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    As the storyline of Lexie becoming Alexandra Dimera moved along she worked like the devil to keep Hope from figuring out that the baby’s had been switched.

    Alexandra vs John: In the first clip John barrages into the Dimera mansion give Alexandra the 3rd degree. Yet, like a true Dimera she learns the art fast of turning the psychological tables on him:

    Alexandra vs Bo: In the second clip Bo visits Alexandra at the Dimera mansion and questions her about the baby-switch. Again in true Dimera fashion she starts to drop bits of information about Hope’s past as Gina to keep Bo busy. At this point she is truly Dimera.

    Such lovely memories.

    Side note: I always thought that Renee Jones and Victoria Rowell would have and still could make good rivals on a soap. Renee playing the jealous baby’s momma (Yvette Bennett) of a ten year old who hates that her former flame Ben is married to Victoria Rowell’s character (Angela Dubious) and not her. Also Yvette would be upset that Angela reaped all of the financial benefits from the success husband Benjamin Dubious as played Lammon Rucker.

    In this soap called The Industry, Ben would be the CEO of a major record company (think a cross between, Diddy, Jay-Z and Damon Dash) and the head of the Dubious family. His mother Verona would be played by Marla Gibbs who believes that the only good thing that came out her son’s relationship with that gold-digging heifer Yvette was her grand-baby Thomas.

    Ron Raines (of Guiding Light) would play the rival (Tommy Mattola meets Clive Davis like ) record company owner and villain Thaddeus Millicent, who married to a much younger Karen played by Maura West.

    Karen would be a former member of a once popular teenage girl group, once signed to Thaddeus’s record company. After successfully completing 3 albums with the girl group, Karen went solo to focus on her real passion as a country music singer. But she flopped as her fans liked her as a pop star. Down, out and almost broke the young Karen fell for and married Thaddeus for security and a father figure. Yet she soon came to realize that she didn’t love him, but did not want to loose her financial stability or the possibility that he would take the two children they have together away from her. So she has played her part.

    Anyways, my lead storyline would begin with Yvette (who learns from an interviewed featured in Success Magazine that Ben is worth 300 million dollars) demanding that Ben pay her more child support or she will take him to court to legally establish a monthly monetary arrangement. Ben who pays for all his son’s expense plus gives Yvette 5k in cash a month and bought a house for her raise his son in rejects any notion of giving her more money which he knows she pretty much spends on herself. He reminds her that he takes care of his son and does not want to get the courts involved. But he ain’t giving up any more money to help support her lifestyle.

    Yvette in turn gets a lawyer and takes Ben to court. Thus, while the judge wants to rule against Yvette the laws are set-up in away that benefits parent with primary custody and thus a 10,000 a month child support agreement is reached. And while Ben promises to continue to cover all of his son’s expenses, his lawyer (in slick legal maneuver) gets to the judge to allow the 10k to go into a trust fund that Thomas can’t touch until he is 21 and thus cutting Yvette off from any access to the funds.

    From then on an angry Yvette becomes determined to destroy Ben and Angela’s marriage. She hopes to either get Ben back or damage him financially and emotionally. Which will start with her digging into Angela’s past to find anything that can bring down “miss classy ass” and/or to have Angela have doubts in her marriage.

    Anyways a writer can dream….

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