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    Excellent episode today. Great mix of actors, drama, a touch of humor, even remembering the dead.
    The key characters today are Marlena, Will, EJ, Nicole, Daniel, Victor, Melanie, Maggie, Abigail and Austin.

    Marlena is momma tiger today. She is after the truth behind why William is working for the devil EJ. She rakes Will over the coals for a while. She suggest that Will is working for EJ to make Sami suffer. Which is a pretty good reason really and Will tries that on for size. It kinda works for him. He is unable to really tell Marlena the truth. (reaching for my hanky) Will tells Marlena that she is the most important person in his life handsdown. He asks her not to get involved (yeah right).
    Meanwhile EJ is getting his own coal raking by the smart as a whip wife of his. Nicole is not gonna take this new relationship lying down. She WILL find out why Will is working for EJ and whats up with them. I am sure she is sensing the sexual tension between them as much as we out here on this side of the camera sense it. Nic makes a phone call finding out for sure that that new little snazy car that Will is driving around is in his name. She hides that she is snooping from EJ.
    She even has the ever standard sofa sex with him to keep him off guard (do they not have servants in that house?). Then she sets up a meeting with WIll!
    Today is Mickey Horton’s birthday (people on soaps so rarely have those). Maggie is thinking about Mickey but her new relationship with Vic helps her grief. But all is not well in Melanie and Maggies world. Daniel has decided to leave town and they are torn up about it. Tears abound and I am not sure how Daniel could break their hearts so he can go surfing everyday.
    Oh yeah and Abbey is openly making out with Austin in her fantasies. ( I would love for them to do a Nola from Guiding Light and have her fantasize the two of them in scenes from movies or novels or tv shows. That would be fun and seperate them from the 4 or 5 other new couples on the show.) Abbey tells Austin that she is gonna maybe intern for MadWorld. He is concerned that she is taking on too much. She doesn’t mind because she has no life. I am glad that winter is so mild in Salem this year that the two of them can work outside! Why is Austin so stupid when it comes to computers? Didn’t he just graduate from that obscure mathmatics thingie that he does? So suddenly he is too old to work a computer? From actor Austin Peck I would have bought that. Maybe Austin had way too many punches in the head as a prizefighter.
    Then the real stuff kicks in. Marlena goes to see EJ! “What are you doing with Will?” “You will NOT corupt him you know!” She wants answers now. Why do I have to have an ulterior motive to hire Will? he asks. Marlena punches back “that is the only kind of motives you and your father have!” (YOU GO GURL)
    EJ insists that everything is above board and that Will approached him not viceversa. EJ claims that he and WIll are family through Johnny and Kate. Will is like a son to him. Marlena exclaims that EJ he is treating Will like a toy and she will see EJ and his father dead before they hurt Will (as a sideline, I hope that Marlena follows through with finding out why Will is working for EJ. So many times she threatens the Dimera’s but does not follow through. It would be nice once to see her getting the better of them!)

    Nicole starts talking to Will about Sami. What happens at the “office” stays at the office. Nic wants Will to
    do something for her. But we will not find out what that is today!

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    Excellent job mark…!

    I love the parts where you interjected your personal takes. It’s weird that I was thinking the exact same thing about Marlena going after the DiMeras; but realistically I don’t think she can really do much.

    (You couldn’t resist that little dig at Austin Peck, could you?) :)

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    LOL no I couldn’t SoapArmagedon. I alsmost feel like he owes me something for all those hours of weeks of years of watching his sad ass act!
    Thank you much! I really enjoyed it and I got to start with a really strong episode. I hope that I did as well for Friday’s ep. which was not as strong.

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    @Marknsprmo, great recap! I love Thursday’s episode of DAYS, especially the Marlena/EJ scenes. I’m also loving Chandler Massey! The tension in his coming out has so layers and we are getting such a meaty story out of this. I wonder if they plan on outing his sexuality at the mayoral election…

    Anyways, keep up the good work.

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    Thanks AKbad! I am thinking that Monday will be a great ep for Chandler. The preview I saw directly relates to his being gay. Stay tuned!

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    Great job Twin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soo, glad that you are doing this, & your thoughts/opinions are the best! Totally made me LOL for real.

    Cannot wait for the next one!

    (P.S. Didn’t Marlena poison Stefano that one time & he was in a diabetic coma or something for a couple of months?? So, there’s that one time…) ;)

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    THANKYOU TWIN! I appreciate the comments!
    I was remiss in mentioning that one time Marlena actually followed through with her threat to Stefano! I had thought about it but then didn’t comment that she did that one thing. But mostly she is just full of hot air when it comes to threats on the Di’s. She has no follow through. Well maybe now she will with the new writers!
    Marlena has always been one of my (and many other people’s) favorite characters on Days. I have a special reason for loving her. I have at times had panic attacks. Nothing overtly serious just fairly small ones. But if I concentrate on Dee and think of her voice and face, I can shorten or avoid them. She is my “happy place”!

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    HA, she is my ‘happy place’ as well… for some reason, and I am not entirely sure why, she reminds me of “happier times”. (See yet another reason why you & I are twins! hehe). I am just sooo glad that she is back on DAYS where she belongs! And I hope she does in fact kick EJ’s ass up & down the Dimera block!! If she shoots him then shooting EJ will be a multi-generational pass-time for the Brady’s!! (first Will, then Sami, then grandma Marlena!) ;)

    And you’re welcome. As I said, I am really pleased that you are doing this, I keep racing over to DC to see if there are anymore up, which is crazy b/c I know it was the weekend, but I don’t care, damn’it! I want my twin mark’s DAYS recaps!!!! :) (& I hope that you are enjoying this experience as much as we are enjoying reading them).

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    I would LOVE to see EJ Shooting a multigenerational passtime! Maybe we could even put it on Wiii so the rest of us get a shot too! hehehe…. but maybe not before Will gets his way with EJ!
    I am enjoying the recapping! I have always wanted to write something and this is a nice start! Who knows maybe it could become a new career!!!!!
    Thanks for the encouragement Miry! I so appreciate your kind words as well as everyone else that have commented! I even would even enjoy it if someone didn’t agree with my comments and would like to debate or give another point of view!
    Later twin!

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    :) Dominick & I was out of town, nice start Mark, keep it up!

    the thoery of opposites
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    Thanks Harlee! Welcome back!

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    Haha, yeah, it should totally be a game. Like once Kate finds out what EJ has been up to with her precious Will, she should shoot the shyt out of him. Then when Lucas comes back & sees whats been happening, he should shoot the shyt out of him as well. Then little Ali should happen upon the scene & overhear everything & how EJ wants to take her twin Johnny from her & then SHE shoots him about 5 times, unloading the clip. They cannot prosecute a baby now can they? She didn’t know what she was doing… ;)

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