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    Bryan Datillo has been let go and will last air in February.

    If I still watched Days, I’d be pissed. I’ll always love Sami and Lucas as a couple. Can’t believe now she’ll end up with either Rafe or EJ. Pathetic.

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    Wow. Just as they gave Lucas a good scene with Maggie where they gave a glimmer of hope that they were going to grow his character. Feel bad for him, he is a long time cast member now.


    I hope that they are going to bring on more Hortons now because the Horton family christmas is going to look ridiculous with Hope,Nathan,Maggie,and Will


    or with just Hope,Maggie,Nathan ,and Will

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    There aren’t many Hortons they can bring on, unless they bring back Sarah Horton and Jeremy Horton.

    Bill Horton’s three kids are all gone now: Mike, Jennifer, and Lucas.

    Tommy Horton has a daughter named Sandy who’s too old for this show’s regime.

    Marie Horton’s only grandson Nick was let go earlier this year.

    Addie Horton has a son (Steve) and grandson (Spencer), and Julie has a son (David) and grandson (Scott), but it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see them again.

    Mickey has Melissa (Nathan’s mom) and Sarah. Sarah will likely be recast and return for Mickey’s impending funeral and join the scene.

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    Ken Corday: 

    Brian i just wanted to tell you i am giving the Ejami fans a big christmas present

    Bryan: My name is spelt Bryan, you should know that by now

    Ken: Brian.

    Bryan: ITS BRYAN….okay what’ are you giving the fans of ‘that’ coupling?

    Ken: We are firing you

    Bryan: Wait what?

    Ken: Merry Christmas! *walks out of the room*

    LOL sorry i feel so bad for him, hopefully he will find a place to go and work for a bit until they decide to bring him back…

    Poor Will, his father is leaving him AGAIN, Ali will never get to know her father, but at least we are keeping the "R" person around…


    I just want them todo whatever it takes for them to rebuild that family do whatever it takes to get Melissa Reeves back,Cast a descent Abby,Bring back Melissa,and Sarah they need to do something fast.

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    Days is not interested in the Hortons anymore. This is evident by Lucas leaving and Mickey being killed off. The removal of Nick, the youngest new Horton (not counting Will) was the first sign.

    But to be fair, they’re not that interested in the Bradys either. First Grampa Shawn got the axe, then Kayla. Kim only comes back for funerals, and Roman’s basically a dayplayer.

    Days is interested in the DiMeras, the Kiriakises, and the random players who revolve through those families (Mia, Chad, Melanie, Daniel, Chloe, etc.).

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    Yup which is a shame, the show is a lot better then it was this time last year, but there is still a long list of things that need to be done, starting with rebuilding the Brady’s and the Hortons.

    I actually thought that DAYS was doing that with the casting of Nathan.

    I would love to see Nathan, Nick, Lucas, a decent Jeremy, etc all on my screen playing out in stories that fans want to see told.

    But unfortunately we get Sami crying and her babbies getting snatched every few weeks…. ugh.

    w000t 1,000th post :)

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    Bryan Datillo was GOOD, but certainly not irreplaceable….

    If the show wants to recast, how about Tom Pelphrey from ATWT??? I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but I LOOOVEEE Tom!!!

    Actually, scratch that….they want to drop the character to recurring status, and I think that Tom’s acting talents will be wasted on this show if he is only shown a handful of times a month, or in a supporting fashion!!!

    Tom is LEADING man material, not supporting!!! I honestly think that Tom Pelphrey is going to make the jump to primetime or films soon, anyway!! With his talents, I don’t see how he couldn’t!!!!

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    There is no reason to recast Lucas. And fans would be up in arms if a 16-year veteran like Lucas were replaced.

    Since the powers that be aren’t interested in the supercouple of Sami and Lucas, Bryan Datillo made the right choice in leaving. Sami and Lucas should be together, not her and Rafe or EJ. Yuck.

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    Why, Why, Why, can’t the writers of Days get together and write some good stories?  Can’t they come up with something other than Sami’s babies dying or getting snatched?  Ken Corday needs to fire the lot of them if they can’t get Days back on top.  We don’t want to see teeny boppers coniving to steal boyfriends.  There are enough shows like that on Nickelodian.  Why can’t we have a core family like before?    James Scott is a great actor and his storyline is getting ridiculous.  Come on people get  together and give us someting to keep us interested.  

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    I wish they were not firing Lucas, he has been a great cast member for years.  Have been watching him on Days since he was a teenager.  Well since he is leaving, there are 2 Daytime shows on CBS and 2 shows on ABC that are West Coast Shows where I know he would fit in if he was given the role.  We will miss you Lucas!


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