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    For Prospect Park for the One Life to Live reboot, they need to bring back Kevin Buchanan

    Kevin is Clint and Viki’s son, he is Natalie & Jessica’s brother, and he is also Rex’s brother too. And I want to see Kevin interact with his new brother Rex because I really want to see them get to know each other and I would like to see Kevin interact with his nephew Shane. Because I know Kevin would easily accept Shane as his nephew and they could have the type of relationship that Clint & Matthew have, a close uncle-nephew relationship. And with Shane bringing Kevin & Rex together, they can build a brotherly bond of some sorts.

    And with Kevin back he would be a rival for his Uncle Todd, because Todd and Kevin always had a pretty antagnostic relationship, a pretty competitive relationship with one another as they would always try to one-up each other and antagonize the other.

    With Kevin back in town, he can be a love interest for Tea since she is a grieving widow, she is his Uncle Victor’s widow, and Kevin & Victor had an antagnostic relationship as well.

    If Dan Gauthier cannot come back to Prospect Park as Kevin Buchanan, then why not re-cast the role of Kevin Buchanan?

    Michael Park as a Kevin Buchanan re-cast, Michael Park played Jack Snyder on As The World Turns, he would be able to pass for being a Kevin re-cast

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    Why in the heck would they have to recast Kevin with some cbs actor most of us dont care about when the actor that last (and best) played the role is probably still available. NO to michael park and YES to Dan gauthier.

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    someone at work the other day said dan gauthier and rene g. were two more actors they were trying to get back. has anyone else heard this?

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    A good Kevin re-cast also would be Matt Walton, even though he has played a character here before on One Life to Live playing Blair’s psycho ex-husband who is dead now Eli Clarke, Matt Walton coming back to the show as Kevin would be awesome when you really think about it

    It’s happened before with actors who have been on a soap before come back to that same soap but this time to play a different character, Tamara Braun did that on Days of Our Lives when she first played Ava Vitali, she came back on to the show to play Taylor Nicole’s sister as a re-cast

    And not to mention when Matt was on the show he had chemistry with Blair, and with Tea as well and with him playing Kevin, he can be a love interest for either one of those 2 women

    Or with a re-cast Kevin, he can be a love interest for Aubrey/Christine considering how Kevin and Joey have shared women before in the past, namely Kelly, so for them to share Aubrey wouldn’t be that strange

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