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    Well I said I would be back if I read or hear anything. You all MUST go to GHHappenings and check out these photos. One is of Michael in a suit behind a desk. He looks FINE! ;)
    The other is a photo of Nik holding Aiden. (JJ’s real son) the baby looks like JJ. Cute kid.
    The other is of that ridiculous Mr Grasshopper. ICK! ICK! Did I say ICK??

    They drop a hint in spoilers that Nik will be back in August, and possibly more. I think new HW is ‘unfiring’ some of our fav’s!
    Sounds like Michael gets a little corporate bulllshyt thrown his way.
    So tired :tired: of hearing about Sam’s pregnancies. Its not happening. Let’s move on.
    I think you all know what Liz faces so I won’t elaborate on that.
    I am looking forward to Sonny going back to Bensonhurst. Hopefully he will convince Olivia to stay???
    Tracey is the one who tells Monica about Jake. Monica goes to Jason demanding answers.
    Jax’s time is wrapping up. :cry: Looking forward to him coming back in August. He leaves Pt Chuckles on bad terms, and he returns to make right.

    There was more stuff, can’t remember all..go check it out.
    Also in there News section there was the article about abc not willing to sell the soaps.
    That’s it for now. Since I am not watching GH right now, I am going to try to spend less time on here!!
    Anyone hear anything, please share!! :love:

    Nothing much to say. GH2 has good spoilers, however, for now, I am having a hard time getting involved in what is going on with the show. I caught 30 seconds of the new Mr. Grasshopper, and honestly, I didn’t think his character was capable of getting any worse than it already was. I was wrong!
    There is nothing I am looking forward to except the 25th of July!!!! (with the exception) of Jax & Carly’s paternity case.
    Which will probably anger me to the point that I will end up not watching that either!!
    I did read on GH2 that Jax leaves. Though I knew this for awhile, I honestly thought he would be back. Reading between the lines, it isn’t looking that way!! :cry:

    OLTL-I finally caught up yesterday. All I can say is, I love my Vicki. :love: However, I HATE how passive she is with Natalie!!!!
    Why doesn’t Jess dig a hole large enough in the backyard (compound) and put Natalie in there?? Really, would anyone miss her that much but Brody??
    I could not believe how Natalie was justifying (trying) herself to Jessica. I don’t get it. When this show goes off the air, this is one storyline I hope their is no forgiveness!!

    OK..that is all I have to say. My :party: :party: is today, off for a fun lunch with friends!

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    They are bringing Jax back for a bit to wrap up a better ending. Maybe he will get to stay?

    For those who read Ravenbeauty, the speculation about the 2 top actors leaving are: Tony Geary being let go due to so much money spent on him only being available half a year or less and Jonathan Jackson due to Tony Geary.

    But her comment said something about whoever leaving would lead to more Q’s and less mob, so I was hoping it was Sonny and another mobster. I guess she could mean no more Spencers except Lulu, so more Q’s.

    I did hear a rumor of a big Alexis story that is central to her, not any of her kids.

    So much is up in the air!!

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    They are bringing Jax back to wrap up a better ending. I am/was hoping that they would keep him. I read on GH2 that suggests Carly is getting involved with someone. Not Jax. :cry:

    Ravenbeauty stated GH would be off the air by July 2012. I don’t think politically correct that statement should be made with all these changes coming to GH.
    Does anyone know what is going to be IF this new writer is a success??
    NOT IMO.

    Yes less Mob. That was quoted from Garin himself. I don’t believe it will be Sonny who leaves. He is on oontract, probably gets paid top $) and only has to work 2 days a week.
    AG has cost the show alot of money. I can see him leaving. I also see Lulu leaving. Didn’t she recently get another gig??

    Yes I also read from Garin (I hope that is his name ;)) that Alexis is up for a BIG storyline. He stated it will be done only as Alexis could do.
    I know it involves BIG Mac. I don’t know if they get romantically involved. I don’t care, as long as Mac has scenes, I am a happy camper!

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    I don’t see TG getting that outraged about leaving. Hasn’t he wanted to retire? My gut tells me it’s MB. My aunt is bi-polar and I see what she goes though. Granted, everyone is different, but I’m sure there are days that are not easy for him either. It won’t be SB, he will go back to the Q fold if the mob days are over. Oh! I would just cry if it were SB!

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    OK :love: so you all don’t love me for my brains. Just realized there is a list of resources listed on the side page. Went to Wubs.
    Never heard of that before. Never heard of alot that were listed.
    Look at the front top heading. What do you read into it?? Besides a poll?
    (This was updated TODAY)

    And YES I did see where they stated a BIG star was leaving. OMG.
    Has to be Sonny??!!! :cry:

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    Weren’t there rumors of MB leaving a couple of months ago, but they were denied? Sonny leaving would truly change the canvas of GH.

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    R U ready for this one?? Got this minutes ago from

    ‘According to various Twitter posts, ABC has received offers to purchase both One Life to Live and All My Children — and turned them down. They evidently don’t want to take the chance that a) ABC would find itself competing with the soaps on another channel; and/or b) that another network would have a big success with the progams.

    ABC is aware of the bad press it has engendered by cancelling the soaps and is trying to find a way out of it. I guess helping out the soaps isn’t one of the ways they’re willing to try.

    I can only say to everyone, get over to Sudz.TV and keep sending out those coupons.’
    Someone wants to buy the soaps and abc won’t sell??
    What is there to sell if they are cancelled?
    Why can’t someone else take over?

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    Hi JAQ-Hope your lunch date was filling and fun.
    Thanks for the spoilers as well as “grain of salt” possible cast changes/rumors. I confess they sometimes fill me with dread as I never want to see a favorite actor/actress leave even though it’s the nature of the business. (Especially now.)
    I have heard/read that Julie Marie Berman has taped a guest spot for a Nickolodeon show as has Carolyn Henessy for the same one.
    Miss Berman and her husband have started their own Eco-friendly Pet Product business as well.
    If one or both leave GH I will miss them terribly as they are personal favorites of mine in the current cast. And yet should they decide to move on I will continue to follow their careers as I believe they are both exceptional performers.(IMHO) 0:)

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    Swan..thank you. My lunch was filling. And good!

    I am more concerned about this article at ABOUT that says abc refused to sell the shows. Not that my life would end if they went off the air!!! ;)

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    ABC is the only network that owns its soap operas outright.

    Days is owned by Coraday Productions. The production company then sells the show to NBC to broadcast. NBC has to negotiate every few years with Coraday Productions about a new contract to continue buying the company’s “product” to air on their network.

    Same thing over at CBS. Y & R and B & B are both owned by Sony.

    Since ABC owns its own shows, they could sell them to one of these production companies to continue producing episodes and then the production company would in turn shop the shows around to be broadcast on other networks. But if those shows were successfully run by a production company and then air on a competing network, that would make ABC look even more stupid than they now.

    Most shows in primetime are created by a production company and then are sold to the network for broadcasting. There is very little network produced entertainment anymore.

    the thoery of opposites
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    I would cry too if it were MB. :cry:
    If it is Luke, after all the years he gave to GH, my last memory of him doesn’t want him to be at Aunt Ruby’s brothel house with a hooker!!!

    I FF today everything but Johnny scenes and Grandfather scenes. Wasn’t it nice to see him back?? Is this a hint of what is coming?
    He even mentioned Monica to Jason!!!!! :)
    I know he wants to retire in real life. (grandfather) However he isn’t in a leading role. So it can’t be him.
    I still am thinking Luke.

    YES I am aware of MB illness. I do know the struggles he has with working.

    UPDATE: Per TVGuide..wouldn’t it be a hoot for Helena to marry grandfather?

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    Just read the GH/ article regarding ABC not selling the Soaps. How sad and selfish that these people won’t see beyond their own agenda.
    I could never put this many people out of work just to satisfy my own personal desire for “getting out of scripted drama” as well as competition from other networks for ratings and profits. :((
    Oh, to win a lottery and buy them myself and place them in a “loving home” that would nurture them as they deserve. 0:)

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    Can you believe such nonsense?? When I read that I couldn’t believe it.
    That is why I put no truth in GH being cancelled July 2012. If they are a success with this new writer, they aren’t going anywhere.

    Disgusting!! |(

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    I found it JAQ, :) :) :)

    As for the two stars leaving GH, I wouldn’t be surprise if it is Tony Geary, he had said he would like to retire, and I am sure he’s making a lot of money. I don’t know if it’s Maurice Bernard, because he said at an appearance here in Chicago,last week that he would stay until the end, we’ll probably just see less of him.

    Garin himself said that the mob would be in the background, that there would be more Qs, and that “BIG” storyline with Alexis, could it be Sam’s father, finally.

    I would have thought that Spinelli would be a suave, debonair, playboy, guess I was expecting too much. I read that Jax is coming back to wrap up the storyline more properly.

    As much as I do like Natalie, I sometimes wish I could knock some sense into her, I want Jess with Brody.

    As for ABC declining offers for AMC and OLTL, doesn’t really surprise me, for the exact reasons that were stated. I figure it’s not because no one wants to buy, but ABC isn’t willing to sell them. I am hoping that maybe Agnes can get them back, since they were hers to begin with.

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    Hi Keeana…Glad you found us!! :love:

    So I read today on Wubs that Sonny WAS going to leave. However, then they stated he was on tour, and he would confirm it one way or another. So if you say he stated he is staying until the end, it has to be Luke who is leaving. Or JJ?? I wouldn’t cry over there demise. Though both are excellent actors.

    I am hoping that is the story they are bringing forward with Alexis and Sam’s father. However, how does Mac fit into it??

    OLTL-I have never like Natalie. I never will. That is one character that burns me when I watch her. I try not to watch her. I will say, she lost weight and looks good, however as far as her character goes…. |( You do NOT sleep with your sisters fiance. I don’t see Jess going back to Brody. I think she has a little Tess in her now. So Brody is no longer her ‘type’
    I did read somewhere that Antonio was coming back, and its a triangle between Ford/Antonio/Jess. They haven’t said who she ends up with.
    Hasn’t been decided.

    I don’t understand abc. I will never understand. I thought if the price was right with anything it was for sale??????

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    Maybe Mac helps her out, I don’t know.

    We’ll see who does end up leaving (whether on their own or are being let go.) The Laura Wright for Tamara Braun rumors won’t go away, but I think they’re just copying what was already written.

    I am glad Kamar (Antonio) is coming back, Antonio and Jess were definitely a great surprise pairing. Can’t wait to see who else comes back.

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    Keeana…I can’t say anything about Tams coming back or not.
    However I am sure Carly (LW) is going nowhere.

    I didn’t like Jess with Antonio. IMO he was very controlling of her.
    I HATE controlling people!! |(

    Let me know about GH. Not watching these days.

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    Anyone thinking……Jake is still alive??
    Or is it hopeful thinking on my part??

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    Haven’t been watching much either, just the same old, same old.

    As for Jake, you never know, we know nobody actually dies in a soap opera.

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    I should ff thru some episodes this weekend just to stay on the page with the show so I am not completely lost when the 25th comes around. Although I am sure it won’t be hard to catch on. lol ;)

    When Jake died, I had a theory. Not sure if you read it.
    But it turns out it wasn’t him who died. Stupid? Yea probably.
    But so is this entire show right now.

    Will post later if I read anything good. :bigsmile:

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    It is baffling that ABC would rather throw dozens of individuals out of work than allow the shows to be bought by a production company and carry on elsewhere. It’s not just the cast affected, the behind the scenes associates are also going to be out of work.

    As to the question of Jake: I would love for that adorable little boy to be alive somewhere. But bringing him back wouldn’t be about him and his parents (Jason and Elizabeth.)

    The writers stupidly made Jake irrelevant. Luckass has his blood is thicker than water offspring now and Jason will likely spawn sometime this year.

    Jake who?

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    I really hope that Garin brings back Jake. Nobody dies (and stays dead) in soaps anyway!!

    As for Jessica and Antonio, watched utube clips of them as a couple because I wasn’t watching the show during that time. Didn’t like them together but I would rather see Jessica with him than with Robert Ford.

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    [quote=JAQ]If it is Luke, after all the years he gave to GH, my last memory of him doesn’t want him to be at Aunt Ruby’s brothel house with a hooker!!![/quote]

    ROFL! Yeah I don’t want that either!!!! :Sp

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    Aunt L-Jake who?? Jake Weber!! The little boy who was killed.
    I do agree, I don’t want him to be alive other than for the simple reason he is a Q. He has a grandma (Monica) who would love to hold and love him.
    His character would bring many new twists to the show. If he were alive, he would still be entitled to Dr Alan’s money. That wouldn’t sit well with Tracey!!

    Never mind the child is adorable. I would like to see Jason a part of his life. Not a caregiver, that is Lucky’s job. But someone who Jake will always know. JMO

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    OK Jockteen…I guess I am in the minority with wanting Jess with Ford.
    That’s OK. I am my own person!! ;)
    Antonio was so controlling. My personality doesn’t allow anyone to control!

    You are correct. Nobody stays dead on GH. So anything is possible with Jake!
    This is my theory: Jake was lured out the front door. (Helena? Baldman?) and switched with another child. Jake was taken away.. Remember, Liz did NOT go in the ambulance with him. Nor did she see him and say good bye. According to Patrick & Robin, Jake was ‘unrecognizable’ and didn’t want Liz or Lucky to remember him that way. So was he really identified??
    Am I ‘fishing here’?? 0:)

    Chicago bound today, however I hope to catch up on OLTL. 2 days behind.

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    Sonya…How disgusting of a scene was that?? :Sp :Sp :Sp

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    JAQ – I agree that Antonio was controlling but I just HATE Robert Ford. I do see the appeal of a Jessica/Ford pairing but I could personally never get behind the couple due to Ford’s past and current actions. It’s cool that you like the couple though. I have always felt that it’s best to be in the minority of something. Makes your opinion more special.

    As for your Jake theory you are not off. I thought of the same thing.
    You know what they say great minds think alike :D

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    [quote=jockteen10]JAQ – I have always felt that it’s best to be in the minority of something. Makes your opinion more special.[/quote]

    Thank You. I took that as a compliment. Glad you are smart enough to understand!! lol ;)

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    [quote=JAQ]Aunt L-Jake who?? Jake Weber!! The little boy who was killed.
    I do agree, I don’t want him to be alive other than for the simple reason he is a Q. He has a grandma (Monica) who would love to hold and love him.
    His character would bring many new twists to the show. If he were alive, he would still be entitled to Dr Alan’s money. That wouldn’t sit well with Tracey!!

    Never mind the child is adorable. I would like to see Jason a part of his life. Not a caregiver, that is Lucky’s job. But someone who Jake will always know. JMO[/quote]

    I understand your reply, however, isn’t Jason constantly rutting to make a new Q these days? It will get Alan’s money and be the Q for Edward and Monica to fawn all over yes? Afterall “organic romance” is in the air for Jason these days according to SOD.

    Luckass has his blood baby to play caregiver/bestest daddy in the world to. Guza eliminated Jake to make way for this yes?

    There is no indication that Wolf intends to make any changes to what Guza already destroyed. Big deal that Monica gets to rail about it now. After the boy is gone. I desperately wanted Edward and Monica to know about Jake even after Jason walked away back at the end of 2008. It’s too late now. For me.

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    [quote=AuntL] There is no indication that Wolf intends to make any changes to what Guza already destroyed. Big deal that Monica gets to rail about it now. After the boy is gone. I desperately wanted Edward and Monica to know about Jake even after Jason walked away back at the end of 2008. It’s too late now. For me.[/quote]

    You must be kidding!! Have you read the spoilers over at GHHappenings?? The article may also be listed here somewhere.
    There is an entire article Wolf wrote about upcoming storylines and where he plans to take the show.

    For me, and alot of other viewers it is a big deal Monica is coming back. As a long time viewer, I remember when Monica & Jeff (husband at the time) came to GH. So I personally am thrilled to have her back and a part of Jason’s life. :love: Monica doesn’t want Alan’s money. She has enough. She would trade it all to have Jason back in her life. (Unless they change the character)
    As far as Jason making a new heir to the Q family, IMO Sam isn’t getting pregnant. The only way I see that happening is if GH goes off the air and then they might make her pregnant.
    I believe Wolf will be utilizing his better actors. Not concentrate solely on the Mob. I see Alexis playing a big role in upcoming storylines.

    As far as bringing Jake back, I haven’t heard anything, however, anything could be possible. Can’t blame Wolf for Guza’s disaster.
    IMO Wolf wants to make this show a ‘hit’. It will be a reflection on his career and of personal satisfation. I am going to give him the chance.

    Though I am hardly watching now, I look forward to July 25th or whenever his storylines begin. :party:

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    Keanna just going on my gut instinct here, but I dont see them signing tams if they know mo is leaving. I would think they are trying to bring her back to recreate their amazing chemistry. They COULD have had that with SJB and Mo because the chem was still there but the writing was so bad that it never took off. Hopefully with GW at the helm if they do get tams back it will work (and I think she will be a different character not carly but you never know).

    As for which actors, keep in mind that everything for gh hinges on whether the Revolution works. If it does look for the line up to be something along the lines of chew, rev, couric, anderson. If it fails then they could move the chew to two, put couric on at 1 to be counterprogramming to YandR and leave gh as is. If Im looking at it, I dont see any way gh survives unless the rev tanks. The good news is that Im hearing the production is a hot mess right now and we did have that post on dc about them getting people through craigs list – to me that screams desperation.

    Lake – I cant see jake being alive. We had a big discussion about this in perkies obs the other day. They have so many characters that have been killed off and I suspect theres only so many back from the dead stories they can tell at one time. With edward leaving, I fully expect to see alan back to help anchor the Q family. Plus undoing jakes death means that not only did they lure him out and steal him, the also knew how to get a child of similar appearance, somehow got him into an outfit akin to jakes (and how would they have known what he was wearing) and then got the kid to stand still assuming that they would be able to run him over in such a way that he would be unrecognizable and assuming that no only would scrubs not recognize him (since they did the surgery and realistically probably saw jake every week for the last 4 years) but that liz and lucky wouldnt go in to see him. Someone would have to be completely daft to think a plan like that would work, esp. when there are so many easier ways to achieve the goal. I just think the way that guza wrote it, its impossible to undo without the story being beyond preposterous.

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    As much as it hurts knowing that Jake is gone, I would also find an, “undead Jake,” story preposterous. Besides, I find it hard to believe that GW would bring LC back, give her angry, reproachful lines about not being informed of Jake’s death, and then turn around and undo everything. I am sorry to hear that JI is leaving because I’ve really enjoyed him in story the last two days. I do try to keep abreast of hot news items and quality spoilers, but enjoy watching more when I focus on what’s on my TV, rather than what might be.

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    Sonya…were my eyes playing tricks on me?? I just ff thru Friday.
    I watched everything Edward, Michael & Jason. Tracey as well.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of Michael working for QEnterprise. :)

    Is Lulu at a whore house that Bobbie use to work at?? I went to GHHappenings and saw her dressed up in a costume! :Sp
    Honestly, I couldn’t bring myself to waste a beautiful day on watching such silliness.
    OK maybe I am showing my age here, but the day I go to a whore house looking for my dad, SHOOT ME!! That is one storyline that looks as stupid as Spinelli’s. Once I see Spinelli in those black & white dreams….I know to ff.
    No wait, once I see Spinelli I know to ff.


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    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    WELCOME Ladies!! ;)

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    I don’t begrudge Monica being back and being in Jason’s life. My issue that she should have been in Jake’s life regardless of Jason. That’s what has been lost to me, forever, as a Elizabeth fan. The opportunity to see Elizabeth and Jake interacting with his Quartermaine family. Monica, Edward and Emily (before she died.) I never wanted a child for Elizabeth and Jason in the first place. I wanted a relationship love story. Guza giving me Jake, as a fan, was a bonus gift. Then Guza proceeded to screw me over for it when I didn’t even want it in the first place.

    As for Jason’s current rutting storyline, Wubs said she wasn’t pregnant….yet….. Alluding to she will be at some point.

    Nothing Wolf said in his interviews indicates to me that he’s deviating at all from Guza’s outlines. He may round it out a bit by bringing back characters such as Monica that Guza had no use for, but otherwise it’s status quo, imo. Jason’s still rutting and apparently getting ready to legalize his status, Carly is still his bestest BFF, etc. While Elizabeth continues without a pairing stuck in Spencer hell. To me.

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    And what a nice welcome it is!!! Thanks. Hope you meant me.

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    AuntL-I couldn’t agree with you more. Monica should have known about Jake way before his death. Instead of playing family storylines, Guza chose Mob.
    Monica was all alone. Living with Grandfather & Tracey. (and Cook) ;)
    Couldn’t they have written Monica a storyline about being a wealthy widow and starting the dating scene over?? Something. Instead, she is still at the ‘spa’. ;)

    Honestly, I am not a Liz/Jason fan. I never saw chemistry. The only thing positive about Sam, is that Jason appears to really love her. As far as them having a baby, I don’t care either way.

    As far as future storylines, he has suggested that 1)Helena may be back more, 2) less Mob, 3) the show is going toward business by turning the tables and bringing in corporate information. I have wanted that forever. What I really would like to see is Jax & Michael go up against one another in business. However, Michael is a rookie still..4)a big storyline involving Alexis..5)Carly has a new love interest. So there are changes happening….Hey what happened to Shawn?? He gone??

    Can I ask you how long you been watching GH??


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    AuntL I suspect that GW is waiting to see who he can afford to keep and who he can afford to bring back before shuffling the deck. Until they know which players are on the canvas, I think they will keep liz in dealing with aiden stuff – and that is a pretty big, fairly front burner story.

    I dont agree however with your characterization of jason “rutting” as if he isnt in a love story. jason and sam were the story for years now and any hint at anything else only came in when kelly fought for contract outs. that was when guza chose to punish her fans for her wanting what her male piers were getting. I think that took guts for her to want equal treatment. Now the story is continuing and moving towards its natural conclusion – that they finally get the family that they wanted since before she lost lila – and then baby hope – and then getting shot. And where I think GW will improve on Guza is that – at least based on the SD interview kelly and steve just gave – the focus is going to be on the emotional issues and the nature of their relationship and not on oh sam almost died kind of stuff that has been way too present in their reunion storyline. I dont think she will be preggers soon – i think first gw intends to mine the love story angle – what do they want from each other, how deep is their connection, can they make forever work as a couple and then potentially as a family. I also think he is going to be more true to the friendship between liz and jason – where guza kept them completely apart – gw is now free, esp. with jake dead (so no threat of the paternity being revealed) to give them scenes together reflective of their friendship. I suspect that at some point we may see jason clarify his feelings and he will acknowledge how deep his connection will always be to liz as a person and as the mother of his child and as a friend and that he will always feel a pull towards her because of their history, but his soulmate is sam.

    Tea that must have been an honest welcome to you and Aunt – Ive been around here since the days when the forums were still called TFO. :)

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    I started watching GH in 1996 because of Jax and Brenda. I knew all about Brenda’s history with Sonny, but I found them toxic, and I like Mo (and Sonny with Carly when SJB was in the role.) Just not with Brenda. Jax made Brenda watchable to me. Otherwise I had no use for the character. Vanessa and Ingo were magic, to me. They became my favorite couple of any show I’d watched up to that point in time. Eclipsing Jack & Jennifer of Days.

    When Becky started in August 1997 I loved Elizabeth right away as a character, but loathed that she was written with the Spencers. Hated that family from the start and have no use for the actors in the roles either (TG, GF or JJ.) Cassadines were okay, had watched NLG on Santa Barbara, liked her with Lane Davies on that show. I thought they should have done Alexis/Luke.

    Back to Becky. I’d always liked Steve Burton as an actor, just didn’t care for him as Jason during the 90’s because of the Sonny factor (brow beating Jax in Sonny’s absence during that time) and I didn’t get J&R as a couple either. I’d always wanted to know if Steve and Becky would have clicked if given the chance but expected it to never happen.

    At the time I fell in love with Jason and Elizabeth in 1999 it was right as Steve was leaving the show. When he came back for appearances over the next two years, my love for them grew. I thought maybe I’d get my chance when Steve returned full-time in 2002, but it seems that no one champions them as a couple to consider/write for. And by that I mean pro-actively, regardless of what some President wants. And before all the posts come out saying no writer cared about the actress/character, yes, I know the story. Sucks to be Becky. Guza had no use for her either.

    I’m open-minded about other pairings for Elizabeth. Loved LiRic inspite of the twisted writing it got. Loathed Niz, it was just more Spencer hell and then of course any and all stories with Luckass. Played by any of the 3 actors in the role.

    As I said, I wished for Elizabeth and Jake to have their family story with the Quartermaines, even if she and Jason weren’t together, but what I got was more Spencer family hell instead. And that likely is never going to change in my favor. woohoo, only not. To me.

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    I second that,welcome to the boards ladies, always to see new posters here!!! :) :)

    EET, oh I agree, that’s why I think that if Tams is coming back, it will be another character (Kate or someone else,) And I agree GH’s future hinges on whether or not the Revolution (I feel like I am back in history class) flops.
    We’ll see.

    JAQ, I am liking the changes, the only thing is that it looks like Shawn might get the boot, who knows, we know he’s not going to be with Carly.

    I think Garin has a list of what he wants to do, but is going to wait and see what happens with the Revolution.

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    I have long wanted carly trying to keep an eye on michael at elq and mixing it up potentially with ned. I even had my dream short list for recasts thats gotten longer with oltl and amc going off. (all from oltl – ex miles, ex eli and now so to be ex john mcbain)

    As for liz, I said the other day I want her to get fired at the hospital and go to work for kate (or if they are smart they make tams the person who buys the mag from kate instead of a recast) Shes had so many stories about men that giving her a chance to go toe to toe with maxie and get out of the sweater sets that guza thinks mothers wear as uniforms would give her a chance to branch out. If they want ll2 to be the end game, let her revert to how she was and let lucky fall in love with her again instead of another liz vs other female character for guy.

    If shawn is really not for carly because they want her using her air time at the qs or back with jax if they keep him, then he might be good as a rebound guy for liz. between a new artistic outlook at a hot playmate, that sure would get luckys attention.

    Lets hope the revolution tanks. I dont see how that works esp. following an eating show with a dieting show. Its like handing me nothing but donuts and then asking me why I havent lost weight.

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    AuntL…Yes you do know your history with GH! I have watched GH for over 30 years. In 1996 I gave birth to triplets, plus I had a 3 year old.
    I was busy! And when I wasn’t busy, I was sleeping. So for about 2 years I missed alot of GH. I also am not as committed to soaps where I remember every little detail. Not that vested.

    I never liked Sonny & Brenda together, however I did like her with Jax too. :* I can’t and won’t even discuss this past year with her on the show. Buh Bye…..
    I am sad to see Ingo leave the show. LOVED LOVED CarJax. Beautiful couple. I can’t see her with anyone else. EVER!

    Liz. I have to be honest with you. For years and years I hated the character. I felt the writing for her was that of a lying, backstabbing, gossip, lonely miserable person. So in other words, if someone like that was near me, I would go out of my way to ignore them.
    However, when Jake was killed, as a mother myself, my heart hurt for her terribly. Her personality seems to have changed. She doesn’t seem so obessed with other people’s lives. She has enough with her own life.
    I hope they keep writing the character as they are now. I of course want to see her & Lucky reunite. IMO those two are each other’s soulmates.

    Not really watching much of GH right now. FF thru soo much. However, I did catch the scenes with grandfather. He has been missed. So glad Monica is coming home from the ‘spa’ in a few days! ;) Looking forward to Michael at ELQ!!

    The Spencers are dysfunctional. I wish they would clean up Luke and retire him already. Though I would HATE to see Tracey leave, I do believe she is the love of his life and would like to see them go off together.

    I never type this much!!

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    Hi Keanna……I disagree about abc waiting to see what happens with the Revolution. Mr Wolf is going to give GH his best writing, and hopefully that will be enough to keep the show going. If GH is good, they will find a place for them on daytime.

    I guess when Shawn got the boot, he left town. Well he could have said good-bye!! lol And that other Dr friend of Lisa’s??
    With all my ffing, has it been mentioned what happened to him??

    While on the train, I got caught up with OLTL. OMG!!
    Are these teens taking over?? I can get thru an episode of OLTL in 20 minutes!!! Every summer, OLTL does this to us. This summer appears to be getting off worse than past summers!!!

    I do enjoy Todd & Tommy scenes!! However, doesn’t Tommy have any supervision? (Is that his name??)
    He goes out to the pool by himself, watch’s shootings, talking to strangers, etc..ohh well, its TV, nothing will happen to him.

    OK Rex enough with Gigi & Clint. Give the heart and let’s move on.
    We know that is how it will end up. This hospital nonsense has gone on long enough. Now that Clint wants to gather the family, are we going to see Kevin?? Cord??

    Jack, you piece of shyt. I am sure he was taught alot with what Todd did by paying off the other kids dad. He can do whatever he wants in life, and not have to pay the consequences of his behavior. After all, money talks!
    And that father selling out his son!! Too keep a house!?

    Don’t get me started on Blair. |( I can’t stomach her or listen to her voice. FF button!!

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    So you’ve never considered Elizabeth’s issues as perhaps eminating from something in her family life before she came to Port Charles? Wondered about her absent mother and father? That all of the negative/slanted writing you saw over the years could also have been fodder for a great storyline for her under a different writer? Elizabeth, to me, has always had issues as to where she fits in the world. She’s always been desperate to be part of a family. Sadly, the Spencers were the worst place for her to land, for me. Her rape became all about Luckass/Luke. Luckass was such a peach to his mother during that time too.

    Your strong dislike in how she was/is written. Those same faults apply to Carly’s writing as well going all the way back to her showing up on Jason’s doorstep as a drowned rat in labor. And I didn’t even like J&R but could see the nasty character writing beats Guza doled out during cottage hell. Guza has done Carly no favors either over the years. She came on much the same way as Elizabeth. Relationship issue with a mother/family. Guza has had no lasting use for Carly’s Spencer family side connection either. Why would I want my favorite mired with that family when Guza had no use for it for one of his favorites 99.9% of the time?

    To me Elizabeth’s relationship with Luckass is co-dependent enabling. She sees him as her saviour following her rape, imo. She was suffocating in that relationship but couldn’t see it because to stand on her own would mean losing the “family fitting in” she craved. The only time she seemed to get free of it was during LiRic.

    You are a Carly fan. So you relished Carly getting in Elizabeth’s face, slapping her for keeping Jake a secret from her? And then going to Jason with eyes full of tears asking why he let big bad Elizabeth convince him to not tell her the truth? Never mentioning that she’d gone to berate Elizabeth first before even going to see Jason? The minute Sam blabbed, Carly should have made a beeline to Jason for an explanation as her truest BFF yes? But she didn’t. She went to Elizabeth first. That’s rootable, relatable to you?

    It’s all about perspective. I liked Carly as a character two actresses ago. Laura’s Carly is very unappealing. Tam’s version was only slightly better.

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    I enjoyed reading your comments about Liz. The last thing that I want is for my girl to end up back in another round of LnL2…Blech. I enjoyed Liz with Ric until he went all batshiz crazy and I think part of that was LiRic turned out to be more popular than Jason/Courtney..JMO.

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    It’s not my intent to tit for tat about our favorites. The writing for Carly is in the same hideous boat as it is for Elizabeth. Agreed?

    As for who I am? I’m me. What other places do you think you might know me from?

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    It’s not my intent to tit for tat about our favorites. The writing for Carly is in the same hideous boat as it is for Elizabeth. Agreed? [/quote]

    Yes that I can agree with.

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    JAQ, you’re right about that, I am sure both shows will flop and if GH turns around maybe it will just be moved up an hour.

    Maybe we’ll see Shawn a couple of more times before Garin takes over, and no we didn’t find out what happen to Terrell, he just went poof.

    Yeah, that’s one of the few things I don’t like is that in the summer the teens take over, you would think that with the show ending we see more favorites coming back.

    Tommy is his name, and I guess he’s just acting like a Manning.

    I hope we do get to see Kevin and Cord.

    Yeah, that right there with Jack and the other kids, and Todd paying them off was just sickening.

    I love Blair, yeah I agree some the things she does is crazy, I can’t help it love her anyway.

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    Keanna…If Gavin can turn this show around, I don’t think they have anything to worry about, let alone another daytime fill-in show.

    If we don’t see Cord & Kevin, then this soap is delivering crap the rest of the year. How hard would it be to get them back for a day?

    Did you see that clip with Karen Wolek on the stand?? How fun I just was at that page and boy did it bring back memories.

    We all like different people on the show for different reasons. I like Carly because I feel I understand her insecurities and I know who she is.
    I respect that you like Blair. I am judgemental with people’s behavior!! ;) (except mine of course) Blair, is not one of my fav’s.

    How could that father turn on his kid for a house?? Geezzzzz….Jack walks!
    WOW what will that do to Rex?? Unless this is Rex’s exit story coming. He leaves town to get away from that punk. Just a thought.

    When is Cole coming back already?? Have you heard anything?

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    Keanna just keep in mind flop means economically and not ratings. If the Revolution pulls in decent numbers but its costs run high it will get pulled. If the Revolution pulls in low numbers but its profitable because they find a way to do it on the cheap, it will stay. Just like I believe the talk had slightly lower ratings than ATWT (at least initially I dont know what they are now) but it was considered an improvement over atwt in terms of the network because the cost to produce it was so low. Garins numbers are important but keep in mind thats in relation to what Frank V or someone of that ilk can do as EP to bring costs down and what stars will be willing to take a pay cut and what stars wont.

    Anderson Cooper is in coming, katie is coming in 2012, the revolution and the chew. One has to fail in comparison in order for there to be a slot.

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