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    Oh my! I was loving it when Marlena put everyone in their place.

    “We don’t air our laundry in public!”

    She hit it right on the head with that one. I mean she was up in Sami’s face putting her in her place and letting Carrie, Austin and Rafe get a piece of her mind. Now that was good there. And that was a real family scene there.

    How many of us could relate to having that family member like “Sami” who always has a chip on their shoulders and uses family gatherings, funerals and or tragic events to as black people say “showed out!” Cause Sami needed to be slapped. But Marlena knew it was not the time and place for that to happened. I mean how dare Sami want to fight in the pub when her grandma is worried sick about Bo? Umph!

    And then Carrie she wants to have it out with Austin even after she sees Caroline sitting there distraught? No shame!

    I sure thought for a second that Lucas was gonna go up side Austin’s head when he heard who he had slept with. But he kept his composure.

    The Brady family is fucked up and I love it.

    Elsewhere, Abe gets arrested? That damn EJ! Woah Abe’ life is going down hill fast. It seems it would be good if they turned Abe into an alcoholic or something like that. I am sure he could pull it off. And then he had Jennifer arrested too? Oh hell naw!

    This is what we told them to do. This is soap opera! Someone tell Maria Arena Bell to watch Days….

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