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    We’ve now had a few weeks of the “new” Y&R, the writers have their own stories, so that excuse is out the window too, and I can’t believe how bored I am watching this.

    Say what you will about MAB, but at least things happened on a daily basis, and storylines actually progressed. I didn’t agree with everything, but I was at least entertained. This current regime has already broken out every cliche in the book, and this slow-paced, unoriginal, uninventive dialogue is painful to listen to.

    – They continue to destroy the Sharon character. A lot of people didn’t agree with what MAB had her do with Victor, but I think there was potential there as a villain, something Y&R desperately needs from a female. There is NOTHING left with this character. After what they’ve done with her the last few weeks I can never take her seriously in business, in a relationship, in any realm. If you want to say MAB wounded the character that’s fine, but this current regime took her off life support.

    – When all else fails have the character recite their backstory! I noticed this when RC took over at GH, that you’d have people randomly summarize their past because he didn’t know how to write for this show, but over time he got better. Maybe that will be the case here, but it’s mind-blowing how many times Victor has said his sob story in such a short period. This new regime clearly has no respect for Katherine and Victor so they read through their Wikipedia and incorporated these monologues into the script referencing their past, thinking it will please long-term fans, when it’s really insulting to them. These are why long-term fans still tune in, they know their history, now make NEW history with them.

    – They have no idea how to write for Adam and Chelsea. It was actually something unique, but it’s clear they’re setting the pace for a cliched, generic love triangle with Sharon now.

    – Back to my original point give me something. This is a soap opera, not everything is supposed to be entirely plausible, and we’ve already seen that as this show has pushed the medical barrier during its first few weeks under the new regime. I’d rather take some crazy storylines and things that I didn’t necessarily agree with to have a show that was fun, and moved at a good pace. This is not a show slowly building to the future, the excuse Phelps and Griffith will surely try to trick you with when the ratings continue to decline, it is a show with zero direction and really hackneyed scenes on a daily basis.

    Feel free to bash, but I preferred MAB’s Y&R to what we are seeing right now.

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