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    I read on another site that Days approached Andrea Hall-Gengler, Deidre’s real life twin, to play Marlena for a handful of episodes because they either cannot afford Deidre or she declined to return. Apparently Days wants to use Marlena to support Sami’s storyline.

    Any truth to this, DCers?

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    Someone’s wishful thinking I think!

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    Wow! That is off the wall!

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    No!  If you cannot get the original Queen of Night, keep it in the cage!  This is a horrible move if it is true.

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    I’ve always liked Andrea Hall, specifically as Hattie in 2000-2001, so I’d welcome her into the role of Marlena for a short stint. Better a Hall than someone else.

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    There is no truth to this.

    In an interview DH gave with Tvguide canada’s Nelson Brando, DH stated that her sister is not acting, and is not looking for work in acting, she is a special needs teacher and is happy with her job.

    I really wish they would bring D&D back, they are missed, and it would be interesting to see all the D&D fans come back and Days overtake B&B again in the ratings lol.

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    Why would they bring back Andrea instead of Deidre???? Furthermore, why would Andrea basically throw her sister under the bus and take the role that she got fired from?????
    That wouldn’t be very cool!!!

    Recasting Marlena Evans would be a HORRIBLE mistake for the network, and the backlash would be greater than Ken Corday or anyone else could imagine!!!

    I have never been a huge Deidre Hall fan, and I can think of a DOZEN actresses that can easily take over that role–and do a BETTER job than Hall ever did—but, those actresses would be EXPENSIVE. Not as expensive as Hall, but still a pretty penny.

    If the show is trying to SAVE money, then they are better off keeping the character off the canvas. If they hire some actress that nobody has ever heard of, the actress might be successful in getting fans to like her, but that is too huge of a gamble for the show to make. It would also piss of Deidre Hall, and they may actually NEED Deidre to return one day to help boost the ratings.

    Trust me, people…..Leave Marlena wherever she is unless you can afford to buy back Deidre to play the role.

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    Andrea would cost a lot less than Deidre, and she looks just like her, so that’s probably what their thought was.

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