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    We all know about the character situation going on with Prospect Park claiming that they own OLTL’s Todd, Starr and John, individuals currently on General Hospital. While I doubt either side will go for this as it seems like something only money will take care of at this stage, I think this is a fair compromise for both parties.

    – Todd, Starr and John all return to “break in” PP’s version of One Life to Live. They will be short-term stints, maybe around 2 months, to sort out where their characters stand. Todd will discover that his brother Victor is still alive and hightail back to Port Charles, Starr will realize she is better off with Michael and not being sucked into her family’s history of deceit, and John will sort out the situation with Natalie. In exchange, after these arcs have wrapped up the characters and actors will be free to return to GH (depending on how you handle it, they may even still be on GH while they are doing this.)

    Why does it work?

    – These are three characters with big ties to recent OLTL history. While the reboot may not “need” them, it would obviously benefit greatly from their appearance, Todd’s in particular. Star power is something the revived shows will need.

    – Like it or not, General Hospital did advance the storylines of these three (and Tea and Blair as well.) I don’t expect the OLTL reboot to ignore that, and I don’t think Roger Howarth and Michael Easton would leave a show on ABC to join this internet venture, so it makes sense to at least settle for this.

    – From GH’s, and Ron Carlivati’s, point of view, this actually does a lot of good. ABC could not care less whether or not PP’s venture is a success, but it is clear they want to see the situation of at the very least John McBain resolved. RC would like to have the Buchanans on to advance McBain’s arc, but he knows the backlash that character got on its own, and having more OLTL’ers show up would be even worse from some fans. If he consulted on how Prospect Park wrapped that up not only would it give his character a fitting farewell to Llanview, it would allow him to start fresh in Port Charles. I know people are worried about him forgetting his family back home, and while this won’t completely erase what had happened, I think it is as good as you can do at this point.

    So basically it’s a 2 month rental and then ABC/GH would get control of the characters. Again, I don’t expect the sides to agree to this, but I think it’s the fairest compromise, and more importantly, the best thing for the fans of both shows.

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