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    I have been away from this site due to constant Ron C. propping and Y&R bashing, but I must admit. I miss DC! I miss the arguments and the cattiness. Coming here today, I learned a fellow poster, Stoney07, recently lost his battle with cancer and I dedicate this post to his memory.

    So, how does everyone feel about Y&R these days? I know I’m torn with how I feel about Genevieve. She is so manipulative and coy, but yet she is putty in The Moustache’s hands. Why does everyone woman in GC get moist by the thought of giving it up to a 70-ish old fart? I don’t get it! Makes me wish Brad could be defrosted so Y&R had a viable older hunk. Watching Tucker, Jack, and Victor as romantic leads is laughable. Sit ya’ll asses down! Its called “Young and the
    Restless” for a reason. All three of these men should have a love interest and not be playing romantic roulette. Save that for Billy, Cane, Nick, Daniel, and Kevin (has anyone noticed how DELICIOUS he looks lately?!).

    Also, I hate Kay’s pimping of the toxic Niktor pairing. She encourages her so-called bestie to keep crawling back to an abuser and I have lost total respect for Old Lady Chancellor. Of course, Nikki is really the one I should be angry with. She allows Victor to break her heart over and over again. Enough, I say! Leave the bastard and go on with your life, Nicole Reed Newman. If I didn’t love MTS, I’d consider Nikki the most pitiful woman in GC. But that award goes to that heifa Phyllis (I miss Dru too, Jamey)…

    Ugh!!!!! Where do I even begin with Big Red? She is a hot mess and half these days. With MS currently phoning it in, she is FF worthy in my book. Phyllis has outlived her usefulness and I hope she ends getting shot by Lauren. Was anyone else sickened by Big Red’s suggestion La Fenmore murder Daisy? I mean, I loathe Daisy but that was a little morbid even for Phyllis. Besides, we DO NOT need another murder mystery on this soap!

    But I’ll tell you what Y&R needs below:

    1) Clean House!

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