agree with Alistair. I don’t understand if they want to save money, why not put people like Stefano, Caroline, and Roman on recurring? I love Caroline and Stefano especially, but I don’t see any storyline for Caroline and Stefano could be on just as much as Victor. No offense to them, but Joe Mascolo and Peggy McKay are at 80 years old or almost 80, so wouldn’t they want to work less? Stefano seems to serve the same role as Victor anyway, which is randomly making blowhard statements and giving advice to people whether they want it or not! :D

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    I disagree about Stefano because with John and Marlena coming back, I expect he’s going to get a big storyline with them coming up. Personally, I want Stefano to lock his “Queen of the Night” away, forcing John to recall his mercenary training in order to save her!

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    Alistair: I think that the mercenary stuff is where we disagree. I have no desire to see the show go back to that fantasy bullcrap. I loved the demonic possession story, especially when Satan left Marlena’s body, but I have no desire to see more of the brainchip thing. It would have been better to have brainwashed John and Hope in a more realistic way, such as hypnotism and stuff like that. I would have been in love with the storyline then. Didn’t Helena on GH do that with Lucky? I can’t remember the exact story, but it seems like I remember that.
    Anyway, I’m hoping that they do restart DOOL with a lot more adventurism and intrigue, not this issue of the week bullsh*t. I’m excited about Marlena and John’s return, though. I know that for sure! :)

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    John doesn’t have a microchip in his brain anymore—that was invented by Tom Langan*. Actually, when John first came on to the show, he had been brainwashed in the traditional sense. Patch even knew a trigger word, “pagoda”, that put him in sleeper mode.

    I do want Days to return to some sci-fi escapades with John, Marlena, and Stefano. When done right, it’s *really* good. I loved the drama of Stefano showing John a kidnapped Marlena through the VR goggles. It was heartwrenching as a viewer to see John see his beloved Marlena being held captive and unable to do anything about it. That being said, I don’t think you need to worry about them going overboard in that department.

    I want John to recover his FULL memories. I want him to remember *everything* that happened to him in his past and come to grips with it. With Marlena’s help, he can become a “whole” man by putting these pieces of his identity together. I’d also like them to explore Marlena’s missing years on Stefano’s island. A smart writer would connect it to the Marlena clones Stefano sent around the world around 1995.

    *EDIT: Actually, it was Sally Sussman-Morina who went crazy with the microchips: one in John, one in Hope, one in Vivian’s tooth! Since the new writers worked under Reilly, I am thinking of all the sci-fi elements in his John/Marlena stories and the only occasion is the use of the VR goggles in 1996. He mostly wrote gothic storylines for them. I imagine the new writers will follow suit especially since Marlene Poulter helped write those classic tales.

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    All your ideas sound great, Alistair. I keep forgetting that Tom Langan and Sally Sussman Morina created that god-awful brainchip thing (or rather Langan carried it further). Lord, that storyline was horrible. I didn’t like that or the Garden of Eden thing. I can’t believe the crap that Tom Langan created. That was the worst the years of Days, period, although I did like crazy Lexie. The only other sci-fi-ish storyline I couldn’t stand from Days is the Gemini-Twins thing, which was created by Dena Higley, wasn’t it? She and Tom Langan were made for each other. Two of the worst soap headwriters on Earth.
    Anyway, I love the idea of exploring more of John’s past and maybe Marlena’s.

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    The Gemini Twins was actually written by Peter Brash and Paula Cwikly–they replaced Langan and were subsequently replaced by Dena Higley. I could not STAND Tom Langan—he actually drove me away from Days in August 2001, and I didn’t come back full time til JER came back in August 2003. People like to hate on JER, but it’s Tom Langan who really wrote some of the show’s craziest, most outlandish plots (like Garden of Eden). But even worse was the way he trashed certain characters to prop others (like creating a fake history where Marlena was mean to Brady growing up because she was jealous of Isabella…ugh).

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    I think I remember that Tom Langan more than likely set up that Gemini Twin storyline, considering Brash and Cwikly started the month that the twins came along. They did carry it on further though, which annoyed me to no end. I did like the reading of Stefano’s will after Tony came back, though. It was very mysterious and interesting. Nothing much came of it though. I think the show was more screwed up then than it is now. I feel like this time they are fixing it the right way.

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    Actually, Brash and Cwikly started in April 2002 and the Twins story started in July 2002 (remember when their “comet” crashed into Billie’s car?!). I remember because I was super-excited that Tom Langan was OUT and the new writers were in. In April they broke up Sami and Austin at their Vegas wedding and sent him out of town, and then they sent Greta packing a few weeks later. Then they revealed that Zack was Bo’s son and not John’s. “Tony” came back at the end of June and the Twins thing began a couple of weeks later.

    Stefano’s will reading was good but those writers should have followed it up immediately rather than waiting, because then they got replaced and everything was dropped. Remember Celeste got those paper dolls and it had something to do with Belle and Brady’s childhood nanny Caprice?

    Brash and Cwikly were a step up from Tom Langan and even Sally Sussman-Morina (and definitely better than Dena Higley), but they weren’t great. They botched Lisa Rinna’s return. I don’t know why writers kept going back to Hope/Bo/Billie—I thought that triangle was resolved nicely at the end of ’98 when the truth about Billie blaming Hope for Georgia’s “death” came out.

    The only out-there thing I liked from Tom Langan was the Coronation Massacre. I have never witnessed a scene on daytime THAT violent (maybe there are lots of mob shoot-outs on GH but I don’t watch that show). It was certainly dramatic. There was even a “viewer discretion advised” warning before that episode aired!


    Days gets into this terrible habit where they want to replay the same storylines over and over again. I’m sorry at some point you have to move forward and repeating things from the past in hopes the audience will like it is just not it.

    The endless stories of gloved hands and those awful Gemini twins were just terrible.

    Also at this point cut the sci-fi mess. Is Days a soap opera or a homage to the sci-fi channel?

    If days got back to the type of traditional story telling that got fans hooked on daytime in the first place it would be more respected in the industry instead of the red-headed step child.

    And I like most fans and that’s a fact didn’t tune in to see the teenie-boppers. We tuned in to see the mature and the old people. They have more history and make for better onscreen drama and i’m not even old yet.

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    What SOME PEOPLE fail to understand is that a LARGE portion of the Days audience ENJOYS Days’ out-there, sci-fi/supernatural storylines! I myself am one of those fans, and “traditional” storytelling bores the hell out of me—that is why Days has blown since JER left in ’06 and I haven’t been watching. There is a SPLIT in the Days audience between those who like Days’ wild stories and those who like traditional stories. Days needs to appeal to BOTH fanbases and strike a balance between traditional stories and non-traditional (“sci fi” if that’s what you want to call it) if it wants to survive. For the past few years, Days has alienated part of its fanbase, and that’s a no-no if you want to bring in ratings and keep your show on the air.

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    Days is not PASSIONS! And so the fans who have been around a long time do not want to see a show that is based on the sci-fi big events but want to see the character driven storylines with the characters they know and love. It was one thing to have a Salem Stalker storyline, but then make them all alive on some island with a cockamamie storyline took the ratings into the tank. And trying to repeat the same storylines on two soaps was not in itself good.

    Traditional story telling made Y&R#1 and has kept it there for longer than any soap opera and given the fact that writers like Agnes who has had the most impact of anyone in daytime history and Bill Bell who holds the second place title in that area for giving us what? Traditional story telling shows that at the end of the day it is not about aliens, chips, or serial killers, but about the characters people have come to know and love for decades and their emotional entanglements.

    Now if you want to write a soap for teens go ahead and write some Power Rangers mess. But the survival of Days is not about the next chip or who comes from a world or what the cards say. But if it can entertain the viewers with the characters they love with and I repeat character driven storyline.

    As for the series being divided. It’s less divided now then it was in the 90’s. Blogger and soap journalist after journalist keeps repeating what I am saying and most fans are responding the same way.

    So if you want to save soaps then you cut the sci-fi crap and get back to what drew the MAJORITY OF FANS into soaps in the first place. And it wasn’t sci-fi. And you can’t deny that fact!

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    JER turned Days into such a hit with his storylines that NBC gave him HIS OWN SHOW!!!! The popularity of stories like Buried Alive, the Possession, Aremid, Kristen/Susan—-THESE STORIES raised Days’ ratings, bringing Days to the point of almost overtaking the #1 soap, Y&R, in the summer of 1997. You can’t deny THAT fact!

    You are the a*****e who keeps bringing Passions into the picture, David. You are the one who can’t accept anything BUT “traditional” stories, you close-minded bigot. It’s at the point where you’re denying the critical and ratings success Days experienced through NON-TRADITIONAL stories. I am not the only one who enjoys Days’ whacky, far-out stories. I alone could not sustain the show’s ratings. When Days stopped doing those kinds of things, people stopped watching. As John Black would say, that’s a fact.


    I found this to be interesting about Lorraine Broderick’s stint at Days:

    “…she was hired by Days of our Lives Executive Producer Ken Corday to helm his show’s writing team. However, she was there for less than a month before she left over disagreements with Co-Executive Producer Tom Langan (who would assume the writing duties himself). Reportedly, Langan wanted to rapidly age the next generation of teens and immediately place them in front-burner storylines, while Broderick wanted to phase them in gradually; Broderick’s character-driven storytelling style was also reportedly not favored by Langan, who preferred more outlandish plotting.”

    But by contrast the success of her writing can be noted here:

    “She joined All My Children as scriptwriter and breakdown writer in 1979, under the guidance of then-head writer Agnes Nixon. In 1982, Broderick would promote to an Associate Head Writer alongside fellow Nixon protégée Wisner Washam, who himself would be promoted to Head Writer the following year. In 1986, Broderick was appointed Co-Head Writer, sharing duties with Washam, who would exit the show himself in 1987 – leaving Broderick as the sole head writer. Broderick won her first Outstanding Writing Team Daytime Emmy award as head writer alongside Washam in 1988. However, a network mandate for creative changes had Broderick demoted back to Associate Head Writer, when Margaret DePriest was appointed head writer of All My Children in early 1989. But DePriest would not last long in the position, as Agnes Nixon would resume head writing duties by the end of that year – once again with Broderick and a returned Wisner Washam as her Associate Head Writers.

    After 12 years with All My Children’s writing team, Broderick left in 1991 to become the co-head writer of Guiding Light. While Broderick wrote for Guiding Light, the show received much critical acclaim, and the early 1990s are widely considered to have been a golden era for the show.[citation needed] In the spring of 1995, when Megan McTavish was fired from her writing post at All My Children, Broderick left her post as Associate Head Writer of Another World to once again become AMC’s head writer. Broderick went on to win three consecutive Daytime Emmy awards for Outstanding Writing Team from her work as head writer of the show, bringing her total to four Emmy honors as a daytime head writer. She left All My Children for the second time in December 1997 when ABC Daytime decided to bring back McTavish. In early 1998, Broderick was hired at CBS Daytime’s As the World Turns where her most notable story was the resurrection of evil David Stenbeck and the switch of Lily Snyder’s baby with another baby.”

    Point proven!
    And people didn’t stop watching because of the sci-stories. They stopped watching because they had come in just to see one storyline and from that point on you had to try and top yourself to even keep them viewing. Those viewers were not the long term fans who had come to know and love the show. They were mostly people whom watching the “it thing of the moment.” Very few of them remained as fans for the long term and Days was still telling outrageous plots.

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    Tom Langan also decimated the character of Kate. I was fine with the “fling” with Nikki Alamain, and I was even okay with her shacking up with mobster Vincent Maroni, but he lost me when Kate started plotting Victor’s demise. When she knocked him out the with firepoker and set the mansion on fire*, that was just beyond awful. Kate would NEVER try to murder Victor. So out of character, so wrong. And to top it off, then Kate ended up SLUMMING IT in a diner with Hattie and Fay!

    JER ignored this part of Kate and Victor’s history and wrote them as friends again, and subsequent writers have kept with this characterization, thank the lord.

    *P.S. I love the original Kiriakis mansion. So much good sh!t went down there, like the audience learning Kate was a hooker (and Victor finding out and having a second stroke), or Lucas shooting Franco, or Kate getting Jamie Caldwell to reveal that Sami drugged and raped Austin, or Sami crashing Carrie and Austin’s wedding reception and getting the tar smacked out of her by Marlena. The new mansion has never looked as good or given off the same vibe as the original.

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    Days used to be my #1 soap but over the years they have tried too many weird storylines. I gave up AMC back in the and 80’s to watch Days and I have been watching off and on ever since. I lasped in my viewing for a while during the 2000’s because the stories were just not coming together properly. So if they can get back to the Days that I grew to love back then it would be wonderful.Remember when Bo thought Roman died in that fall off the cliff my heart broke for him. How about when John Black was introduced as possibly new Roman Brady. And what about the comedy that they used to do so well like when Larry Welch thought he was marrying Hope only to remove the viel to pucker up for a smooch with a cigar smoking Howie.(I think that was his name) And any number of escapades with Eugene and Calliope. The romance between Bo/Hope, Roman/Marlena, Anna/Tony, Shane/Kimberly, Patch/Kayla it was really great back then if it can get back to that type of story telling it would be wonderful I can’t waite to see the changes. If you watch any soap on television right now that is what’s missing the romance and intrigue that is what made soaps so popular in the 80’s and part of the 90’s. The remaining shows should all go back to the formulas that made them so popular in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with having gansters on a show but please bring back the Romance, intrigue, and adventure.

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    Days was my favourite soap from 1993-97 but it’s been downhill since then.

    I don’t think the show needs more romance, though. No one wants to watch a live-action version of a romance novel—save that crap for Lifetime.

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    P.S. Kristen/Susan fans, Eileen Davidson posted on Facebook that she signed a new contract with Y&R, so sadly we won’t get our wish of seeing her back onscreen. :-( I guess she doesn’t mind the bullsh!t Y&R writes for her or the way they’ve totally trashed Ashley and made her into a wretched, pathetic weakling.

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    Well, I am kinda enjoying Ashley’s current storyline on Y&R, especially her being pitted against Katherine Chancellor. I do wish they’d give Ashley a DOUBLE DOSE of bitch, though. (Kristen Dimera style ;) ) And I see them FURTHER decimating Ashley in the upcoming months, just as they’re decimating Katherine, Sharon, SyPhyllis and Jill.

    Still, a part of me did want to see her return to DAYS and share scenes again with Drake, Deidre and Joe Mascolo, also maybe talk some sense into her hot mess of a son, EJ, as Susan? Or even as Kristen?

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    Ashley has been a sniveling, whiny, disempowered VICTIM, a shell of her former self since Adam terrorized her—I have disliked her ever since. I think Y&R hates women just as much as GH does—they are all so damn pathetic! Y&R doesn’t have ONE strong female character unless you count the vile Katherine Chancellor (who was so much better even just 3 short years ago).

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    I couldn’t agree more. It makes me miss my Drucilla even more. But I don’t even think I’d WANT Drucilla back right now with Y&R’s inability to write decent or balanced stories. It would be a TOTAL waste of VR’s enormous talents. They’d probably just have her rotating places with Neil and Falcolm rubbing her POINTLESS daughter’s shoulders.

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    Have you noticed that recurring women like Nina, Olivia and Traci seem to be immune to character assassination, whereas contract women like Ashley, Jill, Sharon, Phyllis, and Diane are constantly gutted? (Lauren is an anomaly because she’s recurring but written like a contract player and therefore out of character [Lauren was never as frightened of Sheila as she is of the insipid Daisy!]) The more they have to write for women, the worse the writing is for those women.


    [quote=alstonboy4315]I couldn’t agree more. It makes me miss my Drucilla even more. But I don’t even think I’d WANT Drucilla back right now with Y&R’s inability to write decent or balanced stories. It would be a TOTAL waste of VR’s enormous talents. They’d probably just have her rotating places with Neil and Falcolm rubbing her POINTLESS daughter’s shoulders.[/quote]

    Wringing her hands “oh my baby lost her no good identity theft baby’s daddy!”

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    I wish I had gotten to see Drucilla return to cuss Cane’sCaleb’s/Ethan’s/whoever the hell cares he is’ fraud behind out a few times, slap Chloe’s asymmetrical bob straight for messing with her baby and snatch Colin’s balls off for trying to steal her grandbabies. But tragically, I will never more than likely never get those scenes.

    Victoria is too good for Maria’s bullshit writing. She should write and produce her own show(s!). She could probably write a better soap opera with ONE HAND TIED BEHIND HER BACk than Hackarena Bell has managed to do. This heifer has had EVERY advantage: great actors (for the most part!) and a show that was ALREADY #1 in the ratings, so she really hasn’t HAD to do anything. If Maria had been writing a show like AMC or OLTL that was already struggling in the ratings, I wonder what affect her crappy writing would haVe TRULY had. She inherited a show that was already on top. Not to mention the fact that the Nielsens are crap and need to be eliminated. She’s living off of someone else’s hard work and the groundwork that Bill Bell Sr. laid for 32 years.

    And she keeps making things worse by keeping PISS POOR actors/caricatures (like Daniel Goddard, Christel Khalil and Yvonne Zima!) on the frontburner.

    To quote Drucilla, her work is “shoddy, baby…… best”

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    With Will coming out, I think there is a strong chance Lucas will be one of the returns. Jennifer needs her brother!

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