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    Personally, I think Eric Martsolf was miscast and should have been cast as Eric Brady rather than Brady Black. But since that’s not an option, how would you feel about the former Brady, Kyle Lowder, as Eric Brady?

    Eric has history with Nicole. In fact, Nicole wouldn’t even be on this show were it not for Eric. We already know Kyle and Arianne, real-life husband and wife, have chemistry from the first go-round of Bricole. Plus, Kyle looks similar to Alison Sweeney, which is important considering Eric and Sami are twins. What do you think, would Kyle Lowder work as Eric?

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    I think that Kyle looks younger than Allison Sweeney. If they are going to have someone play Eric, I think it should be someone who looks around the same age as Allison does. I think he looks too young to be her twin, personally. Just my opinion. But I don’t watch much DAYS these days, so I probably shouldn’t even be commenting.

    :) :) :) :)

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    Pfft, Days doesn’t care about proper ages! Brady looks a good 5-10 years older than his “older” step-sibling Sami! That’s another reason why Eric Martsolf would’ve been a better Eric Brady recast.

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    I never really enjoyed Kyle Lowder for some reason. I like Eric Martsolf much better. I wouldn’t mind seeing Eric Brady return some day but maybe played by someone other than Kyle Lowder.

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