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    Kim Zimmer, When OLTL goes off, She’s the one I will miss, probably because I followed her there from GL. But Paging
    Shonda Rimes!!!!!! Nurse Ratchett is needed on PP or GA, and she can carry the comedic or the drama! SOMEBODY


    That would be a great casting. Or even How About Kim Zimmer come in as feisty patient who turns out to Ellen’s mother? It would be great story to explore that Meridith was adopted and never knew it because her mother was not the kind of women you would want a child around and then here she ends up at Seattle Grace on an extended stay for medical reasons and start to unfold the storyline that way.

    On the other hand she could come on as a nurse who constantly butts heads with Dr. Bailey. Imagine the Kim and Chandra going at it week after week, that would be a riot.

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    lOVE IT David! Any way possible! But you are right, I can see her and Bailey going at it.
    In another blog I also suggested Harry’s Law, I think she would be great with Kathy Bates.
    I think Kim reminds me of Candice Bergen, who was in Boston Legal. Another David Kelly show I loved.

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