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    I admit it….I am a sucker for a good old flashback. And we saw some good ones last week. I love the 2 clips from the 1960s featuring both Julie and Marie with Alice. Also enjoyed Bo and Alice in the kitchen plotting the jail breakout. From what i have seen, I give the Alice tribute an A+++

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    Yes, I know flashbacks are a moneysaver, but the Alice flashbacks are at least relevant, unlike the Chloe/Philip flashbacks we have to watch over and over and over again.

    Loving the Alice flashbacks. Whoever is writing the Alice memorial is doing a wonderful job.

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    I’m a sucker for flashbacks too and these were pretty good. Poor Mike! Today’s episode (day ahead) is the funeral so be prepared. Missy Reeves broke down during the walk through so those tears you see are real. I’m still upset that Dee, Drake and Mmatthew weren’t asked back. Think of those flashbacks we missed. And I can’t believe that Dena Higley wrote this! She’s not that good. Killer scene today: (Spoilerish) Lucas taking one last look around the Horton lviing room!

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    Totally agree with you. The Lucas scene alone in the Horton living was enough to get the tears to well up in my eyes. That scene kind of caught me by surprise but it was very moving.

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    Days took the time to do the Alice tribute correctly. Loved all the actors returning and we got so many flashbacks for each one. I love that they encompass different decades of the show, going back to the 60’s. It was great that they went way back to show us a teenage Sami, Carrie and Jennifer with Mrs. H. And they had the whole town acknowledge her passing, Stephano, Kate, EJ, Carly….

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